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TRF Endowment Fund.  Page 9 in Resource Guide What is the Endowment Fund?  A donation to The Rotary Foundation's Endowment Fund helps you give a gift.

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1 TRF Endowment Fund

2  Page 9 in Resource Guide What is the Endowment Fund?  A donation to The Rotary Foundation's Endowment Fund helps you give a gift that will go beyond your lifetime.  This fund enables individuals to combine their gifts into a significant force to address the world’s greatest needs for generations to come.  The initial target of US$200 million for the Endowment Fund was met in 2005, six years ahead of schedule. The next target is $1 billion by 2025.  In a Rotary year, about $8 million from the Endowment Fund is made available to support Foundation programs.

3 Endowment Fund Gifts to the Rotary Peace Centers  The Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution are made possible through the generosity of Rotarians and friends who provide support for the program.  The Rotary Peace Centers Major Gifts Initiative has a goal of US$95 million in endowed and onetime gifts and commitments. The initiative provides support for 120 Rotary Peace Fellowships and for other program costs.  As of 31 March 2013, the Rotary Peace Centers Major Gifts Initiative has raised US$83.2 million in contributions and commitments from individuals, clubs, and districts through outright gifts, estate gifts, and District Designated Funds, towards the US$95 million goal.  The long-term success of the Rotary Peace Centers depends on the financial support of Rotarians and friends of Rotary. Fellowships are the primary focus of the Rotary Peace Centers funding effort, but there are many opportunities to support the program.

4 Endowment Fund Outright contributions There are several ways to contribute:  Online contributions  Check  Credit card  Tangible personal property The Rotary Foundation’s general guidelines specify that gifts of jewelry be worth at least $10,000 and gifts of artwork be valued at a minimum of $25,000. Gifts must also be accompanied by a written proposal, which must include a qualified appraisal, photograph, and supporting materials, such as authentication papers.

5 Endowment Fund Outright contributions Appreciated securities Contributing appreciated securities to The Rotary Foundation may benefit you in two ways: 1)You may avoid paying capital gains taxes 2) You may receive a charitable tax deduction Stocks and mutual funds can be transferred either electronically or by mail. Detailed instructions are available for residents of the United States and Canada. Do not mail stock certificates to the Foundation’s post office box.

6 Endowment Fund Outright contributions Recurring giving: Rotary Direct Enroll in The Rotary Foundation’s recurring giving program, Rotary Direct, and save time, money, and lives through your generous contributions. Select an amount, frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually), and contribution method that is convenient for you.

7 Endowment Fund Outright contributions Real estate  Making a gift of real estate to the Foundation may afford you financial benefits. Consult your financial adviser about your personal circumstances.  To initiate the process, you must obtain an independent qualified appraisal of the property. The property’s value should be at least $100,000 (or $25,000 for undeveloped land) if you wish to make an outright gift to the Foundation. If you’re interested in funding a charitable remainder trust, the property should be worth at least $100,000.

8 Endowment Fund Outright contributions Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members  You can help ensure the continued success of Foundation programs by contributing a minimum of $100 each year.  With a gift from every Rotarian, every year, the Foundation can do more good in the world.

9 Endowment Fund Planned giving The Rotary Foundation offers several ways to structure a charitable gift that furthers Rotary's mission and may provide tax and other financial benefits to the donor and loved ones. Here are some of the available planned giving options:  The IRA charitable rollovers  Life income agreements  Charitable bequests

10 Endowment Fund Donor advised fund Donor advised fund accounts offer these benefits:  Support to The Rotary Foundation and other preferred charities  Immediate tax benefits  Professional asset management  Flexibility to make grant recommendations suited to your timetable  Easy record-keeping and tax reporting  Bequest Society

11 Endowment Fund Subscribe to Visions Subscribe to the Visions newsletter at no cost to get charitable estate and financial planning ideas from The Rotary Foundation.

12 Endowment Fund Humanitarian miles Put soon-to-expire, unused United Airlines miles toward a good cause: Donate them to Rotary’s Humanitarian Miles program. You can give your United Airlines miles in 1,000- mile increments by filling out the donation form (PDF). Robert S. Mintz, Travel Manager Rotary International 1560 Sherman Ave., 12th Floor Evanston, IL 60201-3698 USA Phone: 847-866-3445

13 Endowment Fund Memorial and tribute gifts A gift to The Rotary Foundation for a loved one is meaningful way to honor or memorialize that person. Tribute gifts can be a perfect birthday, wedding, or holiday gift for the person who has everything. When you make a tribute or memorial gift, The Rotary Foundation will send a letter to the recipient or the recipient’s family to let them know about your gift. The amount of your gift is not disclosed. TRF will also send an acknowledgment to you as the donor. You will receive a separate tax receipt for gifts above US$25.

14 DistrictMembersAF Per CapitaAnnual Fund *Polio PlusOther GivingPermanent FundTotal Contributions 50001,662$190.45316,527.0725,570.5148,654.0013,260.97404,012.55 51703,749$188.12705,255.1094,625.6889,380.00132,755.351,022,016.13 52202,044$187.71383,681.9030,660.1618,425.00494,186.94926,954.00 52302,744$115.79317,723.5557,148.8696,641.0010,025.00481,538.41 52403,501$143.38501,986.44163,101.35194,632.8625,766.10885,486.75 52802,586$157.06406,160.5189,436.61356,294.00283,007.911,134,899.03 53002,475$135.38335,067.6290,110.0074,744.00210,870.34710,791.96 53201,920$174.20334,460.7182,309.7146,542.0077,671.25540,983.67 53302,068$161.45333,876.3138,754.8131,055.00104,808.97508,495.09 53403,314$141.69469,575.5570,044.64129,087.2137,921.25706,628.65 54901,342$107.18143,832.7226,004.8142,542.0046,241.26258,620.79 55001,602$143.86230,457.2092,384.755,529.001,175.00329,545.95 55101,218$93.93114,411.9630,772.0356,635.0015,767.38217,586.37 How are we doing?

15 It’s not how much, its WHY!

16 TRF Endowment Fund

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