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Welcome to Your Key to a Stabled Financial Freedom.

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1 Welcome to Your Key to a Stabled Financial Freedom.

2 Disclaimer: Nothing in this presentation should be considered personalized investment advice. No guarantees of income are offered. Although our employees or members may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular investment situation. No communication by our employees or members to you should be deemed as personalized investment advice.

3 What does EpeakInvest offer? An exclusive range of benefits and privileges in the areas of income opportunities. A potential way to a new stream of income. Ability to participate in the generous cash rewards program. Ability to earn up to $65,5530.00 USD annually.

4 EpeakInvest is a different type of rewards program! Traditional Rewards & Frequent Flyer Programs Expensive to run Large advertising expenses NO rewards for referring others Limited number of direct referrals Limited to certain countries Rewards are minimal Points take forever to accumulate EpeakInvest Low overheads Uses word of mouth & internet Rewarded for every referrals Unlimited number of direct referrals Global program Generous cash rewards on offer Immediate benefits available How?

5 What does it cost to become involved with EpeakInvest? You pay only $200 USD which provides the following: Membership with EpeakInvest. Access to the rewards program that pays generous cash rewards. Members Room to track your progress and manage your organisation. Promotional and marketing materials to introduce EpeakInvest to others.

6 How does the rewards program and income opportunity work? Every NEW EpeakInvest member is entered in the 4 stage cash rewards program: By referring a member you receive the stage 1 cash reward of US$45. When every two of your members gets paired you receive the stage 2 cash reward of S$50. As your direct referred members refer another investor, you receive the stage 3 cash reward of US$10. By binomially distributing all your members under you, you receive the stage 4 cash reward of US$5. A monthly rewards that will be based on your performance.


8 Stage 1: Direct Referral Commission (DRC) Receive instant US$45 for every new member that registered through your referral link. 0new member(s) X US$45 DRC = US$0 Ben US$45 Joe US$45 Tim US$45 Ann US$45 Kay US$45 There is NO Limit to refer! Example: Let’s say 5 persons joined through YOU. 1 US$45 2 US$90 3 US$135 4 US$180 5 US$225 As you introduce:You will receive:

9 Stage 2: Direct Referral Paring Commission (DRPC) Receive another instant US$50 every time your Direct Referred member gets PAIRED with another one. Joe Kay Example: These 5 persons joined through you. Ben Ann Tim 0Paring X US$50 DRPC = US$0 When Ben invested you receive:When Joe invested you receive: Paired US$50 Paired US$50 1 When Kay invested you receive:When Tim invested you receive: 2 US$100 When Ann invested you receive: Waiting to be paired This will continue on all your Direct Referrals!

10 Stage 3: Direct Referred Referral Commission (DRRC) Receive instant US$10 on every new member referred by your Direct Referrals. Joe Kay Example: These are your direct referrals: Ben Ann Tim 0 new member(s) X US$10 DRRC = When any of your direct referrals 1 2 US$0 Of course there is NO LIMIT to DRRC! refers GregBobDanJill Sam Ken MaryLindaPam & & & You will receive: X X X X X refers US$10 refers US$20 refers 3 US$30 4 US$40 refers 5 US$50 & 7 US$70 refers 8 US$80 9 US$90 6 US$60

11 Stage 4: Binary Networking Commission (BNC). Receive more instant US$5 as all your members are distributed under you. The distributing sequence will be from left to right (by order of membership) in a binary form up to the 16 th level. Example: These are your direct referrals : And your direct referred referrals : Kay BenTimAnn Mary Joe DanBobGreg Linda JillSam Ken Pam Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Up to Level 16 As the structure of your downlines is positioned in 2’s, thus if you have direct referrals it will be distributed to your other members without 2 direct downlines yet. Like wise you can also have new members coming from your top sponsors. This is called Distributing by order of membership from left to right: Your Binary Networking Commission = US$0 $ $ You Ben US$5 Joe US$10 Dan US$15 Kay US$20 Mary US$25 Greg US$30 Tim US$35 Ann US$40 Bob US$45 Jill US$50 Linda US$55 Sam US$60 Ken US$65 Pam US$70 SPILLOVER

12 What is Spillover? Since Binary Networking positions each member in 2s, your other referred members will be distributed to your other downlines or members that has no two (2) direct downlines yet. And every time a member is positioned under your downlines, you get paid. So, expect to have plenty of spillovers to your downline base up to the 16 th level, thus adding to your total earnings.... the network that helps each other.

13 Profit Scenario...

14 Profit Scenario (using only two (2) new members each) Let’s say you invested in Classic Investment Plan with US$200 You will earn the following rewards: This will be instantly and automatically be credited to your Member Room Account available for immediate withdrawal. Stage 1: 2 DRC: US$45 X 2 = US$90 And in a week you invited only your brother Ben, and your best friend Joe as your 2 direct referrals. YouJoeBen Level 1 (1 st week) Stage 2: 1 DRPC: US$50 X 1 = US$50 Stage 4: 2 BNC: US$5 X 2 = US$10 Total Earning: = US$150

15 Profit Scenario (using only two (2) new members each) Let’s say you invested in Classic Investment Plan with US$200 You will earn the following rewards: This will be instantly and automatically be credited to your Member Room Account available for immediate withdrawal. In the 1st week you had 2 direct referrals and had earned a total of US$150. YouJoeBen Level 1 (1 st week) Stage 3: 4 DRRC: US$10 X 4 = US$40 Stage 4: 4 BNC: US$5 X 4 = US$20 Total Earning: = US$60 In the 2nd week your 2 direct referrals, each invited 2 of their friends. Without doing anything! Level 2 (2nd week)

16 Your total profit becomes... If new member refer only two (2) members within a week.

17 When Each Member Refers Only 2 People Week | Level | Members | Stage Rewards | Total Commissions (USD) 1 | 1 | 2 | #1, #2, #4 | $150.00 2 | 2 | 4 | #3, #4 | $60.00 3 | 3 | 8 | #4 | $40.00 4 | 4 | 16 | #4 | $80.00 5 | 5 | 32 | #4 | $160.00 6 | 6 | 64 | #4 | $320.00 7 | 7 | 128 | #4 | $640.00 8 | 8 | 256 | #4 | $1,280.00 9 | 9 | 512 | #4 | $2,560.00 10 | 10 | 1024 | #4 | $5,120.00 11 | 11 | 2048 | #4 | $10,240.00 12 | 12 | 4096 | #4 | $20,480.00 13 | 13 | 8192 | #4 | $40,960.00 14 | 14 | 16384 | #4 | $81,920.00 15 | 15 | 32768 | #4 | $163,840.00 16 | 16 | 65536 | #4 | $327,680.00 The best part is, you will receive these figures again and again every year!! Join Today will be a yearly earning for just US$200.00 Annual Membership and 2 Referrals. US$655,530.00 In only 4 months your total Earnings is:

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