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1. demand supply goods and services profit 2. priceboomtown entrepreneur production.

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1 1. demand supply goods and services profit 2. priceboomtown entrepreneur production

2 Teaches teachers who teach students who are the future of Texas Provides interesting hands-on lessons that develop critical thinking skills for students in Economics, Social Studies, Math, and Career/Technical Education classes.


4  Fall and Spring Online Testing In Micro, Macro and International Economics  Adam Smith Division 2nd place national champs Bellaire HS 2010/3 rd 2012  David Ricardo Division 3 rd place national champs Plano HS 2010/4 th place 2012  State competition all online this year

5  Middle and High School  Fall and spring online challenges will determine state finalist candidates  “State Play-Offs” in Austin with cash awards for two top teams  HS national finals at Fed in St. Louis  Bellaire HS Houston 2 nd in nation 2012

6 Teams of 2 to 5 students Grades 4 to 12 Cost: $10 a team 10 week Student Session

7 How Do You Get These Materials?

8 Select either Browse Economics Concepts Or Browse Economics Lessons Select Grade Band

9 Selected lesson

10 Your state council on economic education or local center for economic education director has indicated you as someone who has recently attended a training on the use of one of our materials. As such, we would like to know about your experience with both our training and our product. Please take the time to fill out the following survey. 1.Overall, how effective will this publication be in helping you plan instruction? (1 = Useless, 3 = Somewhat Effective, 5 = Very Effective) 1234 5 To Receive VE4.0, Please Complete and Turn In- 1. A Registration form with the date, location and title of the workshop written in at the top of the form. 2. evaluation forms with the date, location and title of the workshop written in at the top of the form. The evaluation begins with…

11 25 new families moved into your neighborhood and every neighborhood in your area? there were so many more people…what would you need?

12 What do you see in these photos from 1901? What do you think these photos represent? Where is Beaumont, Longview?

13 Beaumont population grew from 9,000 people to 50,000 in three months. Breckinridge population went from 600 in 1918 to 30,000 in 1919 February 1931 Longview grew from 5,000 to 10,000 in 2 months How would their lives have changed????

14 1. You are going to be in six different groups. 2. Your group will read one primary source together. 3. What goods and services are limited in supply? 4. What factors caused an increased demand for G & S? 5. What new occupations developed? Why? 6. Are your lists of important goods and services the same as those 100 years ago? Explain. 7. What examples of entrepreneurship are there? What are examples of profit motive?

15 Share your answers with your expert group. Switch groups and share what you learned about the new story

16 1. Pretend that you live in a community that will soon have a huge boom in population. 2. It is a fictional town in the panhandle of Texas in Floyd County. There are 125 people now. You are close to highway 70. 3. Oil has been discovered and 1000 population is expected within 2 months

17 1. Floyd County: 125 to 1000 population in 2 months 2. One gas station which sells groceries (mainly milk and bread) 3. Work in small groups to: 1. A. List problems 2. B. What goods and services will they need? 3. C. Make a list of actions needed to help people deal with population boom.

18 . Please read your section of the article: FraGdp7ACFWLktgodhx46Yw FraGdp7ACFWLktgodhx46Yw Answer the following questions. 1. What is fracking? 2. Where is the fracking taking place? 3. What are three important points about what is happening 4. Using the map, what do you notice about locations?


20 Read your segment of the Eagle Ford Fracking Article and provide pro and con arguments concerning fracking. drilling-rush-may-boost-texas-tax-revenue-15-fold.html You will meet with several other students. Each person will explain pros and cons of fracking. Make a list of the pros and cons discussed. Next, choose one pro and one con. Make a list of what you think the next steps should be for these?

21 Beaumont early 1900 Small towns 2000s What was the discovery? Compare the roles that technology played in the discovery. Compare the roles that geography played in the discovery. What impact did these discoveries have on urbanization? What were similar lifestyle and social changes and how the people handled them? What were differences in lifestyles and social changes and how people handled them?

22  What is the point?  What are the similarities and differences between Spindletop and today?

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