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S-YICGG Announcement Aspiring Students Concerning the World Future

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1 S-YICGG Announcement Aspiring Students Concerning the World Future
The Summit of Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Start Here Aspiring Students Concerning the World Future Innovative Proposals Creative Ideas on Global Governance Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

1 SOMETHING ABOUT S-YICGG The Summit of Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance This year, with generous sponsorship by China Corporation United Pavilion in Milano Expo, the Summit of YICGG will move to the beautiful Italian city---Milano, showing our youth's concern about the new trend of the globe. The Summit of YICGG will last for 3 days during Aug. 18th-20th. The Summit of YICGG started in 2010 in cooperation with Shanghai World Expo. It served as the conclusion of the former 3 sessions of YICGG ( ), enabling all the BPP/MIT/MVPs to demonstrate their awarded proposals on the stage of international attention. Since then, every 5 years Summit of YICGG will be held in association with World Expo. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

3 2 Vision and Mission Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance S-YICGG is a global summit that aims to provide aspiring students interested in global governance issues with the opportunity to interpret and spread their ideas in Milano Expo. Its predecessor, YICGG was launched in 2007 by Fudan University, sponsored by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China and organized by the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) of Fudan University. In the past seven years, we have brought together hundreds of top students from more than twenty countries to present their ideas to esteemed researchers and thought leaders in the innovation space. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

4 Initiative and Reputation
3 Initiative and Reputation Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance The initiative to start YICGG is to establish a platform where the youth could meet and debate on the global affairs, communicate and produce a common sense on a broaden horizon, with the concern over all the mankind. The process of YICGG appears not like those debates in daily life or on the Internet, it is the face to face discussion in the spirit of science, combined with the critical and logical thinking, in order to produce a high-academic value and practical proposal which could be applied to the real world. YICGG thinks high about the Youth passion on the world issue. Thanks to the high academic standard, YICGG has been cited as 'the Academic Olympics for the Youth' among the similar students’ activities. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

5 Participants 10 15 30 35 Chinese Students Distinguished Guests
4 Participants 10 Distinguished Guests Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance 15 Student Observers 2015 S-YICGG Commission will invite 10 leading roles in global governance as distinguished guests to participate the summit. 30 international students and 35 Chinese students who are keen on global governance will be selected as the young delegates of the summit. Meanwhile, Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation will organize a group consisted by 15 students as observers. 30 International Students 35 Chinese Students Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

6 General Agenda 5 Start of Proposal Submissions 01 DDL: May.11th
01 Launch & Application 02 Group Design for Creative Projects 03 Creative Projects Exhibition 04 World Team On-The-Spot Contest & Discussion Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Start of Proposal Submissions 01 DDL: May.11th 02 DDL:May 20th Release of the Results Confirmation of Attendence 03 DDL: May 31th Summit in Milano Expo 04 DDL: Aug. 18th-20th Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

7 Eligibility Requirements
6 Eligibility Requirements Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance 1. Individual/Team Participation: Participants can choose either to enter S-YICGG individually or register as a team. Individual applications and team applications will be assessed together against the same set of criteria. Team sizes are limited to four members. 2. Participant Requirements: Participants must be undergraduate/ graduate students. Participants can be attending any accredited college around the world. We reserve the right to verify your student status. 3. Number of Projects: Every registrant may only enter as part of 1 team and1 project per year of S-YICGG. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

8 Application Process Step 1: Registration Form 7 Note:
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Step 1: Registration Form Note: If you are planning to apply, you must register as soon as possible you have not. This will ensure that you have enough time to apply for a visa if you are selected to attend the Summit in Milano. You can apply for a registration form here. After you complete your registration from, please send it to the address: Registration Deadline: May 1, 2015, 10:59 AM EST (May 1, :59 PM China Time) Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

9 Application Process 8 Step: 2 Group Design for Creative Projects
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Step: 2 Group Design for Creative Projects To participate in the first round competition, you/ your group need to submit a paper and a 1-minute self- introduction video to the S-YICGG Commission. DDL: May 11th, 2015. Please send the files to A S-YICGG Themes The participant will prepare and draw, before the final reviewing meeting, a draft of project on one global governance issue relevant to the 2015 YICGG themes with originality and feasibility. The project should be based on the analysis of the status quo of the issue in question and give an outlook. The project should put forward fresh ideas and concepts, or create a practical model of governance, given that the title of this year’s YICGG edition is particularly open to interesting contributions: “Youth in Food Security Innovation”. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

