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A Tutorial for LLM (IBL) Students Welcome to C J Koh Law Library Conducted by: Carol Wee Contents by Su-Lin & Bissy 14 July 2014.

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1 A Tutorial for LLM (IBL) Students Welcome to C J Koh Law Library Conducted by: Carol Wee Contents by Su-Lin & Bissy 14 July 2014

2 Outline  C J Koh Law Library - History, Collection, Facilities & Loans  NUS Libraries Portal - E-forms, E-resources  FindMore@NUSL  LINC & myLINC  Law Databases  C J Koh Law Library Homepage  Legal Abbreviations & Citations 2

3 The 7 NUS Libraries CJ Koh Law Library Central Library Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library Science Library Medical Library Music Library Chinese Library 3

4 The C J Koh Law Library History The library was originally established in September 1957, catering primarily to the Faculty of Law at the Bukit Timah Campus. In April 1980, the Law Library moved to new premises at Kent Ridge, occupying two floors of the Faculty of Law building. 4

5 The C J Koh Law Library On 1st January 2001, the Law Library was renamed the C J Koh Law Library, in appreciation of Mr Koh Choon Joo’s generous donations to the library. After extensive renovations, the library celebrated its official opening by former Chief Justice Yong Pung How on 27 February 2002. Following the Government's announcement to reallocate Bukit Timah Campus to NUS on 28 May 2005, the Law Library made its historic return to its first home in August 2006. 5

6 Library Collection 6 The C J Koh Law Library has a rich collection of local, foreign and international legal resources. The strength of the library lies in its comprehensive collection of Singapore legal resources and extensive collections of legal resources from Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The library also has developed praiseworthy collections on international and comparative law, international trade law as well as the laws of the European Community. The library’s print collection is bolstered by subscriptions to online legal resources which are available via the NUS Libraries Portal ( Major databases include Lexis Singapore, i-law and HeinOnline.

7 Collection & Facilities 7

8 8

9 9 Join us for a tour of the library right after this tutorial to find out more about the library’s facilities and collections.

10 Loans 10 Loan entitlement: 30 items CollectionsLoan Period RBR2 hours/Overnight (only 1 item at a time) Holdshelf7 days Books (including books in Closed Stacks) 28 days (3x online renewal) Bound Journals in Closed Stacks 1 day Theses1 day

11 $$$ 11 CollectionsFines RBR$1.00 per hour after book is due Holdshelf$0.50 per day (no grace period) Books (including books in Closed Stacks) $0.50 per day (from 4th day) Photocopy/PrintingCost Printing from network printer 4.5¢ per page Photocopying3¢ per page Payment mode: EZ-Link card or cashcard

12 NUS Libraries Portal 12 Access from NUS homepage Select LIBRARY on the top menu bar

13 NUS Libraries Portal 13

14 NUS Libraries Portal 14 Member Login Login to: Access your library record (myLINC) Request for services

15 NUS Libraries Portal 15 Services Request for: Document delivery Intralibrary loan Interlibrary loan, etc.

16 NUS Libraries Portal 16 Resources Access to: Library catalogue (LINC) E-Resources, e.g. databases, e-journals, e-books Exam Papers ScholarBank (NUS theses)

17 NUS Libraries Portal 17 Enter module code and click on search button or click here to search using other options e.g. Module name Exam Papers Database Contains full texts of the previous 5 years’ exam papers. For more details please refer to the FAQ’s

18 NUS Libraries Portal 18 Exam Papers Database

19 NUS Libraries Portal 19 Exam Papers Database

20 NUS Libraries Portal 20 ScholarBank@NUS Contains full texts of Masters (by Research) and PhD theses from Sep 2003 onwards.

21 NUS Libraries Portal 21 ScholarBank@NUS Click here for search options

22 NUS Libraries Portal 22 ScholarBank@NUS Select relevant field

23 NUS Libraries Portal 23 ScholarBank@NUS Search for theses or browse collection e.g. by Department Login to view theses restricted to NUS community

24 NUS Libraries Portal 24 ScholarBank@NUS E.g. Ph D thesis on human rights

25 FindMore@NUSL 25 FindMore is an integrated search facility that searches across the NUS Libraries’ catalogue and databases in a single search.

26 26 Read the LibGuide for more information on FindMore@NUSLLibGuide FindMore@NUSL Refine your search by selecting options in left column

27 LINC 27 LINC is the NUS Libraries catalogue: Search for books, law reports, law journals, etc. View full texts of e-books and e-journals Request for (reserve/put a hold on) books on loan, on order, in Law Library closed stacks, etc. Note: To obtain materials from other NUS Libraries, send an E-Form for Intralibrary Loan

28 LINC 28 Access LINC via the NUS Libraries Portal or directly through

29 LINC 29 The catalogues in the Library have a different screen display but the options are similar.

30 LINC 30 Searching LINC Search for Book by Keyword & Place a Hold e.g. “Principles and Practice of Securities Regulation in Singapore” by Hans Tjio

31 LINC 31 Searching LINC Search for Book by Keyword & Place a Hold Select relevant title

32 LINC 32 Books on loan Click on REQUEST to place a hold Searching LINC Search for Book by Keyword & Place a Hold Check locations of books

33 LINC 33 Enter student number & PIN : Searching LINC Search for Book by Keyword & Place a Hold

34 LINC 34 Searching LINC Search for Book by Keyword & Place a Hold Select item and click on REQUEST SELECTED ITEM: Check that your request is successful.

