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Supporting the Changing Church Robert W. Maggs Jr. President and Chief Executive.

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1 Supporting the Changing Church Robert W. Maggs Jr. President and Chief Executive

2 Focus on the Changing Church Welcome 2

3 “Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory.” - Franklin P. Adams

4 Maintaining a sound benefits plan and financial assistance for those who serve and have served, through times of change Making decisions for the long-term benefit of members Operating effectively in a rapidly changing environment 4 The Challenges of Change

5 Financial resources of critical importance Human resources hold the most promise Financial and human resources are essential to our focus. 5 The Challenges of Change (cont’d.)

6 Expect the Church to be Smaller Less connectional Expect diminishing financial resources Maintain responsibilities to those who serve through Assistance programs Education programs Benefit plans/programs 6 Considerations

7 What we provide How we provide How we fund our mission 7 Considerations (cont’d.)

8 Our leaders need: Competencies, talents and skills To be heard and to listen To recognize diversity Up-to-date credentials Ongoing training A willingness to learn and adapt 8 The Needs of Those who Serve

9 Our Leaders need: Proper compensation, good benefits and personal recognition Attention and support Rewards and recognition systems Time with family/time to rejuvenate Guidance along their path 9 The Needs of Those who Serve (cont’d.)

10 Changing from outside Taking a new approach Changes from within Adequate for the future 10 Addressing the Needs

11 Responsibility for introducing change Chart courses for the future Make institutions stronger and ministries grow 11 Addressing the Needs (cont’d.)

12 Spending time and effort looking after our leaders Keeping to our mission Ability to pay benefits Funding for a generous healthcare plan 12 Demonstrating Our Witness Board of Pensions projections show that a declining membership will not have a materially adverse effect on our ability to pay benefits.

13 Maintain a generous healthcare plan Provide for our members in illness Ensure method for dues is progressive, salary- based and reflective of philosophy of “community” Develop an evolutionary approach Recognizing tight church budgets, provide for some local decision making 13 Medical Plan Priorities

14 Allow dependents the opportunity to choose alternative coverage Understand outside influences on denomination Dues allocation changes 14 Medical Plan Priorities (cont’d.)

15 The Board of Pensions will: Continue to listen Address the issues Make responsible and prayerful decisions Be mindful of all of our human resources 15 Conclusion We must never forget that our mission is a critical part of the welfare of the human resources of the PC(USA).

16 “The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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