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We offer FREE various activities for pre-school children where we focus on topics like plants, animals and garbage.

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4 We offer FREE various activities for pre-school children where we focus on topics like plants, animals and garbage.

5 We offer FREE different activities about many environmental topics; we carry out the activities in two main ways:

6 This multi-year course is designed to educate future environmental leaders of Leon and Nicaragua. Children at the age of 9 years old can apply to participate in this course. The course consist of two weekly activities:



9 The campaign consist of lectures with pictures and videos about the consequences of this illegal trade. The message is simple: “Do not buy wild animals!”







16 We trained the local school children to guide in the reserve; some of them already guiding national and foreign visitors. In this 6 months, we involved the children of the nearby community more fully (Santa Rosa de Los Parrales) with the Reserve.

17 The children of Santa Rosa de Los Parrales community receive sports equipment, as acknowledgement for their active participation in protecting the reserve. We thank Hamid Fazeli-Sinaki (in the middle) for his generous donation..



20 We prepare new materials: videos, expositions and posters about different environmental topics, for the ministry of education. At the beginning of the school year we will train teachers to use these materials. We hope that with colaboration with the Ministry of Education the environmental message will reach thousands of children in cities and rural areas at north-western Nicaragua.

21 At this year we plan to open an additional group in our environmental leadership course. These children will have the opportunity to acquire good environmental & English knowledge, and to be actively involved in environmental projects in Leon.

22 It is a new project that we will carry out in different high- schools in Leon. The project will make the schools more “environmental- friendly” and actively involve the school children in this mission.

23 These days we do experiments to find the best way to make solar lamps of recycled palstic bottles. Soon we will offer these lamps for the local public in Leon.

24 After establishing a sostainable model of FREE environmental education in Leon, we plan to spread our activities to other sites to establish similar projects. Once funds are raised, our goal is to establish a new SONATI site in the mountain rain and cloud forests of Nicaragua, and to involve local children in the conservation of this special habitat. Mountain rain forest at Matagalpa region in Nicaragua

25 Participants in SONATI activities at 2011 Total: 7923



28 Alan PlüssArgentine Alexander MoralesNicaragua Armin gaerttnerGermany Bismark SotoNicaragua Carli DicksonUSA Carolin KernGermany Guy AshiriIsrael Jimmy CointeFrance Jonas Freist-HeldGermany Jungmin ShonKorea Justin VandetteUSA Lea FraukeGermany Leon KutznerGermany Lina niederhoeferGermany Lisa BatuskyUSA Moritz StreyGermany Philip StuckenbrokGermany Sara Van NoteUSA Sophie CôtéCanada Theresa KittnerGermany Vanessa StarkGermany Amaru RomeroNicaragua Ben HaginIsrael David BubisUSA Einat Dattner Israel Félix Román Pérez Ramírez Nicaragua Frank RiveraNicaragua Gladis GurdianNicaragua Hamid Fazeli-SinakiCanada Ing Agustin MoreiraNicaragua Jean-Michel MaesNicaragua Johana RodriguezNicaragua Kate CatlinUSA Manuel SilvaNicaragua Marcio QuintanaNicaragua Mayra GonzalezUSA Nestor CastilloNicaragua Or, Itzik & Anat CohenIsrael Tina BaumGermany Tito EspinosaNicaragua Smadar PeretzCanada

29 Botanical Garden on Loen Cuba Republic school Cyber Center Finca Ecologica San Carlos FUNDAR German Cooperation - GIZ- Weltwarts program La Salle school Las Pilas El Hoyo Cooperative Leon Municipality Ministry of Education Ministry of the Environment National Police Nicaragua Vereign Quetzaltrekkers Radio La Amistad Radio Moreno TV- chanel 2 TV- chanel 55 TV- Telecable Leon UNAN Leon- Dancing group UNAN Leon- casa salud deBayle Volunteer Firemen of Leon


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