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Words: The Power Within Silver Edition Lesson 14 – Wise Choices.

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1 Words: The Power Within Silver Edition Lesson 14 – Wise Choices

2 BENE Benefit Bene + fit (make, do) Literal definition – make good, do good Dictionary definition – (n) an advantage or a profit; something good; (v) to receive an advantage One benefit of teaching at Endeavor is the smaller class size.

3 BENE Benefactor Bene + fact (make, do) + or (one who) Literal definition – one who makes or does good Dictionary definition – (n) a person who gives money or other help to a person or cause The charity’s generous benefactor donated over a million dollars to help their cause.

4 BENE - GOOD Benevolent Bene + vol (choose) + ent (characteristic of) Literal definition – characteristic of choosing good Dictionary definition – (adj) well-meaning; kind; generous The benevolent stranger stopped and helped Wolfgang when he got a flat tire.

5 DYS Dysfunctional Dys + fungi (perform) + al (related to) Literal definition – related to performing poorly Dictionary definition – (adj) not operating properly The dysfunctional family often argued with each other over even the littlest things.

6 DYS Dyslexia Dys + lexis (speech, read) + ia (condition) Literal definition – condition of speaking or reading poorly Dictionary definition – (n) disorders that cause difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols People with dyslexia learn certain skills to help them to overcome potential difficulties with reading and writing.

7 DYS – BAD, POORLY Dystropy Dys + troph (growth) + y (result of) Literal definition – result of bad growth Dictionary definition – (n) a disorder in which an organ or tissue of the body wastes away Muscular dystrophy might keep someone from being able to walk without assistance.

8 EU Eulogize Eu + log (word) + ize (make) Literal definition – making good words Dictionary definition – (v) to praise highly in speech or writing The guest speaker was eulogized before he made his way to the stage.

9 EU Euphemism Eu +phem (name) + ism (belief) Literal definition – belief in a good name Dictionary definition – (n) replacing an offensive or harsh term with something better to make it less unpleasant or embarrassing “Collaborating” might be used as a euphemism for “cheating.”

10 EU - GOOD Euphonious Eu + phon (sound) + ious (full of) Literal definition – full of good sound Dictionary definition – (adj) pleasing to hear The euphonious sounds of the ocean and seagulls is one reason I love going to the beach.

11 MAL Malady Mal + habitus (having) Literal definition – having bad Dictionary definition – (n) a disease, disorder, or ailment Make sure you get your shots before traveling into the jungle; you don’t want to contract some deadly malady like malaria.

12 MAL Malicious Mal + ious (full of) Literal definition – full of bad Dictionary definition – (adj) resulting from the desire to harm others or to see others suffer Lebinda sent a malicious e-mail about Wolfgang to all her friends.

13 MAL - BAD Malformation Mal + form (shape) + ion (act of) Literal definition – act of bad shaping Dictionary definition – (n) a deformity; an abnormal structure A snake born with two heads would be considered a malformation.

14 MIS Mischievous Mis + chever (to end) Literal definition – to end poorly Dictionary defintion – (adj) causing trouble in a playful way The mischievous puppies kept gnawing on my shoes!

15 MIS Misdemeanor Mis + demeanor (behavior) Literal definition – bad behavior Dictionary definition – (n) a minor wrongdoing, less serious than a felony Punishment for certain misdemeanors might include a warning, public service, or a small fine.

16 MIS – BAD, POORLY Misfortune Mis + Fortune (goddess of luck or chance) Literal definition – bad fortune Dictionary definition – (n) bad luck Wolfgang is sensitive to the misfortune of others and often donates time and money to help those less fortunate.

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