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Famous Coloradoans of the 1800s. Susan “Doc Susie” Anderson 1870-1960 One of the first female doctors in Colorado Rode her horse to get to patients in.

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1 Famous Coloradoans of the 1800s

2 Susan “Doc Susie” Anderson One of the first female doctors in Colorado Rode her horse to get to patients in remote mining and logging areas Saved many lives during the Great Influenza Epidemic of

3 Casamira Barela Colorado state senator for 37 years Helped write Colorado State Constitution Businessman

4 James Beckworth African-American mountain man and fur trader Led early expeditions of the Rocky Mountains Lived with the Crow Indians for many years

5 William Bent Built Bent’s Fort along the Santa Fe Trail Married to a Cheyenne, he helped build good relationships between whites and Indians

6 Isabella Bird World traveler and author 3,000 mile horseback trip on “Birdie” along the Front Range One of the first women to climb Long’s Peak in 1873.

7 Black Kettle Cheyenne chief A great peacemaker between the Indians and white settlers Survived Sand Creek Massacre

8 “Aunt” Clara Brown Nicknamed “Angel of the Rockies” Freed slave Businesswoman Worked hard to bring black people out of enslavement and poverty

9 Margaret “Molly” Brown Worked for women’s suffrage Gave generously to poor Survived sinking of The Titanic

10 William Byers First newspaper in Denver, the Rocky Mountain News Businessman

11 Kit Carson Mountain man, trapper Guide for early pioneers and explorers

12 Chipeta Ute tribe She and her husband, Chief Ouray, were peacemakers Traveled to Washington DC in attempts to negotiate better relations between whites and Indians

13 Buffalo Bill Cody Rode for the pony express Army scout Wild West showman

14 Mary Elitch Businesswoman Opened Elitch Zoological Gardens in 1890, only zoo west of Chicago Later added roller coaster and other amusement rides

15 Elizabeth Ensely African-American who worked for civil rights for blacks Fought for women’s suffrage (Colorado was the 2 nd state to allow women for vote in 1893)

16 Justina Ford Denver’s 1 st female African- American doctor She treated anyone who needed medical care regardless of their race, citizenship, or ability to pay

17 John Gregory Discovered first lode gold in Colorado in 1859.

18 Emily Griffith Teacher Founded Emily Griffith Opportunity School Believed education could lift people out of poverty Helped poor with food and money

19 Frances Jacobs “Mother of Charities” Founded the Denver Ladies’ Relief Society to help with sickness and poverty Her concern over tuberculosis led her to establish National Jewish Hospital in 1892.

20 John Henry “Doc” Holliday Dentist turned outlaw Shootout at the O.K. Corral

21 Little Raven 1810?-1889 Arapaho chief Negotiated peace between the Southern Arapaho, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Comanche, and Plains Apache in 1840 Survived Sand Creek Massacre Travelled to Washington, DC to try to make peace between government and Indians

22 Martha Maxwell Naturalist, taxidermist, and markswoman Opened her own natural history museum in Boulder

23 Ellis Meredith Journalist for Rocky Mountain News Suffragist Worked hard for women’s rights Author of 4 books

24 Enos Mills Mountain guide in Estes Park Naturalist and photographer Established Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915

25 Chief Ouray Great Ute chief Spoke 4 languages Peacemaker

26 Owl Woman 1800?-1840 Cheyenne Indian married to William Bent, founder of Bent’s Fort Built positive relationships between two worlds – white and Indian

27 Alferd Packer Mountain man who led expeditions over the Rocky Mountains Accused of cannibalism

28 William Palmer Civil War soldier Owner and co-founder of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Built first railroad from Denver to Pikes Peak region Founded Colorado Springs

29 Zebulon Pike Soldier and explorer Led expedition to explore Pikes Peak region

30 Dr. Florence Sabin Doctor, medical researcher 1 st woman to become a professor at any medical college in U.S. Pioneered research in fighting tuberculosis

31 Teresita Sandoval One of Colorado’s first pioneers Early settler along Arkansas River near Pueblo Helped her husband run Fort El Pueblo

32 Minnie Scalabrino Journalist for Rocky Mountain News Suffragist Equal rights for African- Americans

33 Jefferson “Soapy” Smith One of the greatest con men of all times Very generous, and gave to charities

34 Chin Lin Sou Immigrant, railroad worker, miner Brought thousands of Chinese to Colorado Mayor of Hop Alley Helped improve working conditions for workers

35 Winfield S. Stratton Known as “The Gold King” Discovered one of the richest gold mines on Earth in Colorado

36 Elizabeth “Baby Doe” Tabor Colorado’s Silver Queen Rags to riches to……..

37 Horace Tabor Silver King Became one of Colorado’s richest men

38 “Uncle Dick” Wootten Mountain man Provided buffalo meat for sale at Bent’s Fort Built toll road over Raton Pass

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