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斷金計畫 Information and Communications Laboratories (ICL) Cloud Computing Research Center for Mobile Applications (CCMA)

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1 斷金計畫 Information and Communications Laboratories (ICL) Cloud Computing Research Center for Mobile Applications (CCMA)

2 Shortage of ICT R&D Talents in ITRI Problems: –Financial compensation not competitive with top-paying HSIP companies –Low visibility in terms of commercial impacts and research accomplishments in recent years Direct outcome: –ITRI is not on the radar of many top ICT students when they look for jobs –Many engineers, but not enough researchers Indirect outcomes: less ambitious projects, and fewer success stories such as hot start-ups and inspiring technology breakthroughs Weaker ICL  Lower momentum to turn around Taiwan’s ICT industry at a time when it is needed most –IC design –5G

3 We want to change this by collaborating with universities in creative ways 眾志成城,其利斷金

4 Three-Pronged Approaches 1.ITRI-supervised Masters’ thesis project –Finnish- and Swedish-style industrial apprentice –Students work with pay in ITRI full time for six months or more to complete their thesis –Thesis quality must be approved by university 2.Ph.D. students working in joint projects between ITRI and universities –ITRI employees joining Ph.D. program –University Ph.D. students working in ITRI –Balance between publication requirements and industrial impacts –Structured in such a way to increase the matriculation rate of the Ph.D. program

5 Three-Pronged Approaches 3.University team (professors and students) works in ITRI for a period of time –Over the summer months, or over a year –Pre-negotiated new project topic or existing project topic –Fully funded as an internal ITRI project, which is typically lead by a university faculty member, and may be joined by other ITRI members –Designed to enable professors to Get a taste of what it is like to work on projects that aim to meet industry needs, which entail additional robustness and usability requirements Apply and test out technologies developed in universities to real-world problems Facilitate or broker transfers of university technologies

6 Shape of Collaboration Worst case –Small funding –Topic or deliverable not particularly exciting or on critical path –Courteous but lukewarm interaction Best case –Larger funding –Compelling and intellectually challenging problem in a module of a system ITRI is building ITRI covers the baseline implementation University tries an alternative and more adventurous approach – Tighter working relationship with the ITRI team  on site

7 ITRI Projects Looking for Collaborators 5G communication Hybrid software-defined network architecture Large-scale data center storage management Next-generation Smartphone OS Reconfigurable array of inexpensive batteries architecture Advanced video/voice/text analysis technologies Electronic system-level exploration of power/performance impacts of software/hardware architectural decisions PCI Express as a network technology In-memory database management for IOT PaaS Low-overhead virtual desktop infrastructure for video/graphics applications

8 5G Communication Antenna array design Massive MIMO Co-channel full-duplex transmission Millimeter Wave RF circuit and packaging design Coordinated radio resource management Distributed/networked MIMO High-fidelity low-overhead system-level simulation environment for protocol and HW development and testing Network function virtualization

9 Hybrid Software-Defined Network Motivation: Ethernet and OpenFlow switches will co-exist in the next decade if OpenFlow switches indeed take off Hybrid Ethernet/OpenFlow network models: 1.Unmodified Ethernet switches and OpenFlow switches 2.Ethernet switches and OpenFlow switches under the same controller 3.Ethernet in the core and OpenFlow at the edge or ECOE ITRI has an Ethernet-based SDN technology called Peregrine that can do 2 and 3 ITRI owns the SNMP4SDN module of OpenDaylight, which provides the southbound API for controlling Ethernet switches: unicast and multicast forwarding table, and VLAN ECOE may obsolete OpenFlow switches altogether if its functionalities are shown to be comparable to OpenFlow-everywhere network

10 Flash Storage Management SATA3-based: 1 million random 4KB writes per second over the network  faster disk PCIe-based: NVMe Memory bus-based: slower and lower-power DRAM –NVDIMM –Hybrid DIMM N-GB DRAM + (128-N)-GB Flash = 128 GB DRAM? Other non-volatile technologies: RRAM and MRAM

11 Next-Generation Smart Phone OS Target: Local ASEAN brands between MTK and HTC –Micromax/Karbonn (India), Ninetology/Smartfren (Indonesia), Cherry Mobile (Philippine) Carrier-transparent vertical handoff between Wifi and cellular Security vs. convenience problem due to “bring your own device” (BYOD) –Run a hypervisor on a mobile phone, and use different VMs for different purposes: Work, Personal, Playground –Only Work VM can be connected to office network Programmatic control of applications –App as a library with automatically learned API –User-specific short-cut –Meta-application that interacts with multiple applications Introspective user interest profiling: –Smartphone understands its owner as much as Google does –Typed text sequence: “Address” to map app, “Time” to calendar app

12 Reconfigurable Array of Inexpensive Batteries Architecture Battery Resource Controller (BRC) Programmable Power Interconnect Fabric (PPIF) Battery Packs Electric Loads Electric Sources

13 Advanced Analysis for Law Enforcement Cloud-based surveillance video analysis –Human-in-the-loop intelligent video browsing –Vehicle color and make identification –Cross-camera people trajectory tracking Cloud-based intercepted voice analysis –Speech-to-text transcription –Threading of related calls –Suspicious conversation detection Chinese social opinion text analysis platform –Crawl public forums and micro-blogging sites –Perform basic and domain-independent NLP analysis –Provide API for domain-dependent NLP analysis B2B Einvoice analysis for white-collar crime detection Wearable device for first responders and care-givers (nurses)

14 Thank You! Questions and Comments?

15 M Quantitative

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