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Pride and Prejudice Jeopardy!. SINGLE JEOPARDY! Remember, distinguishing between Miss and Mrs. matters in determining right and wrong.

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1 Pride and Prejudice Jeopardy!

2 SINGLE JEOPARDY! Remember, distinguishing between Miss and Mrs. matters in determining right and wrong.

3 Characters “Romantic” Couples Other PairingsSatirePlaces

4 Characters- 100 A clever, vivacious character who makes errors but refuses to be intimidated or controlled even by people of higher status

5 Characters- 100 Who is Lizzy?

6 Characters- 200 A character that looks for the best in everyone and always tries to make excuses for the bad behavior of others

7 Characters- 200 Who is Jane?

8 Characters- 300 An arrogant, wealthy character of high status who loves to instruct others on what is best from their behavior and education to the arrangement of their furniture

9 Characters- 300 Who is Lady Catherine?

10 Characters- 400 A pleasant, charming, and attractive character who creates a great first impression but leaves bitterness, anger, and debt everywhere he or she goes

11 Characters- 400 Who is Wickham?

12 Characters- 500 An often ignored character who loves to read books, lecture others, and play piano badly but never seems interested in a relationship

13 Characters- 500 Who is Mary Bennet?

14 “Romantic” Couples- 100 Both often mistaken, he seems to care only about the world as a humorous satire; she seems only to care about parties, wealth, and the marriages of her daughters.

15 “Romantic” Couples- 100 Who are Mr. and Mrs. Bennet?

16 “Romantic” Couples- 200 Both impractical, she is completely in love with her handsome man; he is completely lucky to have gained wealth due to the intervention of his enemy

17 “Romantic” Couples- 200 Who are Lydia and Mr. Wickham?

18 “Romantic” Couples- 300 Both most interested in security, he flatters his patroness to an absurd degree; she seems happy in a marriage of privilege and security but without love.

19 “Romantic” Couples- 300 Who are Charlotte and Mr. Collins?

20 “Romantic” Couples- 400 Both kind and practical, these two from the older generation may serve as a model to the Miss Bennets of a happy and balanced marriage.

21 “Romantic” Couples- 400 Who are Mr. and Mrs. Gardner?

22 “Romantic” Couples- 500 He thought to run away with a bride that would make him wealthy; she reconsidered at the last minute thanks to the advice of her brother.

23 “Romantic” Couples- 500 Who are Mr. Wickham and Georgiana Darcy?

24 Other Pairings- 100 One looks for the best in others; one laughs at the worst. Both try to improve their family’s probity.

25 Other Pairings- 100 Who are Lizzy and Jane Bennet?

26 Other Pairings- 200 They bond by criticizing a common enemy, but one proves deceitful and the other changes his or her opinion.

27 Other Pairings- 200 Who are Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Wickham?

28 Other Pairings- 300 Both laugh at the silliness of the world, but one values love while the other is desperate for security.

29 Other Pairings- 300 Who are Lizzy Bennet and Charlotte Lucas?

30 Other Pairings- 400 Both care so much about wealth and status that one feels superior to nearly all of humanity and the other supports this opinion.

31 Other Pairings- 400 Who are Lady Catherine and Mr. Collins?

32 Other Pairings- 500 One shows supercilious kindness to perceived rivals, and one shows sincere kindness to all.

33 Other Pairings- 500 Who are Miss Caroline Bingely and Mr. Bingely?

34 Satire- 100 That Jane and Bingely doubt the love of the other when all others can see it and that Lizzy and Darcy who seem to hate each other actually love each other

35 Satire- 100 What satirizes the absurdity of love?

36 Satire- 200 That Lady Catherine has absolutely no power over Lizzy despite Lady Catherine’s assumption that Lizzy must bow to her will and follow her orders

37 Satire- 200 What satirizes pride, prejudice, and arrogance in those of high status?

38 Satire- 300 That Mr. Bennet believes his wife and daughters are silly and full of error even though he fails to see one girl’s danger even after another girl’s warning

39 Satire- 300 What satirizes gender roles, male (father’s) authority?

40 Satire- 400 That everyone immediately assumes Wickham is good and honest when they meet him

41 Satire- 400 What satirizes superficial judgment, manners, and first impressions?

42 Satire- 500 That the only happy, balanced, and reasonable couple in the older generation is the Gardners instead of the Bennets or Lucases

43 Satire- 500 What satirizes high-society marriage?

44 Places Mr. Collins benefits from an entail on this home

45 Places What is Longbourn?

46 Places The home of Mr. Bingely when he is near Meryton

47 Places What is Netherfield?

48 Places The estate of Mr. Darcy

49 Places What is Pemberley?

50 Places The estate of Lady Catherine

51 Places What is Rosings?

52 Places The home of Mr. and Mrs. Collins?

53 Places What is Hunsford?

54 Final Jeopardy Category: Custom

55 Final Jeopardy The name of the reason Longborn will go to Mr. Collins when Mr. Bennet dies

56 Final Jeopardy What is “the entail”?

57 Final Jeopardy

58 Lizzy’s embarrassing aunt.

59 Final Jeopardy Who is Mrs. Phillips?

60 Final Jeopardy




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