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Foundations of Team Leadership Learning to Learn and Knowing from Within.

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1 Foundations of Team Leadership Learning to Learn and Knowing from Within

2 Foundations of Team Leadership

3 DAY 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 5 StretchPracticeEmpowerSupportComfortTo LearnTo Achieve To CreateTo Sustain Daily Learning Orientation * Comfort Learn Zone Stress

4 Foundations of Team Leadership So What is Our ATTITUDE? Knowers Already know everything Make an effort to look good at all times Have a need to be right at all times (very self-righteous) Gets ego hurt quickly ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ mentality Tend to blame others when things don’t work out Learners Believe in continuous learning Do not define themselves by what they know Constantly learning and developing Believe in open field of possibilities Say, “ I don ’ t know ” without embarrassment Not knowing -not threatening

5 Foundations of Team Leadership Knowers as Victims Tend to blame other people or external circumstances Ask for sympathy and support Display a feeling of having been wronged Show powerlessness in the face of challenges Describe the world as an unfriendly place Learners as Players Take personal responsibility for failures or when things go wrong Show great confidence in face challenging situations Ready to sacrifice personal interest for the greater good support Coach and mentor others Make the world a more positive place So What is Our ATTITUDE?

6 Foundations of Team Leadership The Bank ’ s internal and external environment is fluid and dynamic, and this calls for the adaptability on the part of the leader to adjust his/her way of intervening in a given situation. Effective Leadership thus requires an ongoing ability to learn to adapt to constantly changing demands of various contexts and situations. Effective Leadership also requires an ability and discipline to temporarily give up one ’ s preferred style of leadership so as to adjust to a situation at hand How to Intervene as an Effective Leader

7 ATTITUDE & ABILITY TO LEARN Effective Situational Leadership requires an ongoing ability to learn alternative leadership styles and to adapt one ’ s preferred Leadership styles It requires a continuous improvement approach to learning and an ability to learn- to-learn … Intervening as an Effective Leader Foundations of Team Leadership

8 Capacity Building LOOPS Learning-To-Learn ActionResponse Single- Loop Thinking Learning Mental Models ? ActionResponse Double-Loop Thinking Learning-To-Learn

9 Foundations of Team Leadership Situational Leadership- What It Entails Foundations of Team Leadership. Situational Leadership assumes an ongoing ability to ADAPT to changing situations and to a diversity of people. Mastering the art of situational leadership may more easily be taken in stride by individuals who: Are quite flexible and have high tolerance for ambiguity Have strong liking for Challenges and are not intimidated by Continuous Learning Are generous & positive in outlook, since these characteristics seem to be correlated to resilience over time

10 Foundations of Team Leadership Situational Leadership Requires: Ability and liking for Continuous Learning in the face of change An ability to keep bridging the GAP between current situation and desired future

11 Learning to Become More Effective as a Leader Questions for Self Reflection. Ideal Self – Who do I want to be? Real Self – W ho am I? My strengths – Where my ideal and real self overlap My gaps – Where my ideal and real self differ Learning Agenda – Understanding and building on existing strengths while reducing gaps to desired leadership behaviors Experimenting – Being able to learn about and practice new behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Supportive Relationships – Developing trusting relationships that help, support, and encourage each step in the learning process Source: Goleman et al Primal Leadership Foundations of Team Leadership

12 Working Towards Effective Leadership A Continuous Learning Journey Seeking Support and Sustainability Strategy for Balancing & Longer Term Perspective Look for a perspective on what is going on around you Separate your self from your role in the situation Externalize the conflict Use Learning Partners Listen attentively, using yourself as data Find a sanctuary Preserve a sense of purpose Source: Heifetz Leadership Without Easy Answers Foundations of Team Leadership

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