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2 NINE DAYS WITH MARY mACKILLOP Continue when ready

3 Be still Continue when ready

4 Breathe deeply

5 Continue when ready God is with you

6 Continue when ready Open the eyes and ears of your heart To the indwelling god

7 As you read the scripture passage on the slide that follows become aware of what word or phrase speaks to you? Continue when ready

8 The faithful all lived together and owned everything in common; they sold their goods and possessions and shared out the proceeds among themselves according to what each one needed. They went as a body to the Temple every day but met in their houses for the breaking of bread; They shared their food gladly and generously. They praised God and were looked up to by everyone. Acts 2:43 Continue when ready

9 Sit with that word or phrase. Ponder it. Let it speak to your inner spirit. Continue when ready

10 The early Christians shared what they had generously. Mary begs us to live this same generosity. Love one another... be generous with God. be generous with God. Continue when ready

11 Now I beg of you all to be united in holy love as possible. Bear with one another, help one another, and ever strive to serve God in a generous spirit. God loves generous souls. Let us try to be the generous ones. 12/8/1881 Continue when ready

12 What stirs in your heart as you hold these words of Mary MacKillop? Continue when ready

13 (your name) ensure that all people have what they need. ( your name) always try to be generous with God. In the stillness of my inner spirit I listen to the call: “love tenderly...” Wherever I am I will love tenderly by...

14 Generous and life-giving God You birthed all that is. With a tender love you nurture all you have made. birth in me a spirit of generosity, That gladly sharing who I am, what I have, I too might nurture all you have made. May no one be left in need. May my living give you praise. Continue when ready

15 WE look forward to praying with you on day Seven.


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