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PAP World Geography Warmups

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1 PAP World Geography Warmups
2nd 6 weeks

2 October 3 What are the three forces of migration in the future? What type of immigrants does the United States attract/allow to enter the country? According to Giovanni Peri- do immigrants steal American jobs? How much does a $1000 wage differential affect the amount of immigration to a country? Watch the video and answer these questions. You will want to write down the questions first. /c.lkLXJ8MQKrH/b / apps/s/content.asp?ct=

3 October 4th Group the states into at least 4 regions. Include what states are in each region and why.

4 October 5th What climate zone is most prevalent in the South?
What type of climate is most common in Canada?

5 October 6th What is the official language of Canada?
What is the main difference between provinces and territories? What features form Canadian borders?

6 October 11th Create 3 or more regions for Canada. Be able to explain your reasons.

7 October 12th Where were you on September 11th, 2001?
What do you remember about that day? What impact did 9-11 have on the United States?

8 October 13th Can a war on terror be won? Why or why not? If so, what would victory entail?

9 October 18th Why did the terrorists of 9-11 use planes? Why not just blow up the buildings? How can the United States prevent something like the September 11th attacks in the future? World Trade Center Memorial Site

10 October 19th What modern-day problem is demonstrated in the picture?
What are some of the negative effects of this pattern? What are some possible solutions to the problem?

11 October 21st Name as many countries in Latin America as you can.
What countries colonized this region of the world? Name two major physical features in this region.

12 October 24th What are four basic landforms in South America?
What might explain the location of the Amazon rainforest? Which direction does the Amazon River flow?

13 October 25th How big is the Amazon rainforest in comparison to states in the US? What country in the world is closest in size to the rainforest? 1. As big as the 13 biggest put together – Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, Michigan, Minnesota, Utah 2. Saudi Arabia (12 on the list)

14 October 26th How might this mountain range benefit the local economy?
Sierra Madre, Mexico How might this mountain range benefit the local economy? October 26th

15 October 27th Draw a map of Latin America from memory. Don’t look at a map! Include as many labels as possible – physical features and political boundaries.

16 October 28th Guess the country in the picture.
What cultural features are present? What is the human impact on the environment?

17 October 31st What contrasts are present in this picture?
What tensions might result? Saõ Paulo: an apartment building for the wealthy overlooks a favela, ironically called Paraisópolis (Paradise city).

18 November 1st 1. Despite much economic, political, and cultural diversity among the countries of Middle and South America, which one of the following characteristics do they have in common? a. Type of physical environment b. Experience as colonies of Europe c. Type of natural resource exploited for economic growth d. Ethnic composition of the population 2. Which of the following features of the physical environment contributes least to patterns of rainfall in Middle and South America? a. Ocean currents b. Topography c. wind patterns d. Soil type 3. Which of the following is a climatic effect in South America associated with El Niño? a. Drought in northern Chile and Argentina b. Snow in the Atacama Desert c. Rain along the usually dry west coast d. Cold water off the coast of Peru 1. B 2. d 3. c

19 November 2nd What are likely the most important bodies of water for Venezuela? What three landforms dominate the landscape? What is the capital city? Where is it located and why?

20 November 3rd 1. Which of the following group is most likely to have first settled in the region? a. Christian missionaries from Europe b. Hunters and gatherers from Asia via Bering land bridge c. Boat people from Pacific Islands d. Explorers from Spain 2. What factors explain the rapid conquest of Middle and South America by Spain and Portugal? a. Spain and Portugal possessed superior diplomatic skills and armies. b. Native Americans possessed inferior military technologies and were vulnerable to diseases introduced from Europe. c. Native Americans were undernourished and lacked the ability to unify against the European invaders. d. The Spanish and Portuguese encountered no resistance from Native Americans who sought trading partnerships with the Europeans. 3. Which statement most accurately describes the impact on the Native American population of the diseases that were introduced by Europeans to Middle and South America? a. 10 percent died within 150 years of first contact with Europeans. b. 90 percent died within 400 years of first contact with Europeans. c. 10 percent died within 400 years of first contact with Europeans. d. 90 percent died within 150 years of first contact with Europeans. 1. B 2. b 3. d

21 November 7th What agriculture technique is demonstrated in the picture? What is the purpose of this technique? What are the positives and negatives?

22 November 8th What was the likely experience of most Native Americans during the colonial period? a. Becoming merchants selling handicrafts in cities or working as expedition guides b. Receiving an education in European-style schools and took jobs in government c. Being trained as soldiers and fighting in wars in Europe between Spain and Portugal d. Being enslaved to provide labor on plantations and in mines What action did the Spanish colonial government take in response to the widespread death of North Americans due to disease, malnutrition, and inhumane treatment? a. Enacted major social reforms that greatly altered the colonial system b. Imported slaves from Africa to take the place of the dead c. Left their colonies in Middle and South America to found new ones in the Pacific d. Eliminated colonial policies that were causing these deaths What was the name of the Aztec capital captured by Spaniards in 1521? a. Viceroyalty b. Tenochtitlan c. Mexico City d. Lima 1. D, 2. B, 3. B

23 November 9th Name the primary religion in Latin America and draw its symbol. What main branch of this religion is most practiced in this region? Why is it the most practiced religion in Latin America?

24 November 10th 1. Which of the following significantly aided the Spaniards in their defeat of the Aztecs? a. A smallpox epidemic brought by the Spaniards b. The release of manufactured poisons into the Aztec water system c. The miserable living conditions experienced by most in Aztec society d. The eruption of two volcanoes that destroyed the largest Aztec cities What was the name of the Spaniard who conquered the Incan Empire? a. Cortez b. de Soto c. Balboa d. Pizarro 3. In what way was the Spanish conquest of the Incas similar to its conquest of the Aztecs? a. In both cases the Native Americans were undernourished. b. Both conquests were aided by introduced diseases. c. The Spanish benefited from volcanic eruptions. d. The Spanish enlisted Mayan hunters as diplomats. 1. A 2. d 3. b

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