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LAUNCH OF AN INTEGRATED INSTITUTIONAL BRAND Cohesive messaging, clear positioning in the market Operational plan implementation starts October 1 Sustained.

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1 LAUNCH OF AN INTEGRATED INSTITUTIONAL BRAND Cohesive messaging, clear positioning in the market Operational plan implementation starts October 1 Sustained plan to drive UG/GR enrollment

2 PSU Enrollment Goals  Attract 1,300 new UG students annually  960 First Year  275 Transfer  65 Re-admits  Attract students with an average HS GPA of 3.0  Increase graduate enrollment from 800 to 1,100 over the next several years (160 from DPT and PA programs; 140 from existing programs)

3 Why Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)? Why Now?  Identify through research the unique attributes of the PSU brand  Integrate University Marketing Communications into one, consistent message of the brand attributes—all the time, every time  Use the brand to differentiate PSU for prospective student recruitment  Bonus: differentiation will also help recruit and engage alumni, donors, faculty, and staff

4 Why IMC and Why Now? (cont.)  Achieve economies of scale—one message is less costly, more efficient, far more effective  Integrate the University Advancement division to focus staff on one mission—advancing the university—and prioritize projects  Create competitive advantage that boosts applications and inquiries that drive enrollment

5 Integrated Marketing Communications Brand Research Drives Creative  PSU Strategic Plan: Focus 2020  SimpsonScarborough Report  Marketing and Communications StratOps  Student Focus Groups  One-on-One Leadership Meetings  Faculty Day Storyboard Process  Personal Experience  Noel-Levitz CEO Visit

6 Brand Attributes ACADEMICS  Range of strong academic programs  UG and GR, F2F, and Online  Talented faculty  Personalized attention, small class size  Engaged students  Research opportunities; instruction outside of the classroom; hands-on, minds-on  Successful alumni  Generous donors

7 Brand Attributes COMMUNITY  Caring, tight-knit campus  Engaged learning community  Highlight close, frequent interactions among faculty and students  Beautiful location  Excellent recreational options  New multi-use facilities  Partnerships with the region

8 Target Demographics Undergraduate: 15- to 17-year-olds In-State and Out-of-State Geo DMA (Designated Market Area) Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY Hartford-New Haven, CT Providence-New Bedford, RI Graduate: 25- to 45-year-olds In-state focus. Online advertising with New England reach.

9 Creative Concept Development  Based on research  Focused on differentiation  Represents the entire brand—no silos  Undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, donors, faculty, staff, employers, regional partners

10 Creative Concept Development  Testimonials of students and alumni that depict their transformative experiences “I lived in my car with my family for a while. PSU changed me forever.” “My professor paid to have my car towed in the snow; he really cared about me.” “I do the happy dance in my car as I drive by exit 25.” “I was kind of a ski bum, but my professor helped me figure out what I could be.”

11 UG Microsite in Development: Launch October 1 Microsite

12 Online Advertising


14 Bus Wrap Conceptual Design— enhance tour experience, use Varsity Sports bus as moving billboard

15 Graduate Microsite

16 Graduate Advertising Experience Education: working adult shares testimonial about how PSU fits her life and helped her earn a promotion

17 Inquiry Generation Sources  Student-initiated (web data capture, phone, campus visit, in-bound e-mail, SAT/ACT scores, transcripts)  Referral-initiated (current students, faculty/staff, alumni, high school counselors, current parents)  Travel-Initiated (high school visits, college fairs, employer visits, career fairs)  Solicited (student search, paid online advertising, search engine optimization, CC lists, College Week Live, prospect loads)

18 IMC Primary Channels  Scope: advertising, PSU website and social media, publications (recruitment materials, Plymouth magazine), mobile apps, media relations, public relations (speeches, events), promotions, signage, etc.  IMC activities led by Advancement  Social media. Aggressively expand social media use on campus: marketing communications, faculty, staff, and student interns. Goal: 3x/week.

