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+ Career Mentorship Program Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, & Transgender Student Services Western Michigan University.

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1 + Career Mentorship Program Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, & Transgender Student Services Western Michigan University

2 + Thank You Thank you to the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers for having our office being selected to get the Equity in Education Award for our Career Mentorship Program!

3 + Introducing Myself Bachelors of Arts in Secondary Education (English) I am a graduate student at Western Michigan University Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership Program Volunteer at the Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Student Services

4 + Agenda The Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Ally Career Mentorship Program (CMP) Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Student Services Program Set-up Program Implementation Statistics/Research Language LBGTA – Acronym for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Ally Preferred Pronouns – honoring preferred pronouns is a powerful verbal clue that we value diversity in all its forms Masculine: He/him/his Feminine: She/her/hers Gender Neutral: They/them/theirs

5 + Part 1: The Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Student Services

6 + WMU Office of LBGT Student Services The Career Mentorship Program is a program of the Office of LBGT Student Services. The Office of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender (LBGT) Student Services is committed to promoting an open and affirming environment inclusive of the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity on campus. We seek to operationalize our commitment through support, advocacy, and education at Western Michigan University. The office is staffed by a full-time staff member and student employees and offers support, education and advocacy to create a welcoming and inclusive campus community at Western Michigan University. The Resource Room is open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday and is a safe space open to everyone at WMU. It’s a space to relax, study, eat lunch and take advantage of our library, DVD and referral resources.

7 + Office Of LBGT Student Services Programs The Office of LBGT Student Services has a number of programs Career Mentorship Program SpeakOUT! Speakers Bureau Panels Safe on Campus Training First Year Pride Alliance Ready to Work Series Lavender Graduation Fall Fab Fest Student Advisory Council

8 + Part 2: Program Set - Up

9 + CMP Timeline March 2013: In talks about creating a career mentorship program and starting initial steps and research towards program May – June 2013: Research other mentor programs, see what mentors would want in a mentorship program July – August 2013: Finalize program goals and learning outcomes September 2013: Contacted interested parties October 2013: First Kick-Off Dinner October 2013: April 2014: Program Duration April 2014: End of the year dinner July 2014: Revising and editing the CMP for upcoming year

10 + CMP Purpose Mentorship-based program at Western Michigan University that strives to help students make a successful transition between college and their professional careers. Lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, or ally (LBGTA) students face many barriers as they enter the workforce following graduation based on their sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identities. Aims to provide LBGTA students with opportunities to connect with LBGTA career professionals in a safe, welcoming, and accepting program.

11 + CMP Creation/Set-up Researched other institutions with mentor programs Incorporation of Mentor/Mentee Manual Checklist or suggestion piece for conversation starters Defining CMP Goals/Purpose Identifying Key Stakeholders Financial Budget Plan

12 + CMP Goals Offering a safe, affirming, and welcoming environment for LBGTA students Connecting LBGTA students to LBGTA working professionals in the Kalamazoo area Supporting LBGTA students’ career exploration Expanding LBGTA students’ career and community networks Preparing LBGTA students for successful transition into their field of interest by increasing their skills and knowledge Supporting LBGTA students’ identity development Helping LBGTA students better prepare for life after graduation from Western Michigan University.

13 + Learning Outcomes At the completion of this mentorship program, mentors should be able to identify the following learning outcomes: Students are able to identify at least 3 transferrable skills gained as a result of participating in the CMP Student are able to identify 2 leadership skills they improved or developed as a result participating in the CMP Student are able identify 1-3 networking skills, opportunities or experiences participating in the CMP Students are able to identify 2 concrete actions they can take in the next year to better prepare for a future career in their field of interest as a result of participating in the CMP Students have the skills to integrate their experiences into written and oral communications in the form of resumes, cover letters and interview skills

14 + CMP Equity and Diversity Creating an environment for success The CMP holds specific expectations that fosters learning and success Attending specific activities/programs that help build a students knowledge on key components of applying to the workforce Student mentees can job shadow at a mentors place of employment The CMP allows for mentors/student mentees to create expectations that they each hope to gain during the duration of the program

15 + CMP Equity and Diversity Cont. Establishing lessons based on individual and diverse needs By incorporating expectations established between mentor/student mentee’s, lessons and monthly sessions will incorporate specific learning objectives Equal learning opportunities between mentor/student mentees

