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Vocabulary Presentation Units 9-12 By: Luke Worthy.

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1 Vocabulary Presentation Units 9-12 By: Luke Worthy

2 Capitulate (v.) to end resistance, give up, surrender, throw in the towel He finally capitulated and agreed to do the job my way.

3 Disarming He had a charming personality and a disarming smile.

4 Encroach (v.) to advance beyond the usual or proper limits, trespass Dictatorships are encroaching on individuals’ rights.

5 Impunity (n.) freedom from punishment

6 Mien The King was a man of noble mien.

7 Curt (adj.) short, rudely brief His curt reply hurt my feelings.

8 Devise (n.) To form, plan, or arrange in the mind; design or contrive He tried to devise a method of capturing images.

9 Dexterous Carpenters are very dexterous.

10 Entail (v.) To put a burden on, impose, require, involve; to restrict ownership of property by limiting inheritance (n.) such a restriction

11 Habituate (v.) to become used to; to cause to become used to

12 Personable (adj.) pleasing in appearance or personality, attractive

13 Trepidation (n.) fear, fright, trembling

14 Upbraid (v.) to blame, scold, find fault with

15 Whimsical (adj.) given to whimsy or fanciful notions, capricious; of the nature of or proceeding from whimsy, as thoughts or actions; erratic, unpredictable He was too whimsical, so his boss told him to work.

16 Calamitous (adj.) causing or involving calamity; disastrous Mario’s attempt to save the princess came to a calamitous end.

17 Delve (v.) to carry on intensive and thorough research for data, information, or the like; investigate: Lawyers have to delve into the confession to get the truth.

18 Gallantry (n.) dashing courage, heroic bravery, noble- minded behavior; gallant or courtly attention to women; a gallant act, action, or speech Medieval knights acted with gallantry.

19 Mediate (v.) to settle disputes between parties, reconcile; to bring about peace between parties by compromise; to effect or convey as if by an intermediary; to act between parties to effect an agreement or compromise; to occupy an intermediate place or position.

20 Milieu (n.) the setting, surroundings, environment

21 Mendicant (n.) beggard (adj.) depending on begging for a living

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