19 IMC Primary Channels  Website. Revise select prospective student landing pages in advance of October 1 launch; understand critical need for site-wide update and flexibility. Homepage hero images updated weekly.      Media Relations. Weekly media relations goal to seek out news from campus community; university and athletics media relations share and build content (Move-in Day photos example).  Marketing Materials. IMC content and graphics to support campaign in publications, promotional materials, etc. Templates created for campus use.

20 IMC Primary Channels  Paid advertisements. Launch October 2014  Advertising sustained in FY15, FY16 and future  FY15 buy:  Television  Pandora/Spotify (radio)  Direct marketing  Web ads (display, retargeting, search, video)  Twitter (UG) and LinkedIn (GR)  Microsites (UG and GR)  Naviance (UG search specific site)  Bus wraps (Varsity Sports bus, PSU shuttles)

21 IMC Primary Channels  Social Media Advertising.  Twitter: Editorial calendar of UG tweets highlight key messages of Academics, Culture, Athletics, Local Buzz  10/6 Interested in getting a degree in education? Get everything you need to get started (URL) #plymouthstate  10/13 Congratulations (student) @PlymouthState on (xyz). View more of (his/her) story. (URL) (Picture)  10/20 The countdown begins! The Plymouth State Men’s Hockey season begins in 11 days. Are you ready? #pantherpride #plymouthstate #hockey (URL) (Picture)  LinkedIn: A planned series of GR posts (general and others targeted on MBA and MEd programs)

22 Metrics of Success  Track increase in prospective student inquiries: page view, completion (Google Analytics, CRM)  Track increase in prospective student request for tours: page view, completion  Track increase in prospective student applications: page view, completion  Track increase in prospective student on- campus tours

23 UG Strategies Now at Work  Territory management  Student contact team (7X3X3 = 250-315 contacts per week or 2,500-3,150 per semester)  Reduced application processing time (from 5-7 to 2-3)  Revised campus visit/tour program  Financial aid increases  $1.2 million marketing spend  Student search, 36K seniors  Test score optional  Improved prospect management  11 open houses/events  New transfer application

24 UG New Plans for FY15  Create admissions microsite  Shift a portion of proposed marketing spend to increase direct marketing activities for Soph/JR/SR search  Utilize NRCCUA and PSAT data to identify psychographics (non-academic interests, see next slide)  Utilize multiple channels (direct mail, e-mail, tele-search) versus just e-mail  Deploy an enhanced senior search in fall 2014 to impact 2015

25 Top Non-academic Interests of HS Grads Nationally

26 Grad Marketing Conceptual Design  Microsite under development, launch to support start of winter term (prior to December 1)  Advertising campaign funded in FY15, in construction for launch (prior to December 1)

27 GR Recommendations FY15  Establish multi-year in-take and total GR enrollment goals  Once enrollment goals are established, develop a graduate studies enrollment strategy:  Identify target markets for each program  Identify marketing and recruitment strategies by target market  Establish in-take goals and funnels for each target market and program  Ensure PSU adequate resources for personal follow-up with interested students and a sustained communication strategy (e-mails, direct mail, phone calls, webinars, live events)

28 GR Recommendations for FY15 (cont.)  Augment PSU on-ground information sessions (major call to action on the graduate microsite) with virtual events (e.g., noon and early evening webinars)  Modify online data collection procedures to move to progressive data collection on all pages (initial ask will be for name, e-mail address, zip code, and program of study)

29 Take Away: Increase PSU Enrollment Funnel, FY Students

30 Take Away: Align Institutional Resources to Advance the University  Share in the responsibility to meet enrollment goals by working closely with Student Services, Academic Affairs  Communicate clear messaging, unify graphic identify, and centralize communications and marketing resources  Strengthen organic lead generation and ensure that the marketing plan adequately addresses need for significant increase in top of funnel prospects  Increase inquiries and campus visits to support Enrollment Management and Academic Affairs efforts to convert prospects to enrollees

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