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Group members: * Clara Cheung (4S) Cassandra Choi (4S) Katie Yeung (4P) Tiffany Ng (4A) Samantha Wong (4L) Tiffany Chu (3L)

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1 Group members: * Clara Cheung (4S) Cassandra Choi (4S) Katie Yeung (4P) Tiffany Ng (4A) Samantha Wong (4L) Tiffany Chu (3L)

2 “It is more worthwhile to travel ten thousand miles rather than to read ten thousand books” Chinese saying- Hong Kong USA

3 St. Paul’s Convent School “SNAP! SNAP!.......Clap, clap,clap……Wow! Hurray!”. We can never forget the glamorous moments during our performance in the Moon Festival of the Silicon Valley in Cupertino! With many cameras flashing and the truthful applause we received, we felt the great approval towards our hard work during the preparation process.

4 The Moon Festival was undoubtedly a huge event. Through performing dances of 5 different cultures and the traditional Chinese musical pieces, we gained a lot of experience in handling matters and we also learnt about the importance of being a responsible individuals.


6 Besides having outings, staying with local families and attending lessons in local schools, we also had an important and interesting mission ---- to perform in ‘ The Moon Festival of Silicon Valley ’. Location: Memorial Park (Stevens Creek Blvd) Cupertino, CA Time: Sept 21, 2002 (10 a.m – 8 p.m), Sept 22, 2002 (10 a.m – 6 p.m)

7 While the dancers were waiting for their turn to perform, They made use of the time to take some photos, This made the trip more memorable !

8 These two photos were taken during the dances of “Our Father” & “The Hope Never Dies” This is the group photo of all the performers from our school.

9 As leaders of respective dances, we think that the preparation process is especially challenging.It was not just about teaching others a dance and training them, but also, firstly, to develop a good relationship with the learners. Through building up a good relationship, the teaching process was easier.Another thing we learnt was to put ourselves in others’ shoes.We often feel frustrated as we have to keep on repeating the same step over and over again and still, they cannot grasp it. We learnt to be patient and try to picture ourselves being an inexperienced dancer. We have gained much more than just a successful performance. We also learnt ways to manage things efficiently, which are essential in our daily lives. We were even more nervous than the performers as they stepped on the stage.We were afraid that something awkward might happen. We were afraid someone would forget the steps. We were afraid that the music would not work. We kept on worrying until the whole performance was over and fortunately, it turned out well. This performance was particularly memorable among all the other dance performances we have been engaged in. For the other ones, we were the ones taking part and dancing. However, this time, we contributed in a totally different way. The success of this performance means even more to us this time…as it was choreographed, rehearsed and organized by us.

10 Sometimes, we were really stressful due to the tight schedule and unprepared stage changes that occurred. However, we felt proud with our results and received approval from all the friendly smiles from the local residents. It was a hot and sunny day on our day of performance. Although the temperature was high, which made it a bit unbearable, we managed to do our best. We really felt relieved after the exhausting day!

11 The overall performance of our school was a great success. Our contribution was also being appreciated. Although there were some unpredictable mistakes on stage, we managed to overcome the problems and tried our very best to show our talents as well as to achieve our aim of sharing our culture with the Americans. The theme “ Unity and Peace through Education” is evidently appropriate because the combination of cultures in our performances was really fascinating.

12 Also, the adventures in America was meaningful to us. That includes the exciting and thrilling Great America, the wonderful study place --- Stanford, the great grand Golden Gate Bridge and the busy scenic Fisherman’s Wharf.


14 Great America is a thrilling theme park just like Disneyland. It has lots of rides and games. Both were very exciting and I got wet all over my body after playing. ' Rip Roaring Rapids ‘ is a ride that soaked navigating a rugged whitewater river course. ' Looger's Run ' is a journey in a hollowed log to a 60-foot splash down.

15 Wow! It’s scary! Here's a photo we took nearby the fountain in Great America!! We had fried chickens, mashed potatoes and some drinks for lunch in ‘ Maggle Brown’s’, and they all tasted very good!


17 We were very happy to have visited the Stanford University. It's really big and we had to use a map to tour around! We went to the bookstore and did some shoppings. We bought some souvenirs and some clothes.

18 The Hoover Tower is a really high building! Here’s a photo taken on the ground floor. Here is the highest floor of the Hoover Tower. From there, we can have a panoramic view of the university and it is really beautiful! This is the fountain in front the Hoover Tower. Isn't it pretty?

19 The Golden Gate Bridge is a popular tourist destination in San Francisco. It was really our pleasure to have the chance to visit this attraction. The grand and magnificent scenery of the bridge and the areas around it was observed clearly. As the site is near the sea, it was quite windy during our visit. However, we were all sturdy and excited to run around and we bought many souvenirs.

