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How to Build a Company to Weather Any Storm Gary Gattis

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1 How to Build a Company to Weather Any Storm Gary Gattis

2 Based: Austin, Texas Employees: 42 Founders: Gary Gattis, CEO Cinco Barnes, CVO Anthony Sommers, CTO Jake Rodgers, CCO Investors: Insight Venture Partners Company Overview Reach: 150 million play sessions in 200+ countries

3 2005: Founded to build large-scale AAA PC MMOs 2006 – 2007: Built Spacetime Engine, created Blackstar IP 75 employees 2008: Blackstar cancelled, shop to publishers30 employees 2009: Work-for-hire, project cancelled 15 employees 2010: Pocket Legends, world’s first 3d Mobile MMO 6 employees 2011: VC investment, Star Legends (unify Android and iOS) 15 employees 2012: Dark Legends, Arcane Legends 42 employees Company Timeline

4 Find the Right Partners Vital skills Complementary temperaments Clear responsibilities

5 Set Up Shop Business Entities Contracts/ Leases Infrastructure

6 Find the Right Crew Model core values A-team only HR documentation Accountable processes

7 Cover Your Ass Termination Clauses Milestone Documentation Product Acceptance

8 Make it Happen Know you core competencies Do one thing well Keep your focus

9 Confidential | Copyright 2011 | Spacetime Studios, Inc.









18 Deal with Disaster Accept it and move on Cut to the bone Be generous

19 Assess your Strengths Enterprise-class MMO technology MMO development expertise Scalable architecture

20 Survive Work for hire/ partner Manage client pipeline Keep the dream alive


22 Keep Swinging (Re) assess your strengths Examine emerging markets Mitigate your risks

23 Embrace the Pivot Don’t be afraid to drastically change direction Commit to doing it Go for it with everything you’ve got

24 Be of One Mind Employee ownership = shared vision Information flow Open pits

25 Leave a Big Wake Embrace PR Utilize social channels Respond to your players

26 Do it All Over Again Assess your strengths Start small Manage growth Follow your dream

27 In Summary Find the right partners Hire a lawyer Be conservative in everything Watch your cash flow Have a life outside of work Swing for the fences Keep swinging Have fun

28 Questions? Gary Gattis

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