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EuroSim 2005: Guide to the Program. Preparing For EuroSim Begin by first learning about the ENP by using the Power Point presentation provided –It would.

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1 EuroSim 2005: Guide to the Program

2 Preparing For EuroSim Begin by first learning about the ENP by using the Power Point presentation provided –It would be best to start with this –Supplement that with the FAQ & key documents found on the Commission’s ENP web site Refer to the Detailed Program –Refer to the Grid that summarizes this –Note the standard format for meeting/groupings & the leadership positions for these (e.g., Chairs) –Note the non-standard formats/groupings, who should attend these, and the leadership positions for these Consult the other supporting documents: –Generic Listing of Alter-Egos –Listing of Standard Groupings –Templates for Main Work Products of EuroSim ENPI Regulation Action Plans EP Resolution Presidency Conclusions (European Council)

3 EuroSim & the ENP As you know, the theme for EuroSim 2005 is the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) –The detailed power point presentation is available on this and should be examined first Eurosim will simulate the drafting of each of the two main features of the real-world ENP: –The European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) This is the ENP’s comprehensive funding instrument –The ENP Actions Plans for each ENP partner These express policy-specific goals and initiatives for the ENP partner states and the EU This Guide Helps Explain: –The purpose of EuroSim; –How the EU’s various institutions will be simulated; –The main work products of EuroSim; The ENPI regulation, Action Plans, EP Resolution, and the Presidency Conclusions of the European Council –The standard & non-standard formats for meetings; and –The nature of activity on each day of the EuroSim program

4 How Realistic is EuroSim? EuroSim is an exercise in experiential learning that helps students to better understand the EU by actively preparing for, participating in, and reflecting upon a simulation of EU decision-making EuroSim is also intended to build valuable social skills related to communication, teamwork, diplomacy and negotiation EuroSim also promote better trans-Atlantic Relations by bringing together students from the US and Europe As is the case with any student simulation, there are a variety of reasons why EuroSim is not a perfectly realistic simulation of the actual EU Among these Reasons are: –The need to fit everything into less than four full days –The need to have all activity start and end at roughly the same time –The need to keep all students involved in interesting work most of the time –The need to deal with different levels of students’ understanding about the EU, including its legal basis and the formal workings –The need to bring different students in contact with each other

5 Simulating the EU’s Institutions Council of Ministers –In reality, the ENP is handled by the Council on GA-ER –At Eurosim, work will be shared with two other versions of the Council (JHA & Environment), as well as COREPER European Council –Along with playing its realistic role in adopting Conclusions (drafted by the Council Presidency), which guide the work of the Council & Commission, this body will also handle parts of ENPI related to CFSP (e.g., “Political Dialogue”) Commission –The Commission will play a key role, which is realistic –EuroSim will simulate the Commissioners who handle the ENP in reality, as well as those who would normally attend the European Council, as well as the versions of the Council to be simulated at EuroSim –We will also simulate members of the Commission’s ENP Task Force European Parliament –Eurosim will not simulate the entire EP – only the work of the relevant EP committee for RNP, the Foreign Affairs Committee At EuroSim, this will contain about a third of its normal membership –However, this membership reflects the distribution of party-group strengths found in the actual committee, as well as in the EP as a whole –Thus, we will assume the that voting in the EP committee would be mirrored by voting in the EP plenary, though we will not simulate the latter at EuroSim

6 The ENPI As in reality: The ENPI will take the form a legislative regulation A draft of this will be proposed by the Commission (before Eurosim) –Using the template provided & limited to the policy areas indicated on this Debated by both the EP & the Council & subject to the co-decision procedure In the EP Committee, a “rapporteur” will be assigned the task of drafting the EP’s “Opinion” in the form of a “report,” which will take her name –This report can be brief but will contain the EP’s suggested amendments to the Commission’s proposal and justifications for each changes Unlike reality: Work on the regulation will be divided up and debate on by several versions of the Council, rather than just the GA-ER Council The ENPI regulation will deal with policy-specific programs & goals, rather than being generic and leaving specifics to the action plans, as in reality –The actual draft regulation proposed by the Commission can be examined on the ENP’s web site (under documents) The EP Committee will simply vote to adopt the report –A legislative resolution containing the amendments and reasons will not be drafted and debated/voted upon in an EP plenary session, as in reality The process will end not with the regulation being passed by both the EP and Council (e.g., after compromise in a Conciliation Committee) –Instead, Eurosim will end with the European Council adopting the Presidency Conclusions, which will refer to both the Council & EP versions of the regulation & the potential for compromise

