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The Evolution of a Universalist Rapidly changing together Where do we go from here?

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1 The Evolution of a Universalist Rapidly changing together Where do we go from here?

2 What did Jesus save us from and how does that salvation become effective?

3 The Spiritual Evolution New Eschatology New Soteriology New World?

4 The Account of the “Fall” Tim- A purposeful “Fall”. Not a diversion. How could God be upset? Doug- The knowledge of good and evil. Why was it prohibited and what purpose did it serve?

5 Sin Redefined Sin- No diversion Sin- No problem or at least a necessary one Knowledge brought sin. The law facilitated sin. Is there a connection? Sin and the resulting judgment

6 Redemption and the Purposeful Fall Not to satisfy God’s need for justice. Redemption and restoration. Redemption reverses the effect of sinfulness. The story of the little sister Traditional restoration- a return to Eden A return to pre-history instead A change in man and not in God

7 The Law and Redemption The law’s purpose: To multiply sinfulness (Romans 7) To teach in preparation for Christ, the Truth Bringer (Galatians 3) To draw sharp contrast between Moses and Christ (John 1:17) The law and sin- a necessary step in development Truth (knowledge)- the answer to sinfulness. Ye shall know the Truth… John 8:32 Jesus the Truth (bringer). What is the Truth? More laws!! Recent conference topics

8 Eastern Orthodoxy’s View of Sin Wikipedia Sin is overcome by Christ-likeness What is non-legalistic sin? Non-legalistic sin requires a non- legalistic law.

9 Different Kinds of Law and a New View of Sin Rules and restrictions under judicial authority. Ten commandments or traffic laws Universal, eternal principles which define reality. Law of gravity Sin is a violation of the latter. It’s judgment is natural (spontaneous), not judicial.

10 Religious Similarities Abrahamic connection Sacred text with associated laws Commentaries on those texts and an accepted orthodoxy Religious schools and an emphasis on the study of doctrine Sacred men Belief in prophesy, especially of God’s future judgment Sense of persecution Strict gender roles Intermingling of religious doctrine and civil law and government Secular enforcement of religious law Zeal for evangelism Holy structures or buildings A recognized clergy with associated privilege Holy places Prescribed ritualism/traditions Sense of exclusiveness in relation to God Segregation Was this the Truth of Jesus?

11 Globalization The process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network of communication, transportation, and trade. Globalization challenges the old comfort zones of segregation and exclusiveness, including its religious foundation. A scary concept to many but is there a globalization theology?

12 Globalization and Segregation Segregation is rooted in exclusiveness and fear, both key theological elements A global theology must unify Jesus and unity A new universal theology challenges us to re-evaluate every irrefutable fact and basic assumption. It is a call to question everything.

13 Relinquishing Judgment and a New Paradigm Discernment Without Judgment Discernment notes consequences, draws conclusions, and guides one’s own actions and behavior. Judgment looks for legal shortcomings, expresses condemnation, and attempts external control. The new paradigm of Jesus relinquishes judgment in favor of forgiveness and self sacrifice.

14 The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave The anthem refrain Jesus and freedom America and freedom What is freedom? Freedom, law, and human government Freedom- all or none Freedom, risk, and bravery. Live and let live. What restrains a free people?

15 A Theology for Here and Now Tradition- Segregation, alienation, and the hereafter Fulfilled Eschatology- the physical/spiritual dichotomy focuses on another unseen realm. Where do kingdom blessings manifest themselves? What does a global theology entail?

16 Re-evaluation and a New Worldview An imminent newness- but when and where? Kingdom blessings Unity under a universal law Freedom for all A promised newness through a changed mindset What would a transformed world look like?

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