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The Greeks Chapter 4 Review.

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1 The Greeks Chapter 4 Review

2 Bronze-using peoples who lived on Crete.

3 Who are Minoans?

4 Body of water that Greeks sailed

5 What is the Aegean Sea?

6 Poet who wrote the Iliad

7 Who is Homer?

8 The Iliad and Odyssey are examples of this type of literature.

9 Epic poems.

10 Most historians think Minoan civilization was
Invaded and destroyed by Mycenaeans Destroyed by a tidal wave Conquered by Rome Invented by Homer

11 Answer: A Invaded and destroyed by Mycenaeans

12 During the Dark Age, some Greeks settled in this part of Asia Minor.

13 What is Ionia?

14 Greek history was influenced by Greece’s
Rivers and deltas Mountains and seacoast Deserts and plains Glaciers and forests

15 Answer: B Mountains and seacoast

16 Two major groups who settled within Greece itself were
The Aeolians and Dorians The Agamemnons and Homers The Achilles and Phoenicians The Knosses and Evans

17 Answer: A The Aeolians and Dorians

18 This is a city, town, village, and surroundings.

19 What is a polis?

20 This is a fortified area on a hilltop.

21 What is an acropolis?

22 These were heavily fortified foot soldiers.

23 What are hoplites?

24 A Spartan warrior was told to return from war
With lots of black broth Before he turned 28 To repay debts With his shield or on it

25 D. With his shield or on it.

26 Rulers who seized power by force.

27 What is a tyrant?

28 The word spartan has come to mean
Highly self-disciplined Oligarchial Lover of literature democratic

29 Answer: A Highly self-disciplined

30 Who laid the foundation of democracy in Greece?

31 Who is Cleisthenes?

32 Starting point of Pheidippides’ 26(.2) mile run.

33 What is Marathon?

34 The Persian monarch at the Battle of Thermopylae.

35 Who is Xerxes?

36 This was a defense alliance that united the Greeks against the Persians.

37 What is the Delian League?

38 This is considered to be the height of Athenian power and brilliance.

39 What is the Age of Pericles?

40 Who was the Persian monarch at the Battle of Marathon?

41 Who is Darius?

42 After losing the battle of Thermopylae to the Persians, the Athenians
Abandoned their city Colonized Ionia Fled to Italy Traded wine with Xerxes

43 Answer: A They had to abandon their city!

44 What Greek historian wrote the History of the Persian Wars, which is regarded as the first real history in Western civilization? Herodotus Socrates Plato Pericles

45 Answer: A Herodotus

46 Type of government that is controlled by a few.

47 What is an oligarchy?

48 According to Plato, individuals could not achieve a good life unless
They lived in a just and rational state They were ruled by a good queen They lived a moral and pious life They strictly followed a vegetarian diet

49 Answer: A They lived in a just and rational state.

50 Who said, “the unexamined life is not worth living”?

51 Who is Socrates?

52 According to the Greeks, where did the gods live?

53 On Mount Olympus.

54 The especially brave Spartan warriors who defended the pass at Thermopylae.

55 Who are the 300?

56 What group had nearly three times the number of people as there were foreigners in classical Athens?
Citizens Slaves Both A and B None of the above

57 Answer: B Slaves

58 Who was the Greek Goddess of Love?

59 Who was Aphrodite?

60 Who was the chief god of the Greeks?

61 Who is Zeus?

62 The capture of Troy by the Greeks, according to Homer, was accomplished by a trick using the Trojan ______.

63 What is horse?

64 When the hoplites, or infantry soldiers, went into battle, they marched shoulder to shoulder in a formation called a _____________.

65 What is phalanx?

66 Sacred shrine where priests revealed the future?

67 What is an oracle?

68 Teaching approach using question/answer.

69 What is the Socratic method?

70 Athenian vote of banishment?

71 What is Ostracism?

72 The building which is regarded as the greatest example of a Greek temple is the __________________. It was built to honor Athena.

73 What is the Parthenon?

74 Sixth-century philosopher who taught that truth was to be found in music and numbers.

75 Who was Pythagoras?

76 Why did the Greeks use rituals?
Encourage the gods to be generous Find a route to China Elect kings Show the power of humans

77 Answer: A Encourage the gods to the generous.

78 Socrates’ student.

79 Who is Plato?

80 Home of Alexander the Great.

81 What is Macedonia?

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