10 Application Process B. Theme Interpretation 9
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance B. Theme Interpretation Humanity civilization made all its progresses based on the concern of food issues. The 21st century witnesses the twilight of highly-developed cuisine industry. Nevertheless, it also endures the pain of hunger. Human race never imagined that science and technology would create a variety of severe food security problems and unbalanced distribution situations where regional disputes and conflicts made worse, despite the tremendous growth in the food production and relatively fair allocation system worldwide. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

11 Application Process C. Recommended Topics 10
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance C. Recommended Topics Your project should comply with the theme of this competition. It should highlight innovativeness and knowledge of the basic literature on the implied problems, conditionality and feasibility. Each team shall decide for their own the specific issues they wish to work on. The groups can select one of the topic from (but not limit to) the recommended topics. Youth, the hope of this world, shall take the responsibility of food security innovation when it becomes a global problem today. On the issue of Youth in Food Security Innovation, we have such following considerations: 1) How may the youth solve the future food crisis, like the coming-up grain crisis? 2) What are the youth's constructive proposals on today's unfair situation of food distribution and how may they donate to the transnational food security control? 3) Based on your country, what are the shining wisdom people inherit from the past in dealing with the food issue? And how may it serve in the coming years? Is there any innovation in your states? Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

12 Application Process D. Text Format 11
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance D. Text Format The report should be written in English with page numbers and the project title. Your group/ your name should be put at the header of each page. The title page should include the team/individual name, university, design date, and issue area. Set the font of main title to 20-point Times New Roman, and the subtitle to 16-point Times New Roman, and center the titles. The outline page should include the theme sentences and the outline. Set the font to 16-point Times New Roman. Mark the main outlines in capital Roman numerals, and the secondary outlines in lower case English letter.Set the font of the text to 12-point Times New Roman. Keep single spaced with first line indented 1 each at the beginning of each paragraph. Reference pages should be appended after the text on a separate page. Set the font to 12-point Times New Roman and keep single spaced. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

13 Application Process E. Requirement 11
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance E. Requirement The content and form of your project is variable and can be conceptual discussion, policy suggestion, mechanism design, model building, simulated demonstration, etc. A. Theoretical Project (conceptual discussion, policy suggestion, etc.) Please submit a research report of 8-10 pages of A4, including title, outline, text and references. B. Operational Project (mechanism design, model building, simulated demonstration, etc.) with background literature references. Please submit a design report of 3-4 pages of A4, including title and text, with syllabus and references optional. The design report should give a clear explanation on the structure, function and operation of the system. Were to present a physical model, participants should illustrate its making process including necessary pictures and materials. If your projects in other forms, please contact the Organizing Committee for permission before submitting the project. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

14 Application Process F. Submission 12 Deadline: May 11, 2015
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance F. Submission Deadline: May 11, 2015 All groups and individuals are required to submit your final creative projects and your 1 minute introduction video via by May 11. G. Assessment & Result Release Timetable: May 20 - Release of results All teams will be notified the results by May 20. The S-YICGG Commission will confirm the participating teams of the second round based on the opinions of the Expert Commission. These teams are selected to participate in the summer summit in Milano. H. Confirmation Deadline: May 31 - Confirmation of attendance All teams will be given one week for considering whether to participate in the rest part of S-YICGG in Milano and should reply before May 31. Once confirmed, you will receive the invitation letter by the commission of S-YICGG 2015, on behalf of the School Dean of Fudan University. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

15 Competition Process 13 Competition Process: Note:
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Competition Process: Note: S-YICGG includes three rounds of rigorous selection. 1 Round: Participants pick a theme regarding global public affairs related to the competition and design a global governance proposal with creativity and foresight. The competition committee will confirm the participating teams of the second round based on the opinions of the experts. 2 Round: Participating teams arrive in Milano for the rest competition. Each team/ individual needs to present their ideas with the form of TED presentation based on their paper/ project. 3 Round: The commission will regroup all participants into “World Teams” by drawing lots randomly. Based on the competition theme, the committee will also announce the topics allocated to each team. After conducting a discussion centered around their topic in a specific time limit, each “World Team” would have to come up with a report about a project which is featured by creativity, feasibility and maximum effectiveness. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

