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Class 1: Introduction.  A bit about me…  A bit about you:  edia-Use-CCT3000.

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1 Class 1: Introduction

2  A bit about me…  A bit about you:  edia-Use-CCT3000

3  What is a medium of communication?  What does “analysis” entail? What does it mean to analyze something critically?

4  Many types of media forms and genres  Analysis = identification of core components, reduction of complexity - often to classify and differentiate between media forms  Critical analysis = reflection on nature and form, but also impact and consequence  Seems simple at first but can get complex and can be done sloppily

5  Clear  Accurate  Relevant  Sufficiently Deep  Logical  Significant  Fair

6  Contact information and how to use it  Lecture and lab hours (lab overcrowding = no.)  NB: Prerequisite note

7  McCloud’s Understanding Comics (1993)  Don’t let the book format trick you into reading superficially  Comics as base point for analysis - other media examples will be added throughout, highlighted through readings and lab work

8  Weekly Lab Assignments/Wiki Creation  Graphic Novel Analysis  Comic Creation  Creating an Internet Meme  Exam

9 SLATE = NO. (Why?) Wiki sign up, personal wiki creation tutorial tonight, including tips on etiquette – first lab assignment to create and link personal wiki Previous wikis are available – check them out!

10 Norman will post weekly reflection questions Due following week – will discuss results of the last week in lab Attendance taken 8 overall –you can skip a couple No late submissions – we’ll check weekly, and if it’s not there, it’s not there Quality reflections and participation (including on wiki) – full marks; partial or limited reflections, or answering without showing up, much less so

11  Applying principles of McCloud’s Understanding Comics to graphic novel/extended plot comic of your choosing (approx. 1500 words)  Illustration/examples are helpful to include  Choice of analytical tools from McCloud up to you - a scattershot approach is never effective though  Other resources never hurt – e.g., external analyses, etc. - but do focus on McCloud

12  Strip collections aren’t a good choice - why?  Simple cartoons (e.g., Archie?) probably harder than you think – why?  Non-English comics OK (as long as you understand the language…)  Be careful with books turned into movies – no compare/contrast, definitely don’t just see the movie! (e.g., Scott Pilgrim)  Less about plot than analysis of comic form  Where to look for graphic novels?

13  Creating a webcomic using Comic Life and other tools  2 page analysis of why you did what you did, leveraging McCloud concepts

14  This is not an art assignment – many good webcomics are artistically rudimentary  Story counts, as well as proper thought in visual grammar of comics to tell it  Start looking at various web comics for inspiration and ideas; play with Comic Life (on J316 computers, can be downloaded as trial version) or other related comic creation software

15  Group final project - creating an internet meme, releasing it to the atmosphere and analyzing production and dissemination  Proposal first – scan existing memes (e.g.,, Know Your Meme, BuzzFeed, etc.)  Final project presented in last labs – “science fair” style presentations, in front of Norman or myself, 5-7 mins, advancing main goal and showcasing what was done to meet it

16  Tune in next year (first year we’re doing this)  Pick media that suits message and audience  Pick media you are comfortable with and you can feasibly engage given time/resource constraints  Conform to standards of media genre  Be innovative; avoid excessive copying  Consider mashups  Be cautious about what you say!

17  Last class (no labs last day)  Covering major topics over course of term  Focus on critical awareness and application vs. regurgitation of fact  Lecture notes and discussion of lab articles are fair game  Details and examples will follow nearer conclusion of term

18  Academic honesty is taken seriously by all  Accessibility concerns – talk to me confidentially  Due dates/lateness policy – weekly assignments checked weekly ONLY  ROSI reporting in 2010 – we will know what’s going on, don’t lie  Term test committee – you better be very, very sick

19  Manovich - reading is a bit dense, but important…  Labs tonight - wiki setup, and some bits on first assignment

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