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Art of Asia Koi Fish Paintings.

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1 Art of Asia Koi Fish Paintings

2 Koi Fish are kept in ponds all over the world, but they have special meaning in Asia.

3 Because of their special meaning in the Asian culture, they are a popular subject for many paintings

4 A couple thousand years ago, a legend in China was formed that told how the carp (koi) that swam up a waterfall and through the dragon gate were magically transformed into dragons.

5 Through perseverance and endurance, the carp were able to become mythical beings. Two thousand years later, the Koi fish still symbolize perseverance and endurance. The Koi fish meaning is always linked with worldly ambition, working hard, and achievement. Legend of the dragon Gate Dragon's Gate

6 In Japan, Koi are the official symbol for the Children’s Day (May 5) festival in Japan. On Children’s day, families hang a Koi windsock for every member of their family.

7 Another quality that the Japanese Koi symbolize is strength or overcoming life’s difficulties. By persevering in life’s endeavors, one can better him or herself.

8 Koi fish are costly and breeding the fish would entail expenses
Koi fish are costly and breeding the fish would entail expenses. Affluent people in eastern cultures have large gardens with Koi ponds. For this reason, Koi fish are also associated with prosperity and good luck.

9 Movement?

10 Creating a Pond with Movement
Curving lines Overlapping fish

11 Supplies Drawing paper & pencil Watercolor paper and Transfer Paper
Koi fish drawing Watercolor paper and Transfer Paper Final artwork beginning Watercolor Paints, brush, and water Adding color to fish and background Ink pen in black and red Adding pattern to waves and fish bodies Black construction Paper Mounting and completing work

12 Koi Project Learning Targets
I can use line to draw a Koi fish that shows movement. I can use my drawings to create a “Koi pond” that shows 2 fish “moving through” the water

13 I can use warm and cool colors to show emphasis and depth
I can use cool color blending to look like waves I can create line pattern like scales I can finish my work with a vertical signature and background paper frame

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