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2 Agenda  Introduction – Tauseef Kazi  Parent workshops, Tardis policy, new registration, discipline policy – Sharifa Abukar  Financials – Mahmood Rahman  Misc updates – Tauseef Kazi  New Quran plan  PTA update  Security guard  Banquet date  Survey Results Summary  Q&A

3 Introduction Current members of BOE and their responsibilities: 1. Tauseef Kazi – Chairperson 2. Ayesha Jafri – Vice chairperson 3. Mahmood Rahman – Treasurer 4. Salim Zamir – General Secretary 5. Fatimah Jafri 6. Ahmad Kholaif 7. Yousuf Mostafa Former members who are still helping out: 1. Syed Ali – Facilities 2. Nasser Alameddin - Expansion

4 BOE Roles and Responsibilities  Helping set long and short term goals  Formulating the yearly budget  Raising funds for operations and expansion  Working with the administration to:  Formulate rules and procedures for school’s operation  Improve quality of education and productivity of staff  Overseeing yearly curriculum and admission policies  Appointing and evaluating the school Principal  Working with Principal for yearly evaluation and increments of all paid staff


6 A Revised Tardy Policy is Needed The Problem  Disrupts Instruction  Causes student stress, embarrassment, inability to focus  Students miss important parts of the lesson

7 Proposed Policy Revision  Bedtime/lights out, unplugged ½ hour earlier  Have clothes and backpacks ready before bedtime  Wake children up ½ hour earlier  Plan to be at school at 7:30 a.m. not 8:00 a.m.  Use privileges as incentives/consequence Consequences Tips for Being on Time  Fine  Lowering academic grade  Counting 3 tardies as 1 absence  Reporting to school agency  Mandatory Volunteering  Suspension  Impact on Re-enrollment

8 Independent Study Contracts  Request only for unique, unavoidable, or emergency situations  Fill out paperwork 2 weeks in advance  Understand students must be studying 4 hours per day  Submit all work first day of return and take exams within one week  Expect work to be done before students leave or after they return  Wait until the last minute to submit request  Use for convenience (family vacations, relatives’ visits, travel) DO’SDON’T’S


10 General Classroom Rules  Follow the example of the Prophet (SAWS) in speech and treatment of others  Follow all directions the first time  Only speak after raising your hand and receiving permission  Keep feet, hands, and objects to yourself at all times  Respect all school property.

11 School Wide Rules  Leave cell phones, electronic devices, toys, games, gadgets, extra money or unapproved school supplies at home  Balls are not permitted in the playground area; leave them at home  Clean up your own mess  Follow game rules and be a good sport always  Include others and avoid cliques  Use polite manners and language, especially when talking to adults (ex: please, thank you, excuse me)

12 Classroom Incentives  Level 1: Verbal (Every student/every subject!!!)  Level 2: Written note to student (Pre-prepared Laminated; can be exchanged of other incentives  Level 3: Note to student and parent as well  Level 4: Teacher Pass  Level 5: Principal Pass POSITIVE REINFORCEMENTS  Pleasure of pleasing Allah (SWT), parents, teacher, and self  Higher citizenship grade; participation in quarterly Citizenship Activity and Award Ceremony  Incentives to be determined by teacher; focus on intrinsic instead of material rewards

13 Consequences for Breaking Rules  1- 3 warnings (depending on grade level)  Consequence given & parent notified on JupiterEd  Consequence given; parent notified; classroom infraction on JupiterEd; citizenship grades affected  Removed from classroom; consequence given; classroom infraction or referral; principal and parent notified; citizenship grades affected.

14 Total # of ReportsReports per week Good Behavior1979.2 Total # of reports Reports per week Violations Cellphone/Game/Earphones10 Cheating10 Fighting10 Off task during class work10 Talking/playing10 unprepared10 Unsafe to self10 Littering20.1 Passing Notes20.1 Profanity20.1 Misuse Supplies/Equipment30.1 Gum/Food50.2 Tardy to Class70.3 Disrespect Staff80.4 Not Following Directions180.7 Not following staff instructions160.7 Talking/playing during prayer180.8 Physical Harassment190.9 Teasing/Insulting190.9 Dress Code271.3 Talking/Disruption1085 Alcohol—— Computer Violation—— Drugs—— Not in Class—— Sexual Harassment—— Smoking/Tobacco—— Theft—— Threat—— Vandalism—— Weapon—— Types & Frequency of Behavior Big Improvement! Your help is appreciated!!

