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1 Social Enterprise Shona McElroy

2 Cross-cutting traditional sectors More SUSTAINABLE than charity More RESPONSIVE than Government More GENEROUS than business Slide courtesy of MJ Kaplan

3 Seeking better outcomes Slide courtesy of MJ Kaplan

4 The Social Enterprise Spectrum Slide courtesy of MJ Kaplan



7 New Zealand Social Enterprise

8 Why Social Enterprise ?

9 Characteristics of Social Enterprise

10 What makes a Social Enterprise successful ?

11 Social Enterprise Shona McElroy

12 Building the Business Model Aim is to answer the questions: What market need we will satisfy? How are you're going to meet this need? Why is it better than the nearest alternative? What is the (realistic) potential? Why your team is the team to deliver on this? Projected investment, operating costs and revenue

13 Validating the market


15 The business model

16 The social lean business model canvas

17 Value proposition Benefits Less Cost = VALUE (compared to next best alternative)

18 Organisational (and self reflection) Do you have clarity of purpose? Do you have strong leadership to drive this forward? Do you have the right team/skills? Are you willing to learn and change direction? Are you in it for the long haul?

19 Legal model chosen in response to objectives. Some things to consider: Governance: control and accountability Investment: grant, debt, equity, crowd funding Tax: tax exemptions Charitable mission: trading within mission? Still interested?

20 Social Enterprise Shona McElroy

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