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The Future is Global One World One World One Service One Service One Button.

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2 The Future is Global One World One World One Service One Service One Button

3 The Future is Mobile Global – 5.8 billion mobile subscribers - 86% penetration. 1 out of 4 Europeans have “cut the cord” 70% sleep with mobiles next to bed. 70% of 1-1-2 calls are from mobile devices. Advent of MOBILE 4G: BROADBAND GOING MOBILE.

4 Mobile phone penetration 104%. Use of Smartphones in Latvia, end 2011: 10.7%. Facebook penetration is 16%. All four mobile networks offer increasingly generous amounts of bundled data. Latvia

5 The Future is Social Facebook – Launched in 2004; Now more than 845 million users. 75% of smartphone users in the CEE use social networks to communicate with other individuals. Victims have used social networks to seek help when cell signals would not transmit a 1-1-2 call.

6 The Future is Smart By end 2012, two million smartphones will be activated globally each day. In the EU-5, 44 percent of mobile devices (104 million) are smartphones. By 2015, there will be 2.5 billion smartphones worldwide. 25% of mobile web users are mobile only. From the Sumerian tablet to the Smartphone in 5,000 years !

7 The Future is Flexible Public Safety Answering Point (112 066 or 9-1-1 Centre). Private Safety Answering Point (Doctor, health programme, insurance, etc.). Personal Safety Answering Point (Friends and family, emergency contacts). FRESS provides immediate connection to all three PSAPs with the touch of a button.

8 FRESS: The button to call for HELP. FRESS: The button connecting you to your EMERGENCY SOCIAL NETWORK. FRESS: Available on ALL SMART PHONES. No Terminal Costs for PSAP -- Broadband Internet Connection Only Requirement. FRESS is the Future

9 FRESS Emergency Social Network Tested: FRESS has been tested in PSAPs in EU, US, and Mexico. Easy interface requires minimal training. Being integrated with CAD systems Available on any commercial mobile platform (free app): Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Microsoft, Symbian. Stepping into NG112: No new or particular infrastructure or equipment required. Consumers already know how to use smart phones. Government funding or specific regulation: NOT required. Flexible: APP capability advances with handset and computer technology. Customizable to individual PSAP – Allows PSAPs to manage text, photos and video use and storage. FRESS: An Immediate Solution

10 FRESS Emergency Social Network Security FRESS uses advanced encryption to secure data, photos, and videos. PSAPs can follow their own protocols for use and storage of data – FRESS can provide secure storage if requested. Network monitoring and redundancy maximized by FRESS to protect the network. Privacy Protected Personal Data Set is determined solely by the user – entirely voluntary. Personal Data Set is only available to the PSAP when call is made. FRESS provides the secure communications link for calls, data, photos, and videos – the PSAP addresses privacy concerns according to their own protocols. FRESS: Secure & Private

11 Contact Information E-MAIL: WEB: Twitter: @getfress Thank You ~ Paldies ~ Gracias ~ Merci

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