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2 What is a Thesis Statement? Thesis literally means, “a statement to be proved.”  It is not self-evident. It needs “to be proved.” It requires support. Your thesis statement is the main point or central claim of your paper.  Your thesis is the reason your paper exists. Without a thesis, you do not have a paper.

3 Thesis Statements and Assignments The assignment influences your reader’s expectations. Thus, your thesis will be influenced by your assignment. Certain assignments demand certain thesis statements.  Informative/Expository :  No Opinion; reader should be interested.  Argumentative:  Judgment/Opinion; reader could disagree  Analytical:  Evaluation based on criteria; reader could disagree and should be interested

4 Make sure your thesis is … Appropriate for the Assignment and Reader’s Expectations Perfectly Clear to the Reader  Does the reader know what your paper is about? Detailed and Specific  Does the reader know the “why” behind your thesis?  “Most countries have Daylight Savings Time.” But why?  “Daylight Savings Time should be eliminated.” But why?  “Daylight Savings Time has mixed results.” But why? And what results?

5 To check your thesis, ask … What kind of thesis does the reader expect?  Does the reader expect information about a subject, an evaluation of a subject, or an opinion about a subject? If someone read only your thesis, would he or she know what your paper is about? Also, would he or she know the specific reasons “why” you wrote this particular thesis?

6 Make sure your thesis is … “All – Present” and “All – Powerful” Every sentence in the essay should support or prove your Thesis Statement (which makes it “all-powerful”). Thus, your Thesis is “present” throughout the essay.

7 For Example Introduction: “My father’s sister, Jane, has always been there for me. She is the person I admire most.” Thesis: “I admire Aunt Jane because she is hard-working, humble, and generous.” 1 st ¶: “Aunt Jane works long hours at two different jobs.” 2 nd ¶: “She has achieved a lot, but Aunt Jane is humble.” 3 rd ¶: “Aunt Jane’s generosity knows no bounds.” Conclusion: “There are few people like Aunt Jane.” Restated Thesis: “My Aunt Jane’s hard-work, humility, and generosity have earned my undying admiration.”

8 Questions? If you would like to work on a thesis statement, please feel free to stay. A workshop leader will provide assistance upon request.

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