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Copyright Critical Software S.A. 1998-2008 All Rights Reserved. Defence and Security as Drivers for Innovation.

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1 Copyright Critical Software S.A All Rights Reserved. Defence and Security as Drivers for Innovation

2 © Copyright Critical Software S.A All Rights Reserved. Contents ● Critical Software ● Innovation in D&S and Technology transfer ● Our Strategy

3 MISSION To provide dependable and innovative technologies and engineering solutions for mission and business critical information systems

4 © Copyright Critical Software S.A All Rights Reserved. Critical Software ● Established in 1998 ● Offices: Portugal (NATO/EU Secret, Pt MoD) United Kingdom USA Romania ● Customers Worldwide ● 250+ Head Count San Jose, US Coimbra, Portugal HQ Southampton, UK Porto, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal Bucuresti, Romania

5 © Copyright Critical Software S.A All Rights Reserved. Customers & Partners

6 Some Systems

7 Mission Critical Challenge  Develop the embedded software for the Security Payloads of the Galileo Satellites Solution  Teaming with Thales and Alcatel Space, et. al.  According to the most stringent Galileo Development Assurance Levels (based on Aeronautics’ RTCA DO- 178B similar levels) Results  High assurance software Customer

8 Advanced Logistics Challenge  Re-engineering of logistics and maintenance functions towards a Service Level Agreement orientation Solution  Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS)  Fleet Planning Results  Reduced Total Cost of Ownership  Minimal wastage of available flying hours  Fully integrated with existing systems  On Time and On Budget Bespoke Solutions Customer

9 9 Integrated Operational Support Challenge  Develop integrated system for operational support Solution  Integrated Operational Support (IOS) Results  Systems to support  Supportability chain.  Supply chain.  Maintenance repair and overhaul.  Maintenance management.  Interface with SAP modules Customer

10 Premfire Challenge  Develop a system for risk mapping and command and control in a fire fighting scenario Solution  C2 Solution to support Fire Combat activities: Planning, Operation Control, Decision Support and Reporting.  Fire-risk-maps generated from EO data  Wireless Comm (GPRS), Mobile Computing (PDA’s), Positioning (GPS), GIS Results  R&D effort transformed into COTS Product

11 BAE Systems Challenge  Complexity of the Astute CMS System and Supply Solution  Focus Group for FCS Evolution  Combat System – Independent Design Review  Develop relevant consultancy and IV&V services Outcome  Strategic partnership with Future Combat Systems  Independent Support to the Design Team  Test & Integration Team Customer

12 USV – Collision Avoidance Challenge  Collision Avoidance System Solution  Build on existing C&C platform with a minimal set of components to support sensor data acquisition and visualization (image + radar)  Data evaluation – obstacle segmentation – identification  Obstacle reference point + Area of Avoidance (AoA) will be generated for use by any control system Outcome  Prototype of obstacle avoidance system.  Potential for safety certification of USV  Opportunity for further plug-ins: e.g. sat-imagery, motion  Enable the use of the vehicle in coastal areas Customer

13 Future Transport Systems Challenge  Develop an Autonomous Guidance System for a Bus  Certify the Guidance System and Support the Certification of the Bus Solution  Safety Assessment and Safety Demonstration  Hardware Diverse, High Integrity Software  Distributed team of System Engineers (NL, UK, FR, PT) Outcome  High Integrity Component for the Guidance System Customer

14 Our Strategy for Innovation

15 15 ● From Niche to Volume  Achieve excellence in a niche area  Overcome barriers to entry and grow from there ● Invest in People  Young and international team  Select carefully and challenge our staff to achieve their best.  Be generous in distributing wealth based on merit  Invite the best to join the shareholder team (stock options) Strategy Outline I

16 16 Strategy Outline II ● Build on Quality  Obtained highly demanding certifications (credibility)  Built unique profile, pioneered standards worldwide (ISO 15504)  CMMi Level 3 ● Constant Innovation  Services used to generate experience and capital to be leveraged into product development (R&D).  Invest strongly in R&D, partner with Academia and R&D Labs.  Product culture: Ideas-to-Income, MBA internships, …

17 Critical R&D Results

18 Services, Products Market VOLUME SINERGY PARTNERSHIPS The Innovation & Internationalisation Cycle R&D Partners Technology Knowledge intensive Less competition Lower Barriers Awareness IP/ Innovation / Marketing Critical Market R&D (Universities, Partners) Technology transfer Services, Solutions Institutional Markets Niche Mid step Lower Barriers

19 19 Organized to grow geographically EUROPE BRASIL+PALOPS USA


21 21 Nuno Almeida Business Development Director > > > Copyright Critical Software S.A All Rights Reserved. Contacts

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