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SAKBase Training for Education Providers

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1 SAKBase Training for Education Providers

2 Introduction SAKBase is a secure, web-based escalation management tool which allows education providers to log issues about specific students with the StudyLink Helpline, and have them resolved within an eight-hour timeframe. This service is run parallel to the phone and contact channels already provided by the StudyLink Helpline, but lets you avoid the call waiting times and the five-day reply timeframe they entail. We feel this use of SAKBase will provide an easier way for you to communicate with us, and enhance the partnership between StudyLink and education providers. You need to connect to the internet using your Internet browser, and in the address bar, type You’ll then be asked to enter your login details. Once you’ve clicked OK, a confirmation prompt will appear. You can choose either to accept the displayed Terms and Conditions or cancel your action - however to gain access to the SAKBase tool you must confirm your acceptance by selecting OK. For security purposes, SAKBase can only be accessed from registered IP addresses. If your address hasn’t been confirmed with StudyLink, or the address you’re using has changed (for example you do not use a static IP and your modem has been reset) please contact us on

Work Requirements / Attendance …need to advise that a student is not meeting coursework or attendance requirements or if they are now are meeting those requirements. Request VoS-Lock …require a particular VoS response locked on to a Student Allowance or Student Loan, for example when you’ve needed to send a blank VoS because your system’s automated responses will give different dates. Results of Study Query …have a query about the results you’ve submitted through the Single Data Return, or about a Statement of Satisfactory Progress. Student Loan …have a query regarding the student’s loan which is not covered by the other categories, for example when fee payment has been delayed. Update Provider Code …operate more than one education provider, and a student has entered the wrong one on their application. Please note, we’re unable to change the provider to or from one not operated by you. Update Student ID …a student has given an incorrect or blank student ID number, and you’re unable to correct this by returning a VoS response. VoS Issue …have a query regarding a VoS. Add / Remove staff members …to add a staff member to the list of people able to contact the StudyLink Helpline (include their position and contact details), or let us know someone has left/longer requires access Brochure request …when requesting StudyLink brochures or flyers (include the number needed and physical address to send them to) Close VoS Cycle …when no changes have occurred to a student’s enrolment since your most recent VoS response, and you’d like the cycle closed Refund Query …when you need clarification around repaying student’s compulsory fees

4 The SAKBase Homepage The SAKBase homepage has four links:
Log an Issue: lets you send through issues that need to be resolved Issues List: lets you view and/or update your current issues, and; track the status or resolution of any issues you’ve previously raised with us Change Password: lets you change the password you use to log in Log off: exits SAKBase

5 Select the appropriate issue category from the drop-down list
Logging an Issue Make sure you complete as many fields as possible. Once you’re done, click the ‘Submit’ button. This will send the issue to StudyLink and a pop up-box will appear with the issue ID number. Category: Select the appropriate issue category from the drop-down list Student’s Details: These fields, except for the Work and Income or StudyLink client number (please enter if known) are required Notes: In the note field, make clear notes about: 1. the background to the issue the details of what you have already 2. the details of the issue any other relevant information.

6 Issues List This takes you to the ‘Issues and Escalations List’ screen, where you can search for and view any issues you have raised. To search for a specific issue, enter the ‘Issue ID’ number into the 'ID' field of the search section - then click the 'Search' button You can also search using a student’s client number or Student ID number - however this search will show all issues that you have raised for that student. Ticking the two boxes on the top right hand side of the page filters which issues will show up in your search: RED = Assigned but not signed off. The issue has been allocated to a StudyLink Officer and they are still investigating the issue. GREEN = Signed off. The issue has been resolved.

7 Viewing an Issue After searching for an issue, click on the ‘V’ to view the issue. This will open a new page showing the details of the issue.

8 Updating an Issue After searching for an issue, click on the ‘U’ to update it. Please note that if the issue has already been assigned to someone in StudyLink, you will not be able to update or add further details via KBase. In this instance, please call the StudyLink HelpLine with anything you have to add. To update the issue, overtype any details that you had previously entered. Once you have finished updating, press the ‘Update’ button and the new information will be sent to StudyLink.

9 Remember By using SAKBase, you agree that:
you won’t choose a password that is easily able to be guessed or identified as relating to you, or is an obvious combination of letters and numbers (e.g. sequential numbers, your birth date etc.). You also won’t make your password known to any other person, including colleagues, or keep any record of your password in a form that it can be readily identified. you will take all reasonable care to ensure that StudyLink and client information is only accessible to authorised persons, and you’ll only use the SAKBase escalation tool for authorised purposes as defined by the ‘Terms of Use’. When logging an issue: remember to provide all relevant information regarding the issue. For example in order to suspend a student’s allowance or loan, we need to know the reason why they shouldn’t be entitled to further payments; just asking us to stop them isn’t enough context if you’re logging an issue to let us know of a withdrawal or change in study end date, you can instead let us know this through VoS as normal.

10 Need Assistance? The StudyLink Helpline is still available on Call when: you need to change your password or you have forgotten it you are having problems with accessing SAKBase or logging issues your IP address needs to be registered with StudyLink you have further information for already assigned issues you are leaving your role or when your duties change and you no longer require access to KBase you are going on leave for an extended period of time or no longer require access

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