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God-Teacher Archetype

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1 God-Teacher Archetype
English Language Arts

2 God-Teacher Characteristics
The God-Teacher archetypal character is present in many stories, novels, plays, poems and films. This character usually exhibits one or all of the following characteristics:

3 The God-Teacher Benevolent and generous with knowledge – willing to teach humans the answers to the hidden mysteries Intermediary – Acts as a bridge between human and divine power, and is representative of both the upper and the lower worlds. Model for human behaviour

4 The God-Teacher Capable of metamorphosis – may take any form, including animals, priests, teachers, visionaries, political leaders, motion picture idols etc. Offer themselves as a sacrifice, since in early myths they are punished for revealing mysteries The God-Teacher offers us the information and the inspiration necessary to recreate the Golden Age, the long- held vision of paradise.

5 The God-Teacher The gift offered humanity is sometimes two-edged. For example, fire can be both beneficial and destructive. This archetype is usually associated with summer in our human year. Some God-Teacher figures you might be familiar with… Socrates, Jesus, Gandhi, Yoda, Gandalf, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy

6 All images obtained from “google images” via public domain

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