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One Acre Fund Farmers First Thank you Four and five-year gala attendees Casten Family and friends Roxanne Hori and Robert Felsenthal.

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1 One Acre Fund Farmers First

2 Thank you Four and five-year gala attendees Casten Family and friends Roxanne Hori and Robert Felsenthal Sarah King Barry and Jasminka Merkin Paul Wormley Jamie Wesner Kirsten Hull Kara Palamountain Wally and Barbara Scott Jordan Shields Kathy Tate-Bradish

3 “OAFers” in attendance … Tony Kalm, director of development Matt Forti, founding board chair Wally Scott, board member Paul Pickard, former director of operations Kenya Former Fellows Allana Jackson Hydie Kim Jamie Wesner Particularly-knowledgeable supporters Casten family Steve and Sue Wilson Paul Wormley, Sue Diamond Barry Merkin, Harry Kraemer Andersons

4 One Acre Fund We serve one-acre farm families in East Africa We don’t give hand-outs, we invest in hard-working families so they can help themselves  Proven impact: double farm profit per acre  Non-profit revenue model: farmers pay for services 5 years old – starting initial scale up  We currently serve 60,000 farm families  Will serve 120,000+ farm families in 12 more months

5 Our client

6 Where we work: East Africa One Acre Fund works in East Africa, in the countries of Kenya and Rwanda

7 Our Client Most of the world’s poor are farmers. They have a remarkably uniform dilemma.

8 Feed a family of six with one acre of land, and a simple hand hoe

9 It is not working. Our families are not food secure. One in seven of our kids dies before age 5.

10 Farming is the world’s most dominant profession and biggest opportunity Most of the world’s poor are farmers  Their profession is to grow food They use out-dated tools and techniques  Zero existing capital Simple tools and education can double farm income  This is the goal of One Acre Fund

11 How: our program model

12 Innovation 1: Complete “market in a box” for one- acre farmers Producer GroupsProductive asset loan (seed & fertilizer) TrainingHarvest Market Access

13 Innovation 2: Distribution

14 Scalable impact One field officer … Producer GroupsSeed and Fertilizer on Loan Training Harvest Market Access provides our service bundle …to 140 farm families One Acre Fund Field Unit: With 700 children in those families

15 Charite Started as a field officer in 2007

16 Immediately enrolled 200 farmers (double average at the time)

17 Promoted to field manager in 2008 If given a chance, “would move tomorrow” to start a new One Acre Fund district

18 Took French language classes and other “fast track” classes

19 Led our newest district launch – Rutsiro District

20 Grew from 7 to 28 field officers in this past season

21 Charite with three of five of her children

22 Current Status and Vision

23 Current status Scale: Families served Impact: 2x net rev per acre Sustainability: Program revenues

24 Vision this decade Direct service Build the largest network of smallholding farmers in Africa We will directly serve 1.1 million families per year (5 million children) We will be working in 5-6 countries Partnership with government We will represent a significant constituency – for example, 12% of Rwanda’s entire population We will use this as a platform to work together with African governments Help build a broader movement We will work together with targeted, large microfinance institutions to help them expand into rural agriculture lending

25 An appeal

26 We are launching Burundi this year Burundi is very similar to Rwanda, sharing similar agriculture and even the same language. Burundi is incredibly poor, and there is great need. The country has virtually no development, and has been politically unstable until recently. We see an opportunity. We began trial work in February of this year, and already have 1,400 farm families in the program. Almost all people in Burundi are farmers.

27 Base education


29 Making compost

30 Input delivery

31 Planting Training

32 Medeatrice, age 26 Rwandan farmer

33 Early 2010 – her first harvest of beans She consumed 200 pounds, sold 800 pounds

34 She bought a shop, staffed by her husband Bonaventure, age 27 “It was my dream that I would have a shop.”

35 Late 2010: Another successful bean harvest Medeatrice again sold 800 pounds of beans

36 They have bought this piece of land

37 Medeatrice did not have the opportunity to finish high school; she stopped a year short. Her son Prince will have a different life. “I plan to pay for his university, and buy him land for the future.”

38 Our goal is to raise $250,000 tonight All additional grants will be matched by part of an incredibly generous contribution from Steve and Sue Wilson Of the remaining $125,000, we are already on our way with $50,000 donated by the Combes family We only have $75,000 left to go! Please consider making a donation tonight, a pledge (someone will follow up), or take materials home with you Thank you for your already-generous support by attending

39 Permanent Fund An example of how $250,000 could help. Our Burundi team has farmers lined up. We just need the resources. 4,000 Farmers doubling their farm profit per acre $250,000 loaned out every year $250,000 paid back every year 24,000 individuals with enough food

40 Thank You!

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