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Tony Kombol. Office: Woodward 333G Telephone: 687-8194 Basics.

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1 Tony Kombol


3 Office: Woodward 333G Telephone: 687-8194 Email: Basics

4 B.S. – University of Wisconsin Parkside Math Physics Applied Science and Technology M.S.E.E – University of Iowa Computer Engineering A.A.S. - RCCC Motorsports Management Background

5 Luther College Physics Department Computer Science Area 1 Community College (Iowa) Electronics Queens College (Ad Hoc) Computer Science UNCC – Adjunct Faculty ITIS IBM Programming C, C++, Java, PLI, PL/S, etc. Testing Manufacturing, TDSS Project Management Web Design/Support Manufacturing HTML, JavaScript, CGI, WebSphere, etc. Deployment Mainframes, RS6000, AS/400, PCs Experience

6 NASCAR fan Married Two (graduated) college students Grew up in Montana Roundup (yee-haw!) Misc.

7 General info: Office Hours General Information ITIS3110 Home web page Link on my Home page Read! ITIS3110 Home Page Contains Links: Class Schedule Text Assignments Other interesting material Web Site

8 ITIS 2110/3110 Jenna Lazio WH 334 Narges Seyeditabari WH 330B Lida Sarfanejad WH 331a T.A.s


10 Be prompt Watch the cell phones! If you have relevant experience please share with class Above all: Ask questions! Class Etiquette

11 No questions before class until I have the class presentations ready TurningPoint running Lecture materials ready Daily question ready No questions after class until I have the workstation shut down Lectures saved and closed Workstaion logged off Materials put away Class Etiquette

12 2 one hour lectures: Friday 9:30-10:30 am 10:30-11:30 am 2¾ hour lab 3 lab sections (Tue, Wed and Fri) Attendance/participation Required Attendance and participation 20-50 points of final grade Mainly through Clicker quizes Two “major” tests Mid-term End-term Assignments About 6 ?? Labs 14 lab periods Final Project Class Format

13 Labs About 12 Typically 20 points each Beginning Moodle Quiz Easy 10 points Ending Moodle Quiz Easy 10 points Class participation Approx 20-50 points Mainly via clickers End total be about 800 points Mid-term Exam Covers first half only ~75-100 points End-term Exam Covers mostly last half ~ 100 points Team Project Will present to lab section 100 points for write-up Assignments/Exercises About 6 Typically 20 points each Planned Grade Criteria

14 HW Typically due at start of class on due date Labs Due at the beginning of the next lab Some may be accepted late ½ grade or worse Last date for late submissions will be Reading Day Late HW/Labs

15 2 books (suggested): Same as used in 2110 Computer Networking Illuminated Diane Barrett – Todd King ISBN-10: 0-7637-2676-1 ISBN-13: 978-0-7637-2676-8 Linux Administration: A Beginner’s Guide 6 th Edition (5 th edition OK) Wale Soyinka ISBN: 0071767584 / 9780071767583 Books

16 Raspberry Pi Next slide for details USB Storage Device 4 GB or larger SD card 16 GB or larger SD card Either: 32 GB or bigger thumb drive Less than $20 online when on sale Make sure it is high speed Two (2) 16 GB thumb drives Materials Required

17 Raspberry Pi B or B+ (preferred) Board Power supply 1A@5V - microusb at least 2 SD cards 4GB or larger 16GB or larger USB drive Can use same one as for VMs Optional: Case (highly advised) Powered USB Hub WiFi Materials Required

18 Raspberry Pi Model B+ Uses Micro SD card 4 total USB ports Uses less power B can be used Uses standard SD card Fewer USB ports Uses more power Use only if you get at a bargain Materials Required

19 Bookstore Newark Electronics Adafruit Amazon keywords=raspberry%20pi&sprefix=ras%2Caps%2C164 keywords=raspberry%20pi&sprefix=ras%2Caps%2C164 Pi Sources

20 Access to a computer with Internet Access Moodle UNCC e-Mail account Communication Other Requirements

21 Woodward Hall 302 “Badge” access Available 24/7 When no other class or org using it Schedule will be posted Labs: Short lecture on day’s lab Lab exercise Write-up typically due beginning of next lab Lab

22 Contains Class schedule Access to power-point material Assignments Labs Project/paper Much, Much more! Check frequently! Again: 3110 Web Site


24 Submit your own work May study in groups 0 points for plagiarism Cite others works properly To make it perfectly clear: Do not copy others works or part of others works and claim it as your own That is either with or without their permission Criteria

25 Printed Papers/Lab Reports Must have cover sheet Paper title (e.g. Homework 1) Assignments (e.g. ITIS 3110-001) Labs (e.g. ITIS 3110L-L02) Name Date Must be properly stapled! There are templates for each that MUST be used!..\3110Text\3110HWCoverSheetTemplate.docx..\3110Text\3110LabReportTemplate.docx Replace the italicised items with proper data Do NOT leave as italics! E-mail Must have subject line containing 3110 Must come from your UNCC email! Points will be deducted if not in right format! Formats


27 First Lectures Class Intro Shells Utilities and Filters Labs VMs Raspberry PI Shells IT Infrastructure

28 What does it entail? o Computers o Networks o Services o Applications o Security o Physical Requirements o Power o Cooling

29 Course Information Combination Lab and Lecture You need to be registered for both lab and lecture One grade is given For the lecture section Lab will be graded N Work hard/smart in the labs Labs are designed for advanced students You will have to lookup information You will need to investigate You may have to redo steps Shut VMs down properly! Eject USB devices before disconnecting! Backup Work Syllabus

30 Beginning Moodle [Moodle] Closes Friday, January 16 Cannot take late! Infrastructure [Moodle] Read the article: disaster-two-migrations-openoffice-208604 disaster-two-migrations-openoffice-208604 Comment on the article First Assignments

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