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What do you think this means?

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1 What do you think this means?
Bildungsroman What do you think this means?

2 Definition: A novel depicting someone’s growth from childhood to maturity A protagonist grows, learns, and changes in order to take his or her place in the world. IT is a German term that translates to “ a novel of formation” It is sometimes referred to as a coming of age story

3 Now that you know a little bit about it, how does Sandra Cisneros’ novella, The house on Mango Street, fit the definition of a Bildungsroman? Discussion

4 The house on Mango Street As a Bildungsroman
Each group will be assigned one of the following 6 vignettes from the novella and trace elements of the Bildungsroman genre throughout the vignette. BE prepared to discuss your findings with the class: “A family of little feet” “Chanclas” “The First Job” “A Rice sandwich” “Hips” “Papa Who wakes up tired in the dark”

5 The Catcher in the Rye This novel is also a Bildungsroman, however it is told from a teenage male perspective during 1950s in New York city. What do you think this novel could entail? Speculate. Homework: Please read the information text “Bildungsroman” and be prepared to discuss 3 additional pieces of information learned regarding the genre. Please relate one piece of information learned to Mango Street.

6 Bildungsroman? What did you learn from the informational text?
What can you relate to The House on Mango Street?

7 The Catcher in the Rye Setting: New York City in the 1950s.
Watch the video “New York in 1950” and respond to the following questions: What is the family like? Are most families like this today? What are the roles of men and women in 1950? What is the tone of the narrator’s voice? What is the gender of the narrator? Give an example of a sight that each member of the family would like to see. Father, Mother, Daughter, older son, junior Do any of these requests surprise you? Does the video show any distasteful parts of new York? If you’ve been to New York, or even if you haven’t, what might some of those unpleasant aspects of a big bity might the family see on their actual visit?

8 America in the 1950s Everyone pushed for uniformity and fitting in.
Parents and their children dressed alike, and even listened to the same music! U.S. consisted of sunny, happy people. ex: Pleasantville

9 Soon Enough, the Devil (rock and roll) Arrived
Rock and Roll appealed to the youth of America; adults HATED it. Rock and Roll had its roots in black music (blues); record labels hired white groups to sing their songs. Segregation still an issue in America at this time.

10 With Rock and Roll comes….the “teenager”
2 main styles: “Greaser” and “Preppie”

11 The Catcher in the Rye What defines a teenager?
Let’s track cultural shifts Through some comics! First, Picture 1: Fill in the captions with what you think Mrs. Grundy and Archie said in this comic from the 1950s. Check out what was actually written. Next, Picture 2: Fill in what you think Betty and Veronica are saying in this recent comic. Given what you already know about the 1950s, how may dating be portrayed in this novel? How have societal norms changed over the past 50 years?



14 The Dating Game Double date/blind date  single date“going steady”
Boy would give the girl a token to show that she is his 1959 issue of Seventeen listed popular places to go on a date: ice cream parlor, drive in, bowling alley, record shops, and pizza parlors. Average male spent $7/month on dates. This included: 2 high school basketball games, gas for the car, six cokes, 3 movies, and 2 bags of popcorn!

15 Or, you could dress like a “dude” or a “beatnik”
“Dudes” wore 5 buttoned jackets, pleated trousers, beaded belts and “jazzy patterned hats” “Beatnik” girls usually wore their hair in a beehive. Beatnik gals and guys liked wearing black.

16 50s Inventions, Games and Toys
“Phone Booth Stuffing” Hula Hoop Barbie Silly Putty Television!

17 Holden Caulfield, a typical teenager
Narrator of The Catcher in the Rye Alienated, in the midst of an identity crisis (16 years old) Key issues: “Nobody understands me” Dealing with loss Constantly feels betrayed (any sound familiar to you?)

18 Themes of The Catcher in the Rye
Innocence Family Alienation Adolescence and maturity Mental deterioration Failure Sexual experience/frustration

19 Construction of the Novel
Told as a monologue-a piece of literature spoken by one person who exposes inner thoughts and provides insights into his or her character. Stream of Consciousness writing-writing whatever comes to mind without regard for punctuation or spelling rules. Bildungsroman-novel of maturation

20 More about Holden Caulfield
Holden is the narrator and the main character of the story-everything told through his eyes.

