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G. Washington 1789-1797 First President Set lots of precedents – Bank of US – Veto – Whiskey Rebellion – Neutrality – Use of Cabinet – 2 terms No official.

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1 G. Washington 1789-1797 First President Set lots of precedents – Bank of US – Veto – Whiskey Rebellion – Neutrality – Use of Cabinet – 2 terms No official party affiliation Heavily influenced by Hamilton

2 J. Adams 1797-1801 Federalist XYZ Affair, Quasi War, Alien and Sedition Acts Loses re-election in very close election of 1800

3 T. Jefferson 1801-1809 Democratic Republican 3 Way election of 1800 Lousiana Purchase Embargo Act Shrinks gov Does not try to overturn the bank Barbary Pirates War

4 J. Madison 1809-1817 Democratic Republican “Father of the Constitution” Embargo War of 1812

5 J. Monroe 1817-1825 D/R ** Last of “Founding Fathers” Era of Good Feelings Monroe Doctrine Missouri Compromise Panic of 1819

6 John Quincy Adams – 1825-1829 New generation No clear party rivalry Corrupt Bargain election / Rivalry with Jackson Fails to adapt to electoral / campaigning shifts Single term

7 Andrew Jackson – 1829 - 1837 Democrat Expands Presidential Power Expands Voting Rights Indian Removal Conflict with the Bank Love ‘em or hate ‘em figure Spurs growth of Whig Party “Mr. Marshall has issued his ruling.. Now let’s see him enforce it.”

8 Martin Van Buren 1837-1841 Democrat “The Little Magician” Had been political brains behind Jackson Panic of 1837 1 term president

9 Harrison, Tyler 1841-1845 Harrison – 1812 War Hero, Hard Cider Campaign – 1 st President to die in office (1 month) Tyler – “His Accidency” – Has little power / authority because he ascended / wasn’t elected Tyler – Annexes TX near end of term

10 James K. Polk 1845-1849 Democrat The Dark Horse Manifest Destiny 54 40 or Fight Mexican War Does not seek re- election

11 Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan 1849-1861 Several “who cares” presidencies Real leaders were in Congress Their poor leadership contributed to the 1850s crises

12 Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865 1 st Republican Speeches – “House divided”, “Gettysburg”, “2 nd Inaugural” Election spurs secession Key leadership in Civil War Biggest use of Prez power since Jackson Generous plan for reconstruction 1 st President Assassinated

13 Andrew Johnson 1861-1869 Ascends due to Lincoln’s death Democrat / Southerner Clashes with Congress over Reconstruction Impeached over Tenure of Office Act Survives but is politically powerless after impeachment

14 Ulysses S. Grant 1869-1877 War hero President – Great general – Bad president Freedmen votes helped elect him Many corrupt officials in his government Credit Moblier Scandal

15 Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Harrison, Cleveland 1877-1897 Weak “caretaker presidents” of the Gilded Age Time period of high voter participation, but few major differences in the ideology of the parties Republicans – Bloody Shirt, Tariffs, Pro-Business, Supported by Freedmen Democrats – Reinvention, New South, Supported by westerners and immigrants Compromise of 1877, Pendleton Act, Slaughterhouse Cases, Sherman Act Plessy v. Ferguson

16 William McKinley 1897 - 1901 Hawaii Spanish American War / Philippines Open Door Policy Questions over Tariffs and Coinage of Silver Last Bloody Shirt

17 Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1909 Rough Rider Conservation Big Stick Square Deal Progressives / Muckrakers Panama Treaty of Portsmouth

18 William Taft 1909-1913 TR’s Successor Dollar Diplomacy Surprisingly Conservative Height of Immigration

19 Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921 “Bull Moose” Election Surprisingly Progressive Interventionism in Caribbean Mexico Bank and trust reform Height of Lynching / Riots WWI / Treaty of Versailles Income Tax, Direct Election of Senators, Suffrage, Prohibition

20 Harding, Coolidge, Hoover 1921-1933 “a return to normalcy” “the business of America is business” The “roaring 20s” Great Migration, Harlem Renaissance Consumer Economy / speculative buying Perceived wealth v. reality Isolationism Prohibition / Organized Crime 1929 Crash Start of Depression Trickle Down Economics

21 Franklin Roosevelt 1933-1945 Height of Great Depression Brains Trust New Deal – Bank Holiday – Alphabet Agencies – Social Security – Fireside Chats Arsenal of Democracy / Lend Lease WWII “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself

22 Truman 1945-1953 End of WWII Start of Cold War / NATO Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan Containment Korean War – Desegregation of Military Maintaining New Deal Programs Taft Hartley Act “the buck stops here”

23 Eisenhower (1953-1961) General – WWII D-Day Start of Arms Race Interstate Highway system Guatemala Interventions Start of Vietnam Brown v. Board of Ed. Federal De-Segregation New Youth Culture Quote: “beware the rise of the military industrial complex”

24 Kennedy (1961-1963) only Catholic Prez Television Berlin Wall Bay of Pigs Cuban Missile Crisis Expansion of Vietnam Camelot image, Space program, Peace Corps “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”

25 Johnson (1963-1969) Escalation of Vietnam Anti War / Anti Government Great Society Civil Rights Bills Hippies / Counterculture “I’m not going to send American boys over to do what Asian boys should be doing for themselves”

26 Nixon (1969-1974) Expansion / End of Vietnam Détente Relations with China Watergate Man on the moon Institutes some Great Society Race Riots Roe v. Wade “you won’t have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore”

27 Ford (1974-1977) Endgame of Vietnam Oil Problems / OPEC Challenge to US industry Inflation / Stagflation

28 Carter (1977-1981) Governor of Georgia Camp David Accords Oil Crisis Iran Hostage Crisis Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan Inflation / Unemployment 3 Mile Island Disco

29 Reagan (1981-1989) Cold War Re-intensification “Reaganomics” De-regulation Iran Contra Scandal Libya Issues Grenada “it’s morning in America” “the Soviet Union is an evil empire”

30 Bush (late 80s early 90s) Before Prez – Ambassador, CIA director, VP For Policy as Prez – Panama, Gulf War, Early Somalia Dom Policy as Pres – Continue Reagan era Deregulation – Recession that he refuses to name Quote: “Read my lips, no new taxes”

31 Clinton (90s) Before Prez 1. Governor of AR As Prez – Whitewater Scandal a. Real Estate Deal b. Special Prosecuter c. Lewinsky d. Impeachment e. Result – Tech Boom, Stock Market Boom – Waco, Oklahoma City – Somalia, Kosovo – 1 st WTC Bombing, Kenya/ Tanzania Embassy Bombings, USS Cole C. Quote: “It’s the economy, stupid!”

32 Bush II (2001-2009) Before Prez – Oil Business, Baseball Business,Governor of TX – “Compassionate Conservative” As Prez – Influenced by old “neocons” – 9/11 – Afghanistan / Iraq Wars – Return to Reagan style Tax Cuts / De- Regulation – Hurricane Katrina – Great Recession of 2008 Quote ; “N. Korea, Iran, and Iraq constitute an axis of evil”

33 Obama (2009 - Before President: – Community organizer, Senator (IL), 2004 convention As President – Great Recession of 2008 The Jobless Recovery – Health Care Law (Obamacare) – End of Iraq / Afghanistan Wars – Benghazi Attack – MidEast Revolutions … $4 gas Quote – “If you like the health insurance you have now, you can keep it.”

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