35 LINC 35 Searching LINC Search for Book by Topic e.g. employment law in Singapore

36 LINC 36 Searching LINC Search for Book by Topic Select relevant title

37 LINC 37 Searching LINC Search for Book by Topic This book is also available in other NUS libraries Send E-Form for Intralibrary Loan of items from other NUS libraries

38 LINC 38 Searching LINC Search for Journal or Law Report e.g. Yale law journal

39 LINC 39 Select preferred electronic version Locations of current and earlier print copies Search for location of specific volume

40 LINC 40 myLINC View your library record. Click on LOGIN

41 LINC 41 myLINC Click on “More” to see full record Brief library record

42 LINC 42 myLINC Enter your student number and PIN

43 LINC 43 myLINC View your loans Renew items (max. 3 times) Check if requested items are ready for pick-up Check fines, if any View reading history (“Opt In” required)

44 Law Databases 44

45 Law Databases 45

46 NUS Libraries Portal 46 Law Databases For a listing of legal databases, select: Resources > Databases > By Subject > Law

47 NUS Libraries Portal 47 Law Databases Select database See: Guide to Electronic Resources CollectionGuide to Electronic Resources Collection

48 NUS Libraries Portal 48 Law Databases To access selected database:

49 NUS Libraries Portal 49 Law Databases CaseTrack  LawNet  WestLaw Other law databases are listed under Resources on the Faculty of Law website:

50 HeinOnline 50

51 Lexis Singapore 51

52 Lexis Singapore 52

53 LawNet 53

54 LawNet 54

55 LawNet Lee Kuan Yew v Jeyaretnam Joshua Benjamin 55

56 56 C J Koh Law Library Homepage Select LW Then click here to view website

57 57 C J Koh Law Library Homepage For: Information about the Law Library New arrivals Legal research guides

58 C J Koh Law Library Homepage 58

59 59 C J Koh Law Library Homepage Law LibGuides provide instructions on the use of library resources for basic legal research.

60 60 C J Koh Law Library Homepage The Library maintains an index to free Singapore legal resources on the Web. Click here 2 major Singapore legal websites are Singapore Statutes Online and Singapore Parliament Reports. These can be accessed via Primary Sources of Law.

61 61 C J Koh Law Library Homepage E.g. Singapore Statutes Online

62 62 C J Koh Law Library Homepage E.g. Singapore Statutes Online ( Search for or browse Acts and Subsidiary Legislation in this database which is maintained by the Attorney General’s Chambers.

63 63 C J Koh Law Library Homepage E.g. Singapore Statutes Online (

64 64 Abbreviations & Citations Examples of Citations 1. Journal Articles Dora Neo, “The Sale of Goods (Amendment) Act 1996: Satisfactory Quality, an Undivided Share in a Bulk and other Amendments” (1997) 9 SAcLJ 362. David Feldman, “The Nature of Legal Scholarship” (1989) 52 Mod.L.Rev. 498. Find out what journal the abbreviation stands for Search for the journal title in LINC/LINC+

65 65 Abbreviations & Citations Examples of Citations 2. Cases Siang Hoa Goldsmith Pte Ltd v The Wing On Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd [1998] 2 SLR 777 David Wilson Homes Ltd v Survey Services Ltd (In Liquidation) [2001] EWCA Civ 34; [2001] 1 All E.R. (Comm) 449, CA; [2001] Build LR 267, 80 ConLR 8 Singapore Law Reports Neutral citation: Format - Jurisdiction, Court Citations from various law reporters Case with alternative citations

66 66 Abbreviations & Citations 1. Print Index: Donald Raistrick, Index to Legal Citations and Abbreviations, 4 th ed. (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2013). Location: KB280 Rai 2013 (LW RBR; LW Reference Office; LW Reference1)KB280 Rai 2013 2. Online: Law Reference Desk – Abbreviations/Citations library/research/legal-resources-on-the-web/law-reference- desk Librarian’s pick - Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations What do Abbreviations Mean?

67 67 Abbreviations & Citations Preferred manual for Faculty of Law: Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 7th ed. (Toronto: Thomson Carswell, 2010). Location: KB280.2 Can 2010 (LW Holdshelf, LW RBR, LW Reference Office, LW Reference 1) See also: Citation and Legal WritingCitation and Legal Writing How to Cite References

68 Library FAQ’s Library FAQ’s 68

69 Law Subject guides 69

70 Useful Information… Accessing full-texts directly from … 70

71 Find It! @NUS Libraries & Google Scholar

72 Find It! @NUS Libraries & Google Scholar

73 Proxy Bookmarklet Proxy Bookmarklet Inserts the NUS library proxy stem ( into the URL of the article from Google Scholar. VendorVendor UserUser NUS Library Proxy server I want article X Okay you are recognized, here is article X Here is article X Use this when you land on a page asking for payment. Clicking on bookmarklet, will try to access via NUS Libraries subscription.

74 Useful Library websites/ Guides Legal resources on web resources-on-the-web resources-on-the-web New Arrivals: To find latest additions to the library collection Books: Journals: arrivals/journals Databases: arrivals/databases Guide to Law electronic resources collection: How to access electronic resources: %20resources%202013.pdf

75 75 Interactive library guide Call us 6516 2043 Chat with us

76 Thank You! Contact us Address: 469D Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259773 Tel: 6516 2043 Email: Homepage: library/about-c-j-koh-law-library library/about-c-j-koh-law-library

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