21 Holden’s life up to the beginning of the novel
Has been going from boarding school to boarding school, getting kicked out of each one Got kicked out of Pencey Prep School right before Christmas break. His story is told as a flashback.

22 J.D. Salinger, the Author Born in NYC 1919
Attended several prep schools and colleges, but never graduated from any of them By the early 1960s, Salinger began to disengage from society; became a recluse in 1965. Died in January, 2010.

23 J.D. Salinger Based on the pbs article you read, what did you learn about j.D. Salinger? What did you learn from the “Struggle for Identity” article? Based on what you read of Salinger, what do you think his character, Holden, will be like?

24 J.D. Salinger, the rebel Watch the following pbs video and think about whether your predictions about holden’s problems in the 1950s fit those in the video clip. catcher-in-the-rye-as-a-revolt-against-the-1950s/2831/

25 J.D. Salinger and Holden CAulfield
Holden moving from prep school to prep school, constantly being threatened with military school Use of slang and profanity Discussion of adolescent sexuality offends many readers Book provoked great controversy when first released Book is banned in some communities over issues with 1st Amendment rights, censorship, and obscenity. However, the novel is still hugely popular Young people everywhere can relate to Holden; he's searching for his place in society

26 Literary terms These are just some of the many literary terms that will be the focus of the first 4 chapters. Let’s define and review the definitions. Please complete this for homework: Stream of consciousness First person narrator Unreliable narrator-how could a first person narrator be an unreliable narrator? Tone Interior monologue Watch the following pbs video. Edward Norton mentions how salinger successfully crafts the novel through interior monologue and dialogue, and actually allows the reader to successfully “see” the truth through his narration of the story. the-rye/2829/

27 Finally, time to read!!!! As you begin to read the first chapter, look for contextual clues to speculate where holden is, physically and geographically, as he narrates his story. Based on the contextual clues, where is he? How is holden portraying himself as an unreliable narrator? What surprises you about so far about Holden’s story?

28 Writing task Write a one page first person narrative using stream of consciousness technique and utilizing a cynical tone. Tackle a subject you dislike or that conjures up strong feelings. Be prepared to share this aloud with the class.

29 “Catcher” groups Lil Ella Karla Kelli McKayla Sean Dylan Jessie Taylor Delaney Darcy Savannah Hoa Mikayla Conor Colby Jen Emma Aidan Erin Matt Molly Gillian Sara Jenna Ethan Cassidy Tyler Olivia

30 Topics for discussion-chapters 4-7
IN the passage about Jane Gallagher, what emotions does Holden’s repetition of phrases display? What can readers infer about Holden’s relationship with Jane Gallagher based on what he tells stradlater? Chapter 5: What does Holden say and do that reveals he pities Ackley? How does Holden’s diction in the passage about Allie denote grief? Chapter 6: What does Stradlater say when he reads holden’s description about Allie’s baseball glove? How does Holden react? Why? Why does Holden attack Stadlater? Chapter 7: Why does Holden decide to leave pencey? Use the text to support your answer. What does Holden get depressed when he packs his bags? How does this passage show that he has sympathy for his mother?

31 Holden’s circle of trust
Each group will be assigned one member of holden’s circle of trust: D.B, Phoebe, Jane, and Sally In your groups, look at reasons Holden has for wanting to call them as well as reasons for he doesn’t. Revisit the text to support your reasons and be prepared to share.

32 The Ducks on the central park lagoon
While still in your groups, Find the instance where Holden brings up the ducks on the central park lagoon. By looking at holden’s actions in these chapters (Ch 2,9,12), identify patterns in holden’s behavior, such as desperation, pressure, and loneliness.

33 Chapters 10-12 In your group, discuss the similarities between Allie and phoebe, as they are holden’s favorite characters. Use evidence from the text to support your findings (chapter 10). Next, examine holden’s relationship with Jane. Closely trace the construction of their relationship, specifically their documented social, as well as physical interactions (chapter 11). Why does Holden care for and connect so much with Jane?

34 Review: 1950s dating Watch the following clip from the movie back to the future involving marty mcfly and Lorraine’s interaction. Do their dialogue/conversation topics accurately portray what you have learned about dating in the 1950s? Would a holden/jane conversation have sounded similar to this? A step further: Create the dialogue Holden and jane may have had if he indeed had the guts to call her. Create a first person narrative utilizing Holden’s voice and be prepared to share.