15 New & Returning Student Registration  Returning Students Priority Registration: 3/2 - 4/17  $250 non-refundable, legally binding registration fee.  Financial Aid applications: 3/2 – 4/17  Open Houses for New Students: 3/3; 4/8; 5/14  Impacted Classes: Re-enrollment Not Guaranteed  Attendance, tardy, and citizenship records  Academic performance  Siblings at ISSD  Parental cooperation and support  Seniority

16 Upcoming Parent Workshops  The Common Core Standards: What Parents Need to Know (Grades K – 12)  Internet Safety: Keeping Your Child Safe( K- 12)  Homework Essentials (Grades K – 5; 1 session)  Passport to Success (Grades 4 – 12; 3 sessions)  Second Step (Grades K – 5; 6 sessions)  Guiding Good Choices (Grades 4 – 8; 5 sessions)


18 Financial Highlights  Current Year  Enrollment: 161  Projected budget surplus by end of FY: $2262, i.e., break even  Next Year Projections  Assuming same tuition ($540/mo), projections below -

19 Financial Highlights [2 of 2]  Generous support from the community and balanced operational budget helped grow the balance in General Fund over last few years  Enabled ISSD to actively explore opportunities to expand the school


21 New Quran curriculum  Telawah and Tajweed: By 3 rd grade students are expected to recite with good pronunciation and tajweed any Juz in Quran. Expected to know all the rules by 6 th grade  Quran memorization with full tajweed and pronunciation  By 3 th grade: Al-Fatiha, ayat-ul-kursi, al-baqarah:284-286, juz'30 (al-tariq to al-naas)  By 5 th grade: Al-Fatiha, ayat-ul-kursi, al-baqarah:284-286, juz'30  By 8 th grade: Al-Fatiha, ayat-ul-kursi, al-baqarah:284-286, juz'30, all of juz’29 except al-muddathir and al-muzzammil  Tafseer: For all memorized surahs students are expected to know:  K-8 th : Story, main topic and the meaning of key words for  3 rd -8 th : Full meaning of surahs, reason and time for revelation and lessons learned  5 th -8 th : Any age appropriate fiqh issues revealed in the suwar  6 th -8 th : Ahadith and historical events related to the suwar (if applicable)  6 th -8 th : Additional surahs for tafseer: Surat Al-Hashir, Surat Al-Moojadalah, Surat Al-Hujurat NOTE: New curriculum for Arabic and Islamic studies is being developed

22 PTA update  BoE exploratory committee to re-vamp PTA/PTO  Welcome picnic at the start of each year to celebrate the new school year; meet and greet with fellow parents, BoE members, staff and faculty; will outline how to get involved with your student’s PTO, join e- mail list, collect parent volunteer info, review upcoming year activities  Designated Room Parent for each grade level: will make up the PTO board to brief on activities coming up and special support needs teachers may have for upcoming events

23 PTA update (cont’d)  Hold regular open meetings for PTO: update on upcoming events, regular updates on financial status and PTO fundraising events, forum to collaborate ideas on supporting areas of need at ISSD  Send out regular emails to announce activities and get parent involvement  Regular PTO newsletters with the latest current events and highlights on past activities

24 Other/Misc. updates  Security guard  ISSD now has a full time security guard  On the grounds during school hours  Delivers a presence that is seen in our local community  Controls front gate for visitors and children  Annual Banquet  May 9, 2015  Sheraton Mission Valley  Food and Entertainment  Registration for admissions is a legal contract making parents liable to pay the tuition for 10 months

25 New facility deal in progress Masha'Allah, with the grace of Allah SWT and with your duas, we won the bid to buy a former SDUSD school for $2.75m in Allied Gardens (final decision by SDUSD BOE pending)  4.28 acres, 11 portable bldgs., 10,752 sq. ft., 2 tennis and 2 basketball courts, zoned for school.  7202 Princess View Dr, San Diego, CA 92120, 8.0 miles, 12 mins from current ISSD facility. 7202 Princess View Dr, San Diego, CA 92120   Currently leased to Excelsior Academy for $86000+8% per year for 3 years, gives us time to plan.  SDUSD BOE will make final decision today so please make Dua. Closing on ~3/31 if decision is positive.

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