20 ~Our afterthoughts and summary of the trip

21 This educational and cultural exchange program to Cupertino was especially eventful and rewarding, as we have gained a lot of useful experience for future reference. Through living with the host families, I discovered the traditional culture of American people in the daily conversations or even tiny bits of funny experience we shared. For example, I realized the unique deep trust and love the family members have for each other. It can be shown through the responsibility they have for each other. I also attended local schools with Americans in Homestead High School. The school environment was particularly impressive. I like the way how they planned the campus buildings, sparsely and appropriately. The experience in the Moon Festival was really memorable. Being the Mistress of Ceremony in the event, the nervousness was uncontrollable at the beginning, but after days of practices, our public speaking and communication skills were greatly enhanced. Also, the whole festive occasion was an enjoyable one. We not only participated in the performances but also joined in the huge fair of celebration. I could feel the warmth and welcoming feature in American culture throughout the experience. Among the trips to Great America, Stanford University, Golden Gate Bridge and Fishermen’s Wharf, I particularly like the one to Stanford because the light brown Spanish architecture really impressed me. I would be overwhelmed to have the chance to study there in the future!

22 I remember how I would query before boarding the plane if this trip to I remember how I would query before boarding the plane if this trip to Cupertino would be worthwhile…Now, I query if I would have another chance to participate in such programs again. Although it has only been a week, I have learnt more than just the American culture, but also different moral values which are applicable to our daily life. I have acknowledged the arduous effort our host families has been making in giving us a pleasant stay. I have been impressed by the interaction in American classrooms. I have gained time management skills through the tight schedule we faced during our outings. However, most of all, through being the Mistress of Ceremony at the Moon Festival, I have learnt that things don’t always go the way they are supposed to be or how you want them to be. We have to be adaptable and always be ready to acclimate to new situations and environment. I cannot recollect the hundreds out of thousands I gained during this trip. Yet it was certainly a remarkable one. Happy times don’t last long,but that is what makes it so valuable; that is what makes this tour so unforgettable.

23 Time goes fast.. The 10 valuable days in Cupertino have passed very quickly. I still remember the first moment I met my host parents. The atmosphere was really warm and happy. They were all very nice and we built a good relationship and now we still keep in touch through the Internet! On the other hand, I did learn a lot and have fun during the outings and the festival’s performances. Since I was one of the leaders for other inexperienced dancers, together with other leaders, we had to assume the responsibility of looking after them, so we learnt how to be patient and how to plan or organize things properly. Also, there were a lot of things, such as, lifestyle, manners, way of communication and education, which were different comparing with those of Hong Kong. As a result, I have known more about the culture of the U.S. !!!

24 I love this American tour a lot. Besides improving my oral English, the tour also broadens my exposure. I learnt a lot about American culture and gained valuable experience in good leadership. This is the first time for me to live with some foreigners and especially when my host family is Indian. My host parents and their daughters were so kind and generous. I felt happy to have lived with them. I’ve never studied in an American school before and everything was so fresh and new to me during the school days in Lynbrook High School. Students were very active and creative and I loved their school environment a lot and also the Japanese class. The most impressive thing was the food from the tuck shop. They did not suit my taste at all !!! And I missed the rice and noodles from SPCS’s tuck shop. I was responsible for teaching the Chinese dance for the performance in the Moon festival and it was quite a hard job because it was the first time for me to lead a large group of people. With the dancers’ cooperation, Samantha and Mrs. Ho’s support, we finally succeeded. Through this process, I learned that being a good leader is a hard job. You have to be responsible, enthusiastic, sincere, hardworking and generous. I will try my best to be a good leader. Also, I like the outings a lot.

25 I was glad that I could go to U.S with my friends and to perform there. It’s really a good experience for me. Other than the performance, I also went to some scenic spots in U.S. e.g. Great America, Stanford University, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Golden Gate Bridge. For the past week, we stayed with our host families and it’s a good chance for me to be more independent. During the 5 school days, I followed my host student to go to school. I experienced their school life; and I found that it is totally different from that in Hong Kong. I also realized that not everyone in the US can afford a luxurious. We should not be superficial, but we ought to look into things deeply and try to understand them thoroughly. Throughout these 10 days, I learnt learnt a lot about the differences in culture and environment between the US. And Hong Kong.

26 After I sojourned at USA for 10 days,I learnt more about the cultural diversities and the American way of life.I saw many different people in the performance (Moon Festival of Silicon Valley 2002),I can feel they were zealous to the Moon Festival.Although they are not all Chinese,they enjoyed the festival very much.Through this performance,I learnt to appreciate other cultures and to be more responsible.Besides,I had memorable moments with my friends and teachers in the trips to Great America,Stanford University,etc. We bought a lot of souvenirs and took a lot of photos there.Our host families treated us with passion and looked after us carefully.We followed the host’s daughter to school,and we learnt about their school’s tradition,which is entirely different from Hong Kong’s.


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