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Entailment in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejucide.

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1 Entailment in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejucide

2 What is an Entailment? Entailment is a system of inheritance that limits the inheritance to specific heirs; that is, only certain people can receive the inheritance. In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, owning land boosted a family's status and income. An entail helped keep all of the land in one chunk and in one family (on the male side) through the generations. The eldest son stood to inherit the bulk of an estate.

3 What is an Entailment? In Pride and Prejudice, the Bennets had only daughters, so the entailment was broadened to include the closest male relative. In this case, Mr. Collins (a distant cousin of Mr. Bennet) came up the winner. Because of the entailment, Mrs. Bennet was justifiably desperate to get her daughters married — and the wealthier the better. Acceptable employment opportunities were extremely limited for women in their social class, so the Bennet women faced destitution after Mr. Bennet's death. There were only two ways for the young women to avoid this fate: charity from relatives or marrying a rich man.

4 What is an Entailment like?
Entailment is like the succession to the throne in the British Monarchy. The succession is based on the concept of male primogeniture, the common law right of the firstborn son to inherit the entire estate, to the exclusion of younger siblings.

5 Candidates for Monarch

6 The Current Order of Succession
1. The Prince of Wales 2. Prince William of Wales 3. Prince Henry of Wales 4. The Duke of York 5. Princess Beatrice of York* 6. Princess Eugenie of York* 7. The Earl of Wessex 8. The Princess Royal 9. Peter Phillips 10. Zara Phillips *Eligible for sure if their father inherits; if not ?

7 The Bennet Line-Up:

8 The Difference Between an Entail and the
British Monarchical Succession: is simple . . . Any man inherits before any woman.

9 The Bennet Inheritance:

10 Consider as you read . . . What opportunities were there for women to work? (What kinds of jobs were available to the gentlewoman whose skills were needlework, piano, singing, and dancing?) What would happen to the Bennet girls if their father died and they were unmarried? To what degree is Mrs. Bennet’s obsession with wealthy suitors understandable and acceptable?

11 Works Cited Original PowerPoint presentation was designed by Carolyn P. Henly, Meadowbrook High School, Chesterfield County, Virginia Information on the succession to the British Monarchy, including the rules of succession, the current order of succesion. The photograph of the coronation crown and the portrait of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, came from: When reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, what does entailment mean? 9 Nov < ,articleId html>.

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