16 Day 4-6 Aug.21st -23rd, Friday-Sunday, 2015
14 Summit Schedule in Milano Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Day 0: Aug.17th, Monday, 2015 09:00-21: Registration Day 1 Aug.18th, Tuesday, 2015 09:00-11: Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech 11:30-13: Lunch 14:00-17: Seminar 17:30-18: Dinner 19:00-21: World team Discussion Day 2 Aug.19th, Wednesday, 2015 09:00-11: Youth Delegates TED Presentation 11:30-13: Lunch 14:00-17: World team Discussion 19:00-21: World team Discussion Day3 Aug.20th, Thursday, 2015 09:00-11: World team Presentation 11:30-13: Lunch 14:00-17: Closing Ceremony Day 4-6 Aug.21st -23rd, Friday-Sunday, 2015 Academic Visit to famous Italian universities and communities Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

17 Interpretation & Live Interaction
15 S-YICGG Exhibition: Interpretation & Live Interaction The following parts will be exhibited during the summit along with the competition. The Smile YICGG Planet YICGG Commission will use recycled materials to make different kinds of souvenirs based the YICGG logo, the smile YICGG planet. It will cost visitors a little money to bring those souvenirs back home. SOUVENIRS Those ‘Most Valuable Projects’ of YICGG will be presented in various ways in China Corporation United Pavilion. The 2015 participants will interpret their creative projects with the form of TED presentation. INTERPRETATION Governance ‘Capsule’ Visitors will have opportunities to write down their ideas or wishes given to the earth and global governance problems on recycled paper. Then they can feed the ideas into the’ YICGG Planet’. INTERACTION Every presented project will be summarized into a sentence showed on the electronic screen. Visitors can press a button to give the thumbs-up to that project if they agree with the ideas. E-SIGNATURE Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

18 FAQ Question 1: Is there a fee for the S-YICGG? 16
Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Question 1: Is there a fee for the S-YICGG? There is no application fee for the S-YICGG. Moreover, if you have been successfully selected to attend the Summit this August, the S-YICGG Commission will cover the overall fees generated during the 3-day Summit including on-campus accommodation fees, facility fees, as well as certain meals. However, each of the participants (outside Fudan University) should be responsible for your own visa and travel expenses to Milano throughout the competition. Financial aid can be granted upon request as followed: Those from East Asia, South Africa, Oceania, South America ——(US$ ) Those from North America, West Asia ——(US$ ) Those from Europe, North Africa——(US$ ) Those from other universities in China——(fee for air ticket will be covered by FDU Uni, US$50 financial aid will be granted for your visa application) *We strongly suggest you to seek funding support from your home university. *All financial aid will be verified and allocated during the summit in Milano. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

19 FAQ Question 2: Will I need to apply for my own passport and visa?
17 Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Question 2: Will I need to apply for my own passport and visa? Yes. Each candidate will be responsible for obtaining his or her own passport and visa. Your passport should be ready upon registration. You will need to fill out relevant information in the registration process. Please contact us if you absolutely cannot obtain a passport as you register. The S-YICGG Commission will provide all the necessary documents and supporting material for accepted candidates. Question 3: Can we build a team from different universities? Yes. As long as all team members are eligible for the competition, teams can span a number of varieties. Question 4: Will S-YICGG provide long-term support? Yes. The research center for YICGG in Fudan University has been established for mentorship and communication among all S-YICGG participants. Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

20 FAQ 18 Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance Question 5: What prizes will the winner of the competition receive? 01 02 03 Most Valuable Projects (MVP) Best Performance Player (BPP) Innovative Team (MIT) Firstly, all participants will receive written certificates verifying their participation in the summit. Additionally, according to the results of the 3-round selections, the first place team/ individual will be awarded as followed: MVP: According to your world team proposal Award: An generous bonus BPP: According to your behavior in the Summit Award: An invitation letter of Shanghai Forum MIT: According to your TED presentation Award: An opportunity to attend YICGG2016 Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

21 19 GET IN TOUCH CONTACT US Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance If possible, please help us in publicizing the summit in one of the following ways: Form a team and participate yourself Forward the invitation to the international relations/engineering/environment/ social science divisions of your university Forward the invitation to the student communities on campus Forward the invitation to your university BBS Personally invite select students to participate S-YICGG Commission: Address: Room 604, Wenke Building,No.220, Handan Road,Shanghai, PRC Phone: Website: Contact Us ©S-YICGG Commission

22 See you soon… Aspiring Students Concerning the World Future
Innovative Proposals Creative Ideas on Global Governance ©S-YICGG Commission Contact Us

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