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Maureen Wade Head of Library Services LSE 15 December 2008 Moving LSE Library – twice!

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1 Maureen Wade Head of Library Services LSE 15 December 2008 Moving LSE Library – twice!

2 LSE Library redevelopment 1916 building (headquarters of WH Smith) 1978 LSE purchased for Library 1994 Feasibility study by Foster & Partners Fund-raising from government bodies and individual donors June 1998 project manager & architects appointed April 1999 LSE agreed to proceed

3 Aims of redevelopment Provide modern research and learning environment with enhanced IT Re-design circulation around the building Provide expansion space for Library materials Improve storage and environmental conditions

4 Building features Library and Research Lab covering 20,000 sq m New-build 5 th floor plus 8% increase in floor area Central atrium with spiral stepped ramp and two glass lifts Glazed north-facing dome




8 Building features Double-height lower ground floor space Computer-controlled natural ventilation using central atrium Presence-detection lighting Staff offices stacked vertically with goods lift and loading bay


10 Services and facilities 1600 study places, including 490 IT spaces and 220 laptop points Service points on three floors IT Training rooms & group study rooms Course Collection for LSE students 50 kilometre of shelving

11 Four projects in one Planning the redevelopment Moving out – the ‘decant’ Operating in temporary buildings for 18 months Moving back

12 Moving out Work-around or decant option Search for temporary premises ‘The Library is closing’ – rumour spreads Persuading the academic community

13 The Library must not close! Academics & students wanted access to library throughout British Library building found 8 mins away for services & 70% of stock Store in South London for 30% of stock Small on-campus service for disabled users

14 Maintaining services During move out a fetch service operated for all stock During building works twice-daily fetch service for 30% of stock in off-site store Library opening hours maintained throughout Both buildings open to users during move back

15 Planning the book moves Full-time member of staff to carry out planning Measuring of all collections Master spreadsheet with: Current location & new location Size Date of move Note of special features

16 Finding a removal firm Recent British Library move meant many firms had book move experience British Library colleagues were generous with valuable advice Detailed specification : daily targets and finish date; special requirements for archives/rare books; insurance; staff behaviour; penalty clauses

17 The book moves Moving 4 million items is not easy… Each book move took 14 weeks Target of 700 linear metres per day for main stock; 300 for archives /rare books Time pressures Two shifts of removal teams 6am to 10pm Shifts of library staff to supervise moves

18 Chronology June-Sept 1999 book move out Sept 1999–May 2001 - in temporary building Jan-Feb 2001 stock moved back from store March – May 2001 remaining stock moved March 2001 new building opened March – May 2001 Library open in both buildings

19 Communication with library users Communication plan throughout the redevelopment Reassurance that access to books and services would be maintained Information for specific groups eg Masters students; summer schools Detailed information on availability of stock during book moves

20 Book move database Web interface linked to master database for book moves Database updated daily Location for each collection: Old location In transit (unavailable for max 3 days) New location

21 Lessons learned Planning, planning, planning! Start planning early; eg measuring stock Allocate extra staff resources to book move planning and supervision Communicate, communicate, communicate! Users can put up with a lot if they know what’s happening….

22 Questions?

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