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- Telluride Association: College Opportunities and Beyond.

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1 - Telluride Association: College Opportunities and Beyond

2 - Agenda Staying Involved after TASS Telluride House: a 4-Year Long TASS? Deep Springs College: Cowboy Scholars Becoming a Tellu-lifer: Joining the Association Q&A

3 - Staying involved with the Association after TASS After TASS, you will join the 5000+ living associates of Telluride Association programs. If you choose, you can maintain your connection to the Association in several ways: oTASS Alumni Development and Support (TADAS) oAttend or host regional alumni networking events oSummer program application reading parties oSummer program candidate interviews You can also apply to other Telluride programs: oTelluride Association Summer Program (TASP) oFactota oTelluride House oDeep Springs College* oTelluride Association membership *Not actually part of Telluride Association (but we like them anyway)

4 - Pit – BAAC In the fall of your senior year of high school, the Telluride Association invites former TASSers to attend a TADAS weekend at either Michigan or Cornell. College Visit ▪Attend class(es) ▪Visit departments and talk with professors ▪Learn admissions and financial aid information ▪Hang out with Telluride Housemembers ▪Get a feel for college life during the school year College Prep ▪Essay workshop ▪Essay reviews ▪Applications to the Telluride Houses TASS Alumni Development and Support (TADAS) – This weekend!

5 - Pit – BAAC Pit-BAAC Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP) (Kind of) like TASS, but the summer after your junior year.

6 - What is Telluride House? University of Michigan (MBTA) Cornell University (CBTA) Telluride House Founding Year 2000 1910 # Residents 25-30 Website Pillars ▪Self-governance ▪Intellectual inquiry ▪Community service ▪Self-governance ▪Intellectual inquiry ▪Community living Telluride House is a scholarship house for undergraduate and graduate students who share the educational ideals of the Association. If selected, students received full room and board (valued at approximately $6000/year) for the duration of their degree, up to 5 years. There are two houses, one at the University of Michigan and one at Cornell University.

7 - What does living at Telluride House actually entail? Self Governance Intellectual Inquiry Community Service/ Community Living ▪Actively participate in bi-weekly house meetings ▪Evaluate prospective house member applications ▪Serve on or chair a committee – recruitment, project development, intellectual affairs ▪Participate in and shape the scholarship review process ▪Participate in regular dialogue with the Association to discuss the House’s future direction ▪Deliver an hour-long pubspeak each year ▪Recruit and interview potential faculty fellows ▪Invite scholars to give lectures and host events on campus Community Service ▪Plan and propose semester-long community service initiatives ▪Organize House-wide service events Community Living ▪Oversee House kitchen and maintenance employees ▪Maintain the physical plant of the House

8 - Fun: the Fourth Pillar

9 - Cornell Branch of the Telluride Association (CBTA)

10 - Cornell Branch of the Telluride Association (CBTA)

11 - Cornell Branch of the Telluride Association (CBTA)

12 - Michigan Branch of the Telluride Association (MBTA)

13 - Michigan Branch of the Telluride Association (MBTA)

14 - Michigan Branch of the Telluride Association (MBTA)

15 - Telluride House Alumni Telluride House members represent a wide range of backgrounds and interests, and have often gone on to become leaders in business, law, academia, science, and public service. Here are some of the places recent alumni have worked/studied:

16 - Scholarships for Telluride House Members There are a variety scholarship opportunities which are available to Telluride House members: ▪Mike Yarrow Adventurous Education Award – up to $3,000 to fund a non-paying, public service activity during the summer that is outside of an academic institution (available to all Telluride associates) ▪Mansfield-Wefald Senior Thesis Prize - $1,000 for best scholarly thesis written by a Telluride associate in his or her final undergraduate year

17 - Application Process The application process to both Houses consist of a written application, transcripts, letters of recommendations and if selected, an interview with current House members. Cornell University Submission timeline: September 15, 2014 University of Michigan Submission timeline: October 15, 2014 If you wish to experience campus life, you have the option to “rusticate,” or defer living in the House for up to 1 academic year.

18 - Pit – BAAC What is Deep Springs College? Deep Springs = __ +

19 - What is Deep Springs College? “… the most successful experiment in higher education in U.S. history.” - Vanity Fair, June 2004 ▪Size: 26 students, 11-15 in each class ▪Pillars: academics, labor, self- governance ▪Students are responsible for developing their curriculum and selecting faculty for each semester ▪Application process consists of essays and transcript, and if selected, an interview with current students Deep Springs is an all-male liberal arts college located on a cattle-ranch and alfalfa farm in California's High Desert. Each student attends for two years and receives a full scholarship valued at over $50,000 per year. Afterwards, most complete their degrees at the world's most prestigious four year institutions.

20 - Joining the Telluride Association The Telluride Association is a primarily volunteer-based organization whose members (trustees) are associates and House members. Individuals typically join in their early 20’s. Once you become a trustee of the Association, you might be called upon to serve in the following capacities: ▪Manage the Association’s endowment ($42M as of FY11) ▪Plan and coordinate TASS and TASP ▪Advise the Telluride Houses and oversee their admissions and review processes ▪Supervise Association employees and ensure that the Association is an equitable and attractive employer ▪Serve as the Association’s representative among top colleges and universities ▪Shape the future direction of Telluride Association Interested associates are invited to attend the annual Convention (mid-June) prior to applying for membership (travel costs are reimbursable). The application process consists of essays, a quiz, and an interview with Association members during Convention.

21 - Questions?

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