16 + Part 3: Program Implementation

17 + CMP Testimonials “The LGBT Career Mentoring program jump started my mentee’s involvement on campus, put his career development path in motion, and capitalized on all of his strengths planning for his future” – 2013-14 Career Mentor “Being a mentee was one of the best choices I made. My mentor helped me create a five-year plan, prepare for the steps I would need to take upon graduation, and create a feasible budget. My mentor helped me navigate certain parts of adulthood, which I had yet to consider – including a retirement fund! Through the program I’ve made a great connection and know that I have someone I can turn to throughout the next few years with any questions I may have.” – 2013-14 Student Mentee

18 + Career Mentorship Program Requirements Student mentees must call mentors once they are paired Establish initial meet up Establish availability Must connect 1-2 times a month during the fall and spring semesters Attend 1-2 events that are listed in the Mentor/Student Activity suggestion list

19 + Applying to CMP Fill out an application Online Application/Paper Application Criteria Preferred Gender Pronouns Year Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Major or Career of interest Demographical knowledge to help with pairing the mentor/student mentees

20 + Mentorship Manual Separate Mentor/Student Mentee Manuals Introduction of what the program will entail Purpose Goals Mentorship Learning Outcomes Mentoring: Benefits, How-to, & Responsibilities Suggested Conversation Starters Suggested Activities

21 + Orientation Companion to the mentorship manual Reiterates the do’s and do not’s of the CMP Mentors orientation presentation includes Initial CMP Orientation An introduction to LBGT Inclusion Working with LBGT college students: A focus on mental health concerns

22 + Mentorship Kick-Off Dinner Keynote speaker w/ positive commentary on mentorships 2014-15 Keynote speaker: Dr. Diane Anderson, Vice President of Student Affairs at Western Michigan University Mentors who impacted her life the most “What do you hope to gain, give back” Activity Speed-Networking Mentors on one side, student mentees on the other 5 minutes getting to know each other Rank each other on a secure matching form

23 + Pairing Mentor/Student Mentees Mentor/Student Mentee pairings are based from these key components Mentor/Student Mentee matching forms from Kick-Off Dinner Applications Careers/field of study compatibility

24 + Activities and Lessons one can learn in the CMP Cover letter basics Résumé building What employers are looking for Establishing ones self as an ideal candidate when submitting résumés and applying for jobs Job-shadowing Student mentees get to see what a day in the workforce is like, especially if this connects with their major or career of interest Establishing how a work environment can be LGBT friendly Interviewing Mock-interviews Learning key questions asked at interviews Networking opportunities

25 + Changes Orientation in person vs. online Understanding that everyone cannot make it to an in person orientation Allows for people to finish orientation on their own time Creating a mid-year meet-up Seeing how the mentoring process is coming along Get first hand knowledge of progress

26 + Part 4: Statistics/Research

27 + Participation Participants in 2013-14: 20 Projected Participants for 2014-15: 18-20 Initial students interested: 23 Initial mentors interested: 25-30

28 + Impact on College Recruitment/Retention “LGBT students and their safety impacts the recruitment efforts of the entire campus” – Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride and the Creator of Campus Pride Index 13 percent of higher ed. institutions have sexual orientation as part of their nondiscrimination statement, and only about 7 percent include gender identity. “Only about 300 actually have an LGBT staff person paid to do LGBT work, or a center or an office. Research shows roughly a quarter of LGB students encounter harassment on a daily basis on campus, and that number is higher for transgender students. A third of LGBT students today consider leaving their campus as a result of the challenging climate. It’s an environment that also causes more than half of the faculty and staff to hide their sexual orientation or their gender identity”. - Shane Windmeyer

29 + College Recruitment/Retention Cont. College attractiveness Some students who might not identify as LGBT are looking for a safe space to go because of their connections with people of the LGBT community More and more straight students are searching for college campuses that have an open and accepting environment for their families and friends to visit or feel welcome Impact on job market Colleges with diversity around ethnicity, race, ability, religion, international students, and LGBT students makes an impact for preparing people for the workforce (Nancy Founder, Insight Into Diversity, Dec. 2013)

30 + Questions

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