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December 5, 2013 Report to Faculty Senate Merger with NYU-Poly will be completed by January 1, 2014 NYU-Poly NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering What.

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1 December 5, 2013 Report to Faculty Senate Merger with NYU-Poly will be completed by January 1, 2014 NYU-Poly NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering What assets will it bring? What opportunities does it create? What risks will it entail? How does it compare with NYU on a few measures? These questions have been looked at very carefully at various levels (from academic programs to real estate) Poly has made tremendous progress: a testament to both NYU and Poly Will present a summary

2 Physical assets of NYU-Poly X 2 total floor space  800,000 sq. ft. (gross) some owned and some leased; some in excellent shape; some needs significant work small park Jay St MetroTech X MAGNET CUSP Dibner

3 433 First Avenue Nursing, Dentistry and Bioengineering 3

4 Students of NYU-Poly UG:  2100 MS:  2800 Ph.D:  350  5250  13% of NYU’s Undergraduates: Within NYU, for 2013 SAT (median): 1340/1600 3 rd in Quantitative 7 th in Verbal First-year retention 88% 2013 enrollment Women 26% 52% Pell Grant eligible; 40.5% first-in-the-family-to-go-to-college; 18% from disadvantaged minorities In his 1931 book "The Epic of America," Adams described "that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" The American Dream

5 Approximate GRE scores InstitutionVerbalQuantitativeTotal NYU-Poly150162*312 Johns Hopkins155164319 Princeton159163322 Rice155164321 Nov 12, 20135 *Some programs (e.g., FRE) are particularly strong in quantitative scores. 2010201120122013 Applications4389487354376211 Admits2909307732043241 Selectivity71.4%70.4%62.6%56.3% Yield30.1%34.1%37.0%41.3% Enrolled (new)94887210151041 Number of Ph.D. degrees awarded has been between 25 and 40 a year over these years.

6 NYU-Poly faculty About 94 T-TT faculty (~16% of FAS) (~60 in engineering disciplines) About 70 contract faculty (~16% of FAS) ~200 adjuncts (unknown fraction of FAS)  Faculty honors since November 2012: some 23 awards and honors (typically Medals and Fellowships of Professional Societies, Career Awards, Election to Academies, etc)  Engaged in dozens of outreach activities (e.g., STEM Education, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Media, Games, etc) which are well recognized in serious media and professional communities

7 Research Expenditures FY08 – FY13 $M Research expenditures for Washington Square is about 151M for 2012 Poly’s ≈ 13-15% of Square’s

8 Strong connectivity to NYU Ellen Schall

9 NYU-Poly Incubators (among top 10 in the country, according to the Worth magazine) According to the economic impact study made by Dr. Jill Kickul at Stern and supporting members from Harley & Co., the NYU-Poly incubators: Have had an economic impact of $251.2 million; by 2015, the impact is projected to be $719.8 million Have created 900 jobs; by 2015 they will have created nearly 2,600 jobs 35 companies have graduated to larger spaces in New York; 5 have been acquired by larger entities for more than $50 million Former and current members contributed roughly $31.4 million in tax revenue from ‘09 to ‘12 The average graduate of NYU-Poly incubator makes $72,230 (NYU-Poly $56,800; NYU $48,700; Harvard $50,700) Presently, 2 locations, a third is being created at MetroTech. 59 current tenants and 35 graduates (last year’s data) Nov 12, 2013 9

10 3 Poly’s financial standing Operating budget (2013): $162M

11 Some institutional rankings  #2 among the Best U.S. Non-HBCU Schools for Minorities (2013 Diverse: Issues in Higher Education)  #3 in “return on investment” among all four-year institutions in the country (2013 PayScale) --- the best in the City; starting at $56,800; mid-career $117,000  #9 in graduate online programs (2012 US News)  #12 in Video Game Design (2013 Princeton Review)  #13 in the engineering masters degrees awarded (largest in NYC)  Among top 10 incubators in the country (2012 Worth Magazine)  Among top 10 Innovative Schools (2012 Computerworld)  Some excerpts from Middle State Accreditation report: The succinctness and clarity of the mission deserve praise. The campus is permeated by a sense of opportunity and optimism The meaningful involvement of all constituent groups … is noteworthy. Nov 12, 201311

12 Nov 12, 201312 Biggest challenge ahead Transition from “reasonably good in a number measures” to “excellent good in most”  Graduate ranking #57 (2013 US News)  Jumped 10 places in one year  Jumped 25 places in institutional ranking  Finances are largely tuition-based (even more than NYU)  Plans do exist to change this US News: “Up 25 were the Polytechnic Institute of New York University and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell” Washington State University, Pullman State University of New York, Albany University of Illinois, Chicago Kansas State University Louisiana State University Arizona State University George Mason University Howard University Rutgers University Oregon State University Mississippi State University Oklahoma State University New Jersey Institute of Technology University of Texas, Dallas

13 2012 profile Emphasizes why there is much deliberation about the admissions process *Includes only unrestricted gifts; the total amount raised is about $6.2M. Poly’s endowment is about $115M. Intellectual property income ≈10% of NYU’s. Nov 12, 201313 CategoryNYU-Poly NYUBrownHarvard Tuition 80 69.643.420 Dorms 4 10?????? Research 11 420.218 Endowment 2 413.632 Gifts 1.1 55.57 Other 2 7.414.923

14 Final Remarks Threads of NYU’s Engineering have survived in Poly since 1973, and its merger with NYU brings Engineering back. We will also inherit much that is Poly’s own engineering and its history. Poly’s history has been extraordinary great history, especially in innovation and technological applications but had fallen on hard times in recent years. It has made a marvelous recovery in the last few (joint efforts of NYU and Poly), has enormous potential and can be a great asset for NYU as a whole. We have just begun. The School of Engineering needs considerable work (leadership, money and morale), and a balanced adjustment to the changing scene in higher education Coming from behind frees up your imagination: Let’s remember how Toyota topped over all of Detroit.

15 Thank you

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