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Hot SAT Words: Lessons # 1-10. Hot SAT Words: Lessons # 1-10.

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1 Hot SAT Words: Lessons # 1-10

2 Hot SAT Words: Lessons # 1-10

3 Lesson #8: The GIVING GROUP Words relating to GENEROSITY in spending money or time or showing concern for others

4 ALTRUISTIC Adj. showing unselfish concern for others

5 ALTRUISTIC ALTRUISTIC l never thinks of himself; he devotes all of his time to helping others. Barbara’s motives were not altogether ALTRUISTIC. She had much to gain from serving as the head of the school’s blood drive.

6 BENEVOLENT Adj. giving freely and easily to others; charitable

7 BENEVOLENT A BENEVOLENT STREAK IN Dr. Little compelled him to give up his lucrative practice in New York and fight AIDS in Africa. No one has helped our library as much as you have. Your BENEVOLENCE is appreciated.

8 LARGESS N. Generous giving

9 LARGESS Sam is famous for his LARGESS. Knowing that he’s a big tipper, the staff at his favorite hotel is always glad to see him. The LARGESS of their alumni has enabled many colleges to offer scholarships to deserving students.

10 LAVISH Adj. generous in giving to others or in spending money

11 LAVISH For her sixteenth birthday, Sarah received LAVISH gifts, including a trip to Hawaii and a BMW convertible. Despite a modest income, the McTaveys make LACISH donations to their church. Because Rod spent LAVISHLY on scuba diving gear and hot air ballooning, he could not pay his phone bill.

12 MAGNANIMOUS Adj. generous in overlooking insult or injury by others; rising above pettiness

13 MAGNANIMOUS After the attempt on his life, the Pope MAGNANIMOUSLY forgave the man who shot him. Mr. Appel MAGNANIMOUSLY offered full college scholarships to any children in the sixth grade who stayed in school and graduated from high school.

14 MUNIFICENT Adj. Very generous

15 MUNIFICENT It’s easy to be MUNIFICENT when you already have more of everything than you’ll ever want or need.

16 PHILANTHROPIC Adj. showing a desire to help others by giving gifts; charitable; humane

17 PHILANTRHOPIC Bill Gates donates millions of dollars a year to education, medical research, and other PHILANTHROPIC causes. Bill Gates is a PHILANTHROPIST.

18 Famous Philanthropist Andrew Carnagie

19 Famous Philanthropist Bill Gates

20 PRODIGAL Adj. wasteful, lavish

21 PRODIGAL Marcia’s RODIGAL spending at the mall used up the money she’d been saving for college. The maxim “A penny saved is a penny earned” means nothing to PRODIGALS like Hillary and Hal.

22 ELOQUENT SQUANDER V. To spend money in an uncaring and wasteful fashion

23 SQUANDER Jimmy SQUANDERED a perfectly good day aimlessly watching TV from dawn to dusk. “Don’t SQUANDER your paycheck on designer clothes,” advised Aunt Rose. Spend it on something useful.


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