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3 I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now...” Phil. 1: 3 and 4

4 8/23/2012 In 2012 We are reaching for our dreams.

5 8/23/2012 Leadership Development REVM Rev Elder Dr. Mona West Clergy Retreat Investing in our Clergy Developing new Clergy

6 8/23/2012 Leadership Development LEAD Retreat Rev Elder Dr. Mona West Investing in our Laity

7 8/23/2012 Leadership Development Young Adult Leadership Mentoring Retreat Developing our next generation of leaders

8 Worship Summit 8/23/2012 Ministry Development Workshops Summits Conferences Webinars Conference: Asia 2012

9 Rev Elder Lillie Brock 8/23/2012 Supporting our Churches Pastoral Transition Network Gatherings Ecclesial Events Rev Elder Ken Martin

10 Rev Elder Hector Gutierrez Rev Elder Darlene Garner 8/23/2012 Supporting our Churches Rev Elder Nancy Wilson

11 8/23/2012 Amplifying Our Voice Rev Elder Nancy Wilson writing for The Huffington Post Blog

12 8/23/2012 Amplifying Our Voice Building connections through social media

13 8/23/2012 Breaking New Ground Launching the Global Justice Institute Justice – an original, core value of MCC The birth of a new vehicle to work for human rights, in a spiritual context In partnership with The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries

14 8/23/2012 Breaking New Ground 2012 - our first Virtual General Conference MCC Clergy and Lay Delegates around the world participated Allowed us to test new ways to expand General Conference to our Global community

15 8/23/2012 Building Global Community The International Task Force delivered their report and recommendations to the Governing Board. Left to Right: Rev Elder Hector Gutierrez Marina Laws (MCC Staff) Barb Crabtree (MCC Director Operations) Raquel Benitez (Governing Board) Rev Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson Jochen Gewecke (ITF) Linda Brenner-Beckstead (MCC Staff) Dr. Mark Dalgleish (ITF) Dr. Carol Scherfenberg (ITF)

16 8/23/2012 General Conference 2013 Believe! Record early registration for General Conference! Don’t miss this exciting conference!

17 8/23/2012 40 MCC churches led the way through Generous in Faith contributions above and beyond the base 12.5%. These generous contributions provided critical resources to help us meet our ministry goals in 2012. We are grateful. You have touched the lives of many.

18 8/23/2012 Together we will: Build capacity so that we can bring training and resources to more MCCers in more locations around the world Continue our focus on our Young Adults, encouraging them and raising them up as they become our future leaders Expand on the communication initiatives begun in 2012 Continue investing in Leadership Development In 2013, we will continue building MCC.

19 8/23/2012 In 2013, Generous in Faith churches will play a vital role in enabling us to continue building MCC. If you are currently a member of a Generous in Faith church….. … we hope your church will continue to contribute to MCC at your current rate or higher.

20 8/23/2012 If your church is not currently a Generous in Faith church… … we invite you to reach and become one in 2013 by continuing your contributions to MCC at 12.5% or higher when the base rate becomes 12.0% in January, 2013.

21 8/23/2012 Each one of us makes a difference.

22 8/23/2012 Thank You! May you be abundantly blessed! MCC Governing Board Back Row: Bryan Parker, Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis, Raquel Benitez, Rev. Tony Freeman Front Row: Liz Bisordi, Rev. Onetta Brooks, Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin, Kareem Murphy

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