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Recap What does ‘anti-advertising’ mean? How has the internet changed the face of TV advertising? As audiences have become more & more media-savvy & aware.

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1 Recap What does ‘anti-advertising’ mean? How has the internet changed the face of TV advertising? As audiences have become more & more media-savvy & aware of how adverts are constructed, how has advertising changed in the way it presents messages & products? What do you understand by the term ‘post- modern’?

2 Changing times; changing technologies; changing audiences A Social Media Revolution

3 Cadbury – key dates Interactive timeline Interactive timeline – pay particular attention to: 1824 1831 1905 Dec 2007 Apr 2008 Jan 2010

4 Cadbury – interesting facts John Cadbury sold coffee, tea, drinking chocolate and cocoa at his shop. Believing that alcohol was a main cause of poverty, John hoped his products might serve as an alternative. He also sold hops and mustard. Like many Quakers John had high quality standards for all of his products. Cadbury was the first company to include pictures instead of just printed text on chocolate boxes. George Cadbury (son of John who inherited the company) didn’t want to take mothers away from their children, so he developed a company rule that women had to leave work when they got married. Each married woman was given a bible and a carnation as wedding gifts.

5 Codes and conventions of chocolate advertising Advertising has a surprising number of unwritten rules and conventions – what do you think these are? Chocolate advertising has long been blessed with a choice of clichés: It can either make us drool in anticipation of its deliciousness or inspire us with the sight of happy people using the product to enhance their happy lives


7 Representations of women Sex sells - Cadbury’s Caramel ‘Beaver’Beaver Focusing on these 3 areas, discuss in pairs how the Flake ‘Bath’ advert gets its message across:Bath Music and sound Cinematography (shot types, camera angles, camera movements) Editing (transitions, pace, point of view) What message is being offered about Flake chocolate? Who is the target audience? How would this advert appeal to the target audience? Is the woman represented in a positive or negative way?

8 Gender Representations How are men & women represented in each of these (modern) chocolate adverts? Maltesers Aero Bubbles Galaxy Cadbury Snaps What is the USP of each advert/ product?

9 Modern Advertising Campaigns

10 Changes over time How has chocolate advertising changed in recent years? Why do you think these changes have taken place? Watch the Cadbury Gorilla advert and read the Independent article to find out moreGorilla “People don't want advertisers droning on and on about their products any more; they want to be entertained” Laurence Green, planning director of Fallon

11 Subverting the Conventions The gorilla advert does not show chocolate; it doesn't show people eating chocolate; throughout its full 90 seconds, it doesn't mention the C word once It's such a pompous piece of music and the thrashing of the gorilla is so self-absorbed that the effect is hilarious It's short-form comedy just like one of those funny clips you see on YouTube. But it seems to have little to do with chocolate

12 Facts and Figures The groundbreaking Gorilla TV advert first aired on 4 th September 2007 It lasted a minute and a half (3 times the length of a standard advert) It was staged like a cross between a short film and a music video The advertising is the second phase of the £6.2 million marketing campaign which launched earlier in 2007 with outdoor poster activity

13 Institution: Fallon Created by the award-winning Fallon agency in London, the commercial has stimulated great interest, partly because it does not feature the product until the very end Fallon are also responsible for the Skoda Cake advertSkoda Cake A spokeswoman for Cadbury said: "The advert has been a huge success and it has positively affected sales of this product. But there is more to come next year. All advertisements will aim to make people smile and offer enjoyment, the same enjoyment that hopefully people get from eating a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk."

14 Success Story The campaign boosted sales of Dairy Milk by 9% Clues to Cadbury brand – purple backdrop, logo in the closing shot Set a new standard in the viral world, becoming an internet phenomenon Became the most watched commercial ever on YouTube, spawning a string of spoofs Broken all records for downloads Voted favourite TV ad for 2007

15 Why does it work? There is a product message in there. In fact, the entire commercial is a product metaphor. "Chocolate is about joy and pleasure. For years Cadbury has told us that it was generous, through the glass and a half strap line. We thought, don't tell us how generous you are; show us. Don't tell us about joy; show us joy."

16 Rebranding in the 21 st Century "We've created a branded space in which Cadbury's can be generous in bringing joy," says Green In the new approach, almost anything can be inserted into the branded space as long as it is entertaining and brings joy. It's as if the agency has said "sod it, forget the science. Let's just have a laugh." It's a bit more thought out than that, says Green. "Advertising can be effective without a traditional 'message', 'proposition' or 'benefits'. Indeed, some of the latest advertising thinking suggests that attempts to impose them can actually reduce effectiveness. We are trading our traditional focus on proposition and persuasion in favour of deepening a relationship."

17 Cadbury say: ‘Well it just seemed like the right thing to do. There's no clever science behind it - it's just an effort to make you smile, in exactly the same way Cadbury Dairy Milk does. And that's what we aim to continue to do; simply make you smile.’

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