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Jim Flowers Ball State University November 14, 2013.

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1 Jim Flowers Ball State University November 14, 2013

2  Online Course: TEDU 510 Technology Use & Assessment

3  Online Instruction on Usability Testing This content is also at

4  Online Student Usability Research Reports This content is also at

5   Many in the class are teachers.  In particular, many are technology teachers. Teachers

6   Why do teachers, in particular, seem to struggle in designing, conducting, and reporting on a usability assessment test?  It is precisely because of their fine:  Training & Experience  Values Why teachers struggle

7   Provide instruction  Sometimes with step-by-step procedures Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Set tasks for users in terms of users’ goals  Avoid providing step-by-step procedures precisely so errors in procedures followed by users may be uncovered

8   Emphasize their own instruction  Care about improving their instruction Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Are careful that they test the product and its interface, rather than their own methods

9   May see their client as:  The student  The student’s eventual employer  Society Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  May see their client as:  The manufacturer’s product redesign team  Those deciding on product purchase  Those implementing product rollout and support

10   Test students on their abilities Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Test products and their human interfaces with the help of test subjects

11   Measure success by the ability of students to succeed without errors, eventually Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Measure success by the wealth of usability issues (including errors) uncovered and explored

12   Teach and test students in groups Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Often have test subjects participate one at a time, as there is so much for the researcher to observe

13   Typically ask students to be quiet during testing Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Can benefit from test subjects thinking out loud during testing

14   Feel their job is over when a student can finally accomplish a task Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Realize the need for debriefing to uncover hidden problems, explore causes, corroborate observations, and discuss solutions suggested by test subjects

15   See themselves as the judge of whether there has been student success Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Should listen to test subjects regarding their views of frustration, efficiency, and success

16   Grade  Often assigning a numerical score  This could increase the tendency to look at quantitative measurements rather than qualitative findings.  See grading as the culminating act Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Are most concerned with the identification and causes of usability issues, which may entail much qualitative analysis.

17   Want students to succeed Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Want test subjects to demonstrate errors and failures that occur in actual product use

18   Can feel as if they’ve failed students when students do not have success with a task Teachers: Usability Assessment testers:  Do not measure their own success by the ability of test subjects to complete assigned tasks

19   Ask them to select technologies to test that do not require initial safety instruction.  Promote an objective approach where the researcher is more of an observer than an instructor.  Help a teacher to avoid thinking like a teacher when planning and conducting a usability test.  Suggest they see the client as the product redesign team.  Suggest they are getting paid $2000 for each usability problem/error uncovered and examined. Knowing this, we can:

20 Dr. Jim Flowers Professor & Director of Online Education Department of Technology, Ball State University World Usability Day, Indiana Chapter of User Experience Professionals Association November 14, 2013 Indianapolis, IN

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