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Strong women in the Bible Fr Niko Bilić SJ

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1 Strong women in the Bible Fr Niko Bilić SJ
The Power of the Word - Bible for Today 21 March 2011 Strong women in the Bible Fr Niko Bilić SJ Woman Image of God, blessed (Gen 1:26-28; 5:1s) Created, not from the dust of the ground (2:7.19) inner human life, emotion Rib – a bone protecting human heart (2:22) Answer to human loneliness (2:18) – divine communion N. Bilić SJ

2 Eve – the mother of all who live (Gen 3:20)
Bravely countered the lie 3:2 In communication, remembering Not accusing and condemning Mother in spite of labor pains 3:16 “with the help of the Lord” 4:1 “God has given me another one (25) other sons and daughters 5:4 Deeply human conversion Deceived, left alone, judged, maternal tragedy Yet without “no” to life Faithful to her family Bearer of the proto-euangelion 3:15

3 Miriam (Ex 15:20) ענה “answer” to the great song
First prophetess – related to the Redemption “The Lord has triumphed gloriously...” 15:1.21 ענה “answer” to the great song Universal leader (כל “all”; אחריה “after her”) 15:20 New meaning: שירו šîrû - sing! Aaron’s sister: liturgical role, oldest report? Authority even when leprous (Num 12:15) Saving little Moses in Ex 2? next to the Saviour (Mic 6:4)

4 The fruitful vow of the mother Hannah (1 Sam 1s)
First female vow in the Bible 1 Sam 1:11 Sacrificing the firstborn 1:28 – correction? Ongoing care 2:19 Without children, constantly insulted psychosomatic symptoms “pouring out her soul” (1:15) Remember me! (11), he remembered (19) Essential change Effective defense before the priest (15) New face (18) Her decision respected (22) Leader of the family (24) 4 sons, 2 daughters 2:21 Prayer of the mother of the nation 2:1-10

5 A pagan woman before Jesus
On the ground Mt 15:25 Mother of a daughter tormented by a demon (22) Threefold failure of her petition Insult: “dogs” (26) “Satan” Mt 16,23 turns the insult to her argument Bread (26) i crumbs (27) Great faith (28) – only person Generous answer: “as you wish” “For you and for all”... Germain-Jean DROUAIS, Le Christ et la Cananéenne

6 Λυδια – a European Christian
“worshipper of God” (Acts 16:14) Respecting the day of the Lord listening In the community Business-woman, manager Owns a house (Acts 16:15) Powerful: “she prevailed” Hospitable also after they were imprisoned 16:40 Submitted to their judgment v15 In her home: “brothers and sisters” (αδελφοι v40) Paul encourages them παρακαλεω

7 For discussion Did you have similar experiences in your life?
What helps you to achieve more personal space and be more generous? How do you create a place for the Church?

8 יהוה רעי לא אחסר ’Adonaj ro’i lo’ ‘ehsar Le Seigneur est mon berger Rien ne suarait me manquer

9 Deborah (Judges 4 and 5) Judge and prophetess, mother
Like a bee דבורה debôrâ 20 years oppression (4:3) 40 yrs of peace (5:31) Bringing the Word of God to the chosen one The Lord has commanded 4:6 He went out before you 4:14 “I will surely go with you” 4:9 God confirms “Panic” among enemies המם (4:15 Exod 14:24) He goes לפני lifnê in front Effective strategy with the Mount Tabor (6.14) Deborah calls: “Bless the Lord!” 5:2.9

10 Mary Magdalene – the messenger of joy
First with the Risen Lord (Mk 16:9) Liberated from total obsession (Mk 16:9; Lk 8:2) Follower from Galilee (Mt 27:55; Mk 15:41: Lk 8:2) Under the cross (Joh 19:25) Faithfull to the deceased (Joh 20:2) “my Lord” (Joh 20:13) “I will take him away” (15) First to know about ascension (17) Bringing the good news (18)

11 Mary – woman Pure in heart – blessed (Mt 5:8)
needs encouragement of the angel Searching for God’s grace (Lk 1:30) Suffering because of the lack of communication Searching for her child in great anxiety (Lk 2:48) Trying to hurry up the Messiah (Joh 2:5) “Let it be” Gen 1; Lk 1,38; Mk 14:36 Encounter with the Risen Lord remains mysterious

12 Dieu est mon roc, mon espérance Dieu est mon roc, et mon salut

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