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PRESENTATION Eliška Veselá Secondary School PROFIT business, Ltd.

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1 PRESENTATION Eliška Veselá Secondary School PROFIT business, Ltd

2 G OOD MORNING EVERYBODY, ( DEAR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TEACHERS AND STUDENTS ), My name is Elizabeth Vesela, I am 20 years old and I come from the Czech Republic. I am in the 4th grade of private high school, Profit, specialized in economics and business.

3 OUR TEAM T eachers: Katerina Srncova – ICT teacher and the coordinater of project Zdenka Koutna – English teacher A classmate : Arsanaliev Dzanbulat


5 Our school is located in a capital city of the Czech Republic – Prague - with total number of 220 students. They have a possibility of correspondence course or full-time study in the fields of sports management or economics and business. The school was founded in 1993 as a family type school. The main philosophy is to provide students with the knowledge and skills and to help them in condition for further education. There are three languages taught in our school: English German Russian

6 R ELATIONSHIPS IN OUR SCHOOL There is a good bunch of friends in my class which I am grateful for, although we face the same problems like the other schools. Some of us play truant even I do sometimes.We will have chance to discuss it later either personally or on website conference. I greatly appreciate the teachers in our school, especially the form teacher and the English teacher, who nominated me to this trip.



9 C ONCLUSION I suppose this exchange trip will bring me new experience and knowledge of other countries and their culture. And I hope all of us will enjoy friendly atmosphere and generous hospitality of our hosts. I appreciate my high school for sending me here to your school and for oportunity to meet new people and to learn about other countries and their culture and religion I look forward to having a great time.


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