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An emerging : missional : new- monastic community ? mark berry.

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1 an emerging : missional : new- monastic community ? mark berry

2 The renewal of both the Church and Society will come through the re-emergence of forms of Christian community that are homes of generous hospitality, places of challenging reconciliation and centres of attentiveness to the living God Brother Samuel SSF

3 a living god an incarnate people john chapters 1 & 3

4 luke 10 1 thessalonians 2 acts 17 matthew 13 micah 6 luke 10 1 thessalonians 2 acts 17 matthew 13 micah 6 inspir ation s

5 an intentional community intimacy accountability anam chara

6 Rather than ignore sin, the way through is to embrace the fact that we all have fallen short, we are all sinners. By owning deeply our vulnerability to error we can embrace the deep humility that results. It is only with this frame of mind that we have open hands. Ann Morisy

7 The community of God… will be a community that does not live for itself but is deeply involved in the concerns of its neighborhood. It will be the church for the specific place where it lives, not the church for those who wish to be members of it – or, rather, it will be for them insofar as they are willing to be for the wider community. Leslie Newbiggin

8 a pilgrim people walking with god in gods world ex hodus

9 brendan the navigator

10 Abram is called by God to leave house and home and all that is familiar, to undertake a very risky journey … And when we look at the various experiences they have along the way, stories that have shaped all subsequent faith we see that they are not safe bedtime stories. Rather they call us to a dangerous form of faithfulness that echoes the faithfulness of Abraham. Alan Hirsch

11 The perfect pilgrimage involved an inner as well as an outer change. By leaving the religious settlement and home country, the ascetic also left his or her ‘ place in the world ’, that is status. Beyond the normal boundaries of religious and social life there was no recognised position and therefore no protection. Philip Sheldrake

12 liminal living adaptation equilibrium

13 We are used to seeing some respond with despair and grief, and others with assimilation to the dominant values. What is much more disturbing to us is the example of a god who does neither, but instead answers with a fresh, imaginative theological response. Jesus neither slides into compromise and sinfulness, nor fulfils our expectations of the holier-than-thou guru. there is no more dangerous path than the one trodden by Jesus. Michael Frost

14 a people of stories sharing listening local global

15 God didn't reveal a systematic theology but a storied narrative, and no language is capable of capturing the Absolute Truth who alone is God. Frankly, the emerging movement loves ideas and theology. We believe the Great Tradition offers various ways for telling the truth about God's redemption in Christ, but we don't believe any one theology gets it absolutely right. Scott McKnight

16 sacrificial hospitality learning to love open house open lives

17 Hospitality involves tolerance because it requires accepting in the other what we may not understand or agree with. Ann Morisy

18 Hospitality can be, and very frequently is Sacrificial. Caring for the stranger can require us to think ‘outside the box’ or deliberately extend ourselves beyond our normal limits in order to understand how to be present to someone. David Dieter

19 holistic spiritual ity life blood non-compartmental

20 Worship, which leaps wet and wild from the bog of captivated hearts; which stretches convention until it rips and allows God in; which draws words and symbols from the raw experience of participants and flings them to God in love and desperation. Mike Riddell

21 living in rhythm heaven earth

22 Here is a gift of true worth: divine presence. Amid the white noise of a world surfing the airwaves; amid the narrow casts, broadcasts and podcasts; caught in the radio signals, mobile downloads and webcasts; up with the static and the crackle of interference… one simple signal still pulses from ages past, like a heartbeat.

23 The rhythm of this incarnate life, the ebbs and flows, the twists and turns, the darkness and the light is the rhythm of Celtic prayer. It transforms our vision, stirs us to praise, and sets us out on the journey. Sylvia Madoc

24 creative community poesis poety and prophecy

25 The work of poetic imagination holds the potential of unleashing a community of power and action that will finally not be contained by any imperial restrictions and definitions of reality. Walter Brueggemann

26 offering peace kingdom people missio dei

27 The general meaning is of completion and fulfillment—of entering into a state of wholeness and unity, a restored relationship....Shalom, and its related words are among the most important theological words, the root meaning of the verb shalem better expresses the true concept of shalom - completeness, wholeness, harmony, fulfillment, are closer to the meaning. Implicit in shalom is the idea of unimpaired relationships with others and fulfillment in one's undertakings, shalom describes the state of fulfillment which is the result of God's presence

28 personal reconciliation community restoration cultural reversal environmental responsibility personal reconciliation community restoration cultural reversal environmental responsibility missional & transformation al living the yeast in the mix

29 comm unity missio n pilgrim age dna foundation story Mission is a by product of being on Pilgrimage Kate Tristram Mission is a by product of being on Pilgrimage Kate Tristram

30 a picture for today ? nendrum belfast : as the community walks and journeys into the world so the boundary of the community goes with them, like ripples spreading on a lake : : core community : : local community :

31 a lifestyle or a label ? new monastic

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