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+ Curriculum Maps Jeremy Kabinoff, Assistant Principal.

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1 + Curriculum Maps Jeremy Kabinoff, Assistant Principal

2 + Curriculum Standard Quality Control Assurance School system must provide the linkages internally and connect intent to implementation and evaluation. Internal connections are critical to produce a desired and consistent set of pupil learning outcomes over time. Written curriculum becomes the work plan and guides the instruction (taught curriculum) Results are assessed as the tested curriculum (evaluated outputs)

3 + Standard Two Criteria Curriculum Map should do the following: A clearly established, system-wide set of goals and objectives. Evidence of detailed short and long range planning. Objectives that set the framework for the map. Explicit directions.

4 + Goals Based on Mastery packets. Exams Quizzes Vocabulary quizzes. Examples: 90% of class 000 will obtain an 80% or higher on place value to trillions.

5 + Short Term and Long Term Planning Action plans Next steps May entail conferences, meetings with parents/students and or training related to the plan. Example: Student x did not meet the goal of place value to trillions. Teacher creates a plan that will address the weakness and implement it with the student. Teacher may call the student in as well as the parent to bring the home into the plan. Reassess; if doesn’t work, teacher may meet with other teachers to seek out alternative strategies or request a training session from Coach for new ideas.

6 + Underlying Questions? Does the system have clear objectives? (i.e. where and how do these appear and in what forms?) Are they in adequate format to provide direction to the system of implementation? Are the guides used? (What is their effectiveness?)

7 + Curriculum Guide Management Template Clarity and Validity of Objectives Congruity of the Curriculum to the testing evaluation process Delineation by grade of the essential skills, knowledge and attitudes Delineation of the major instructional tools Clear linkages for classroom utilization.

8 + Map Breakouts Gifted and Talented, Ms. Ruminski, Mr. Gotay, Ms. S. Smith Special Education, Ms. Sgueglia, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Robins, Mr. Kouvatsos General Education grade 6, Ms. Rabinowitz and Mr. Kelly General Education grade 7 and 8, Mr. Mastropolo, Mr. Grant and Ms. DuBuisson.

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