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G-Zero 1 4/28/2015 G-Zero Therapeutics Contact: John Chant, 650-307-7770;

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1 G-Zero 1 4/28/2015 G-Zero Therapeutics Contact: John Chant, ;

2 G-Zero 2 4/28/2015 Protection BEFORE Treatment Models Radioprotection and Chemoprotection Clinical Oncology Supportive Care

3 G-Zero 3 4/28/2015 Treating Bone Marrow Suppression EPO ® Unmet* Neupogen ® G-Zero: PharmacoQuiescence™ (PQ™) 4.6B 4.3B *Neumega ® (Wyeth)—very minor product T-cellsB-cellsGranulocytesErythrocytesPlateletsMacrophages Common Lymphoid Progenitor Common Myeloid Progenitor Stem Cell Megakaryocyte- Erythroid Prog. Granulocyte- Monocyte Prog. Multi-potent Progenitors Unmet

4 G-Zero 4 4/28/ Untreated (n=4) Treated (n=5) Hematocrit Percen t Platelets 10 3 / uL Total White Blood Count 10 3 / uL Lymphocytes # 10 3 / uL Myeloid Cells # 10 3 / uL Nadir blood counts 21 days after 7.5 Gy of TBI All Lineages Protected

5 G-Zero 5 4/28/2015 Technology Proprietary small molecule therapeutics that prevent bone marrow suppression Novel method: no other small molecule does this Intellectual property from Sharpless Lab

6 G-Zero 6 Applications 1.Protect bone marrow during chemotherapy for cancer –$5B+ market per year 2.Government sponsored market: radiation mitigation –$ M contracts available so stockpile –Generous non-dilutive financing: SBIR, etc. G-Zero Technology is Demonstrably Superior to Existing Treatments 4/28/2015

7 G-Zero 7 4/28/2015 Current Status Research operations housed in Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Subcontractors/Consultants in place Non-dilutive financing in place

8 G-Zero 8 Founders 4/28/2015 Norman “Ned” Sharpless, MD Clinical Oncologist UNC Medical School, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Kwok-kin Wong, MD Ph D Clinical Oncologist Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School John Chant Ph D President, G-Zero Therapeutics Former: Harvard University, CuraGen/454, Genentech Oncology

9 G-Zero 9 Needs 1.To achieve proof of concept trial in humans for chemoprotection and approval for radioprotection $5M/2-3 years ** 2.To achieve NDA for chemoprotection $10M additional/additional 1-2 years ** **budget numbers do not account for government funding 4/28/2015

10 G-Zero 10 4/28/2015 G-Zero Therapeutics Contact: John Chant, ;

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