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William Shakespeare and the Globe

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1 William Shakespeare and the Globe
Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. Because the bridge was closed and cars could not get across the river, the traffic was more __________ than usual. lavish congested patron assured

3 Vocabulary 2. The carpenter wanted to save the beams in the old barn, so he tried to ______ the barn carefully. adornment lavish dismantle critical

4 Vocabulary 3. The professional musicians in the audience were ______ of the student’s violin solo. patron shareholder congested critical

5 Vocabulary 4. Over the years, many famous artists have been given support by a generous ______. patron adornment lavish please

6 Vocabulary 5. Each ______ paid $1,000 to be part owner in the new business. adornment congested shareholder handler

7 Vocabulary 6. In plays today, many of the sets and costumes are ______ and very fancy. dismantle lavish adornment congested

8 Vocabulary 7. The ______ of a crown and the regal robes left no doubt in the audience’s mind which actor was the king. critical shareholder patron adornment

9 Comprehension 1. Shakespeare, a great storyteller, mainly wrote ______ . novels operas plays children’s

10 Comprehension 2. In this selection, the Globe is a _______ . playhouse
world atlas bridge summer residence

11 Comprehension 3. James Burbage’s sons named their new playhouse the ______ . Thames Globe Stage Bridge

12 Comprehension 4. Which English royalty lived at the same time as Shakespeare? Victoria and James I Elizabeth I and James I Henry VIII Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

13 Comprehension 5. According to this selection, Shakespeare became prosperous because ______? the king and queen liked his plays the Globe made a lot of money for him of his writings and being part owner of the Globe he had several very rich patrons

14 Comprehension 6. The Globe theater was different from other theaters at that time because ______ . it was built long before the other theaters only nobility attended the plays it had richly adorned stages, and special effects it cost more to see a play at the Globe

15 Comprehension 7. Theatre in Shakespeare’s time was different from theatre today because ______ . people ate, drank, and talked during the performance tickets were very expensive the people fell ill only the nobility attended the theatre

16 Comprehension 8. The Earl of Southhampton became Shakespeare’s patron because ______ . the Earl was a young nobleman Shakespeare dedicated a building to him Shakespeare dedicated two poems to him the Earl thought that Shakespeare was a wonderful actor

17 Comprehension 9. In Shakespeare’s time, a groundling was person who ______ . was well off and sat in the Lord’s Room sat on cushions in the Gentlemen’s Room stood out in the yard of the playhouse collected tickets at the playhouse

18 Comprehension 10. A new kind of indoor playhouse was designed by ______ . James I Ben Jonson Inigo Jones The King’s Men

19 Comprehension 11. This selection is most like a ______ . biography
newspaper article personal diary tall tale

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