35 Topics for discussion-chapters 13-15
Based on Holden’s previous behavior, do you think that the imagined scenario in which he retrieves his gloves is realistic? Why? Why does Holden say, “I’d rather push a guy out a window or shop his head off with an ax than sock him in the jaw?” What does this tell the reader about holden’s character? What does Sonny’s green dress represent? Chapter 14: How is holden’s anger about his isolation projected onto the disciples? Why does Maurice repeatedly refer to holden as “Chief?” What subtle gestures does Maurice make to intimidate Holden? Chapter 15: Why does holden call Sally Hayes a phony? How did Holden’s suitcases prevent him from forming a friendship with Dick Slagle? Why does Holden believe it could be awkward for a nun to teach English?

36 Topics for discussion-chapters 16-17
What does the album “Little Shirley beans” represent? Why do the lyrics “If a body catch a body coming through the rye” make Holden feel depressed? How does Sally’s taste in theatre reinforce Holden’s opinion of her from the previous chapter? How does the setting in the paragraph beginning with, “It was lousy in the Park” set the mood of the scene? Why does Holden like the Museum of Natural History? What could it symbolize? Chapter 17: What can be inferred about Sally by her response to Holden’s declaration of love? Is this inference consistent with her character? What reasons does Holden give sally for his hating pencey? How does Holden describe his adult life? How does the passage about Holden’s ideal adult life contribute to the motif of retaining innocence? At the end of this chapter, Holden says, “I swear to God I’m a madman.” Is he using this as an expression, or does he believe himself to be emotionally troubled?

37 Topics for discussion-chapters 18-20
Why does holden think jesus would disapprove of the Christmas show? Why does holden dislike the movie? What can the reader discern Holden believes are qualities of good theatre and film? Chapter 19: Based upon what Carl luce says and does in holden’s flashback, how does he display his superiority over the other boys? How is the volume of holden’s voice conveyed in the conversation he has with carl luce? What could the volume of his voice tell us about holden’s mental state? Chapter 20: How do Holden’s actions and behavior illustrate his intoxication? How do his syntax and diction illustrate his intoxication? Explain in detail what repressed anxiety emerges as Holden sits alone in the park. How does the passage beginning with, “finally I sat down on this bench…” and ending with, “…the sun only comes out when it feels like coming out” illustrate projection? One big question: is jane real?

38 Topics for discussion-chapters 23-24
Why does holden cry when Phoebe give him her money? What type of monologue does holden find most interesting? Why? Is it surprising that he enjoys this type of narration? Read the passage beginning with, “I have a feeling…” and ending with, “…with I’m driving at, at all?” What is the message Mr. antolini is trying to give holden? Chapter 24: How does holden misinterpret mr. Antolini’s message? What advice does Mr. antolini give holden that could help holden rid himself of his feelings of alienation? What is the significance of the final scene at mr. antolini’s?

39 Topics for discussion-chapters 25-26
How and for what reason does holden attempt to excuse mr. antolini’s actions? What are other ways holden’s actions convey elements of insanity? What does holden plan to do when he goes out west? What do the obscenities on the wall-first at the school and later in the Egyptian tomb-signify to holden? How is the innocence of the boy in the museum portrayed in his dialogue with holden? How does holden demonstrate how protective he is of phoebe? What is the significance of phoebe’s gesture of giving holden his red hunting hat back? How are the carousel and the golden ring symbolic? What is the significance of Holden’s last line, “Don’t tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody”?

40 What Salinger means to me…
Listen to the following NPR segment “What Salinger Means to me” After listening, take some time to reflect on what Salinger has meant to you now that you have read, studied, and analyzed his most popular work. Write down your thoughts and be prepared to share.

41 Holden and Salinger, two peas in a pod…almost
Check out the following article discussing the connections between the author and his most famous literary creation le/292064/J-D-Salingers-The-Catcher-in-the-Rye- Connections-to-Literature/

42 Catcher = bildungsroman?
Does The Catcher in The rye fit the definition of a Bildungsroman? Revisit the “Bildungsroman” PDF on my website, reading further into the document. After further analysis, do you feel that the novel fits the genre? How, specifically? Think of some specific examples from the novel that prove or disprove that the novel fits the genre.

43 The “catcher” controversy…
Mark David chapman interview: Mark David chapman article

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