7 The ENP Action Plans As in reality There will be action plans for each of the ENP partners, though there may be some similarities among these These will be negotiated between the ENP partners and the Commission The Council Presidency will be involved The action plans will have three main parts –Compare the template provided with actual action plans on the ENP web site Libya and Belarus are excluded form ENP negotiations Unlike in reality Talks will not be held bilaterally between one ENP partner and the EU, represented by the Commission –Instead, discussions will be arranged in two groups of ENP partners & Commission members Not every policy area of the actual ENP will be covered in the action plans There will be no final approval or monitoring by the Association or Cooperation Councils for each ENP partner Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, & Armenia are excluded –In reality, the EU is making progress with these ENP partners, the EuroSim Commission already has enough to handle with 10 possible actions plans

8 EP Resolution The EP Committee will start work on a non-legislative resolution after its work on the ENPI regulation is completed –There will be new rapporteur assigned to the task of drafting this resolution –This will entail a “report,” containing a “motion for an EP resolution” This will give the EP a chance to express its views on the ENP in general, contents of the actions, and/or the issue of the EU’s ultimate boundaries/membership –The European Council will also be considering this issue As in reality: This will entail the EP’s views on a subject, but not constitute a binding opinion containing legislative amendments that the Council must consider –It is common for the EP to study and draft reports and resolutions on various subjects – doing so on its own initiative –The actual drafting of reports & resolutions is handled by a rapporteur The EP hopes its resolution will influence the views and actions of the Commission, the Council, EU member states, or others Unlike in reality As with work on the ENPI, it is not possible for EuroSim to simulate the EP plenary (i.e., whole EP), which would normally vote on the resolution after it has been approved by the committee There will likely be no time for the EP to include an explanatory statement in the report, so all the important details should go into the resolution itself –Suggestions and reasons can be included in its preamble or operative clauses

9 Presidency Conclusions The adoption of these will serve as the end of EuroSim Regarding the ENPI, these will indicate whether the Member States agree to accept the EP’s Opinion or whether a conciliation committee should be formed to resolve differences between the Council & the EP –Though this conciliation phase will not happen at EuroSim Regarding the action plans, the Conclusions will entail comments and perhaps an endorsement (which is realistic) –It is also possible for these Conclusions to entail a consensus to initiate negotiations on action plans with Libya or Belarus The Presidency Conclusions will also entail the Member States’ consensus on the issue of the EU’s ultimate boundaries/membership The final session of the European Council will also entail statements by the Presidents of the EP and the Commission, as well as the Council’s High Representative for CFSP

10 Standard Format for Meetings Given the nature of EuroSim as discussed above, most of the work over the four days will be conducted by students working in eight groups –The Chairs for these groups are indicated on the program when they first meet on Thursday evening – these Chairs stay the same throughout EuroSim 1.General Affairs & External Relations Council 2.Justice & Home Affairs Council 3.Environment Council 4.Committee of Permanent Representatives COREPER II – Ambassador levelCOREPER II – Ambassador level 5.European Council 6.EP Committee on Foreign Affairs 7.“Joint” meeting of Euro-Med ENP partners with the Commission Task Force In reality, no such multi-national negotiating body existsIn reality, no such multi-national negotiating body exists In reality, there are annual meetings of the Euro-Med Foreign Ministers, bilateral meetings with the EU in Association Councils, and bilateral negotiations on the action plansIn reality, there are annual meetings of the Euro-Med Foreign Ministers, bilateral meetings with the EU in Association Councils, and bilateral negotiations on the action plans 8.“Joint” meeting of ENP partners in Eastern Europe & Southern Caucasus (EE/SC) with the Commission Task Force In reality, no such multi-national negotiating body existsIn reality, no such multi-national negotiating body exists In reality, there are bilateral meetings in the Cooperation Councils and bilateral negotiations on the action plansIn reality, there are bilateral meetings in the Cooperation Councils and bilateral negotiations on the action plans

