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electrician plumber receptionist politician vet.

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2 electrician

3 plumber

4 receptionist

5 politician

6 vet

7 architect

8 Hottest Jobs 5. Computer engineer Job category:* Computer hardware engineers 4. Operations manager Job category:*Senior operations managers 3. Finance Job category:* Accountants and financial analysts

9 2. Healthcare Job category:* Doctors, dentists, nurses, and other health practitioners 1. Computer programmer Job category:* Computer programmers, software engineers, and network administrators

10 If most your answers were: a: You are helpful/ patient/ generous. Your ideal job is one in which you work with people---helping, training or curing them. e.g. doctor, nurse, teacher, school worker. b: You are reliable/organised/logical/careful. You are good at practical things. You are a good person to work with figures, computers, machines, plants or animals.

11 c: You are emotional/creative/flexible. You are imaginative and creative and you would be good as a journalist,designer or artist of some kind. d: You are strong/confident/motivated. You are a natural leader and would be a good manager of other people in a business. If your answers were mixed, you are probably suited to a job in which you can use your different skills and abilities. For example, as a manager of a computer company you would use your practical abilities(b) and leadership abilities(d).

12 Language points: 1. emotional a. 1) full of emotions 充满感情的 eg: emotional music 抒情音乐 2) having emotions that are easily excited 感情易激动的 eg: an emotional woman 多情女子 2. flexible a. easily bent without breaking 容易弯曲的 flexibility n. 柔韧性 3. generous a. 1) giving; ready to give, freely 慷慨的 eg: He is generous with his money/ in giving help. 他用钱大方(慨于助人)。 It was generous of them to share their house with the refugees. 他们真慷慨,让难民住在他们家里。 2) plentiful; enough 足够的 eg: a generous harvest 大丰收

13 4. logical a. able to reason correctly 符合逻辑的 eg: a logical mind/argument/conclusion 有推理能力的头脑;条理分明的辩论;合逻辑的结论 5. specific a. 1) detailed and precise 详细而精确的 eg: specific orders 明确的命令 2) relating to one particular thing 特殊的 eg: The money is to be used for a specific purpose. 该款将用于特殊用途。 6. efficient a. 1) capable 有能力的 eg: an efficient secretary 能干的秘书 2) producing satisfactory results 有效的 eg: efficient methods of teaching 有效的教学方法

14 7. set an example 树立榜样 set a good example to sb. 8. take charge of eg: We must find someone to take charge of the project. 我们必须要找到一个人来总揽这个计划。 9. rather than 宁愿,而不是 eg: He resigned rather than take that job. 要那份工作他宁愿辞职。 10. at all times = all the time

15 Grammar : 1. “ Could you pass the salt?” Mary asked me to pass her the salt. 2. “ Show me your license, please.” The policeman told the driver to show him the license. 3. “ Stop playing computer games!” Mother ordered her child to stop playing computer games. 用 ask/tell/order +(not) to do sth. 发出指令或者要求, 多用于将直接引语转换成间接引语。在转换中要注意 人称的变化及 to 后的动词要用原形。

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