11 Non-Standard Formats Several sessions are arranged that bring together key alter egos or various standard groupings for special sessions –The Chairs for these groups are indicated on the program In a few cases, these non-standard formats reflects reality –In many cases, they do not, as no such grouping actually exist Then, why do this at EuroSim? Because this allows: 1. Participants to meet an work with as many other students as possible 2. Country delegations, the Commission, and Council Secretariat the opportunity to meet together and coordinate their efforts 3. All groupings and key alter egos to learn about what is going on elsewhere in the simulation and react appropriately –This kind of “communication” indeed occurs in reality through: Formal meetings or memos Publication of official documents of various kinds Media reports Informal (unofficial) meetings or conversations

12 EuroSim Begins: Thursday After the Opening Banquet, all participants will meet together –The European Student Director will present the program & take questions The European Student Director will also play the role of Deputy Secretary General of the Council Secretariat The Simulation then starts with two sets of organizational meetings: First, in a non-standard format & then in the standard format –Note that program indicates the Chair for each meeting and the tasks at hand –Note that there is a simulation of the Association & Cooperation Councils, which are, in reality, held only bilaterally between each state & the EU The sections & articles noted on the program refer to parts of the action plans & the ENPI regulations found on the templates provides for these Before EuroSim, the Commission will produce a proposal for the ENPI regulation based on the template for this During EuroSim, the Action Plans will be drafted by the Commission and the ENP partners based on the template for these Note the special way “A-Points” are handled at EuroSim –In reality, Council sessions are preceded by COREPER meetings, which identify areas of consensus & items which the Council does not need to discuss (A-Points), as well as items needing debate by the Council (B-points) At Eurosim, the Council will determine its own A-points (matters that do not seem controversial) & pass these down to COREPER for polishing This process begins Thursday & continues throughout EuroSim

13 Eurosim Continues: Friday This day begins with a lengthy session for all standard groupings, when work on the ENP will really get going Note: As the day proceeds, there will be two opportunities for the European Council to obtain additional agenda items: –From COEREPER, after its morning meeting –From the mid-day meeting of all EU country delegations The Council may also determine additional agenda items for COREPER – i.e., non controversial items - A-Points –All of this is designed to insure that all parts of the ENPI Regulation are handled most effectively and at the proper level of political authority During the last meetings in the standard format, the Chair of each grouping should consider whether sufficient progress is being made and plan to adjust accordingly on Saturday Along with the simulation activities, this day will feature Q&A sessions by expert witnesses (e.g., professors, researchers, etc.,) This day concludes with a reception featuring an academic poster session by students on their research projects –More information about this will be coming soon

14 EuroSim Continues: Saturday This day begins with meetings in the non-standard format, intended to allow planning and coordination for the last sessions of EuroSim Note: During the first session, the EP Committee must finish work and vote on its Opinion for the ENPI Regulation –For this, the Rapporteur should prepare a brief report that contains the EP Committee’s amendments to the Commission proposal for the ENPI regulation, as well as a justification for each (see the template provided) –The EP Committee will then vote on whether to adopt the report As noted above, there will be no legislative resolution drafted containing the report’s suggestions, as would be the case in reality –The final, edited version of the report must be provided to the Commission President & Council Secretariat by lunch time During the afternoon, the Councils, European Council and COREPER will consider the EP’s Opinion –Each body will consider just those parts of the EP’s Opinion that are pertinent to their own work on the ENPI regulation –A rejection of the EP’s suggested amendments implies that Council & EP will likely have to initiate a Conciliation Committee to resolve their differences Meanwhile, the EP Committee will start work on its non-legislative resolution regarding the action plans and issue of the EU’s ultimate boundaries/membership The two groups of ENP states must finish work on the action plans

15 EuroSim Concludes: Sunday Note that the breaks between sessions on this day are a bit longer to allow for documents to be prepared and shared On this day, most meetings are held in non-standard format Students should be careful to note of: –Where they are supposed to meet each session –The tasks noted on the detailed program for each session By noon, the EP, EU ministers & COREPER must finish their work Note that part of the session of the GA-ER Council will be held in an informal format, known as “Gymnich,” named for the German castle where it was first used –This format allows the participation of the ENP Foreign Ministers –The meetings of the European Council & COREPER will also entail an informal format, allowing participation of the ENP partners After noon, there will be a simulated meeting of an “Enlarged European Conference” –Note: in reality a “European Conference” was held in Athens in April of 2003 upon the signing of the Accession Treaty, attended by HOGs from the 15 EU members and 10 acceding states EuroSim 2005 ends with the European Council –This will feature only statements, with no debate or discussion –Statements will be read by key figures –The Council President will read its Conclusions